Wednesday, 29 September 2010

And the winner is......

Thanks for entering my giveaway.... 
as promised the winner has been drawn...& it's comment number 4

Well done Sue.... it's nice another Devon gal has won!!! 
Please email me your address & I'll get something in the post asap.

Once again I couldn't work out how to show the random number thing on my blog... anyone know how?

What do you think of this little beauty???

Perfect for crafty things.... I love it!!

Look at those handles.....

Want to see more???
Check out the link here

And the best news is..... I have a 20% off voucher that I can email to you all.
If you fancy treating yourself to this or anything else let me know.
The voucher is only valid until Sunday 3rd so hurry!!

Blimey that was a painful post.... Blogger playing silly devil so I'm sorry I'm late posting the winner.
Now off to work for our 20% customer event.... only working 13 hours today :(
If you're in Exeter we'll be open until & nibbles :)

Friday, 24 September 2010


Thanks for all your birthday wishes on my last post...... wow you ladies like a giveaway!!!

I've got a week off in October & I've been asked if I mind going to London for a meeting on the Friday..... Now normally I would say no but I do really enjoy these product days as you get to meet the buyers & sometimes the designers. It may be a bit sad but I enjoy listening to the ideas behind the products & love taking the information back to the store.

So I've asked if I could go up the day before & spend the night...... this means no 6am train for me...always good!! But I also get a day out in London for free!!
 I'm hoping they say yes as I've kind of made plans now to meet 2 lovely blogging ladies for a catch up.... it'll be a year since our first meeting.

Also I'll be meeting my old friend Teresa from Lincoln for the day..... really looking forward to it but what shall we do?...... last year we did the zoo, which I love but this year I have other plans....

Have you heard about it?

If you're a reader of my blog you'll know I love this book.... I did a post here.... you'll also know that I do love history & have travelled to WW1 battle sites.

I'd love to see this on the stage but I'll be taking a hankie!! 

Has anyone seen it yet??

A friend went this week & said it was excellent but the reviews are not great.... it goes on for nearly 3 hours..... I'm just hoping Teresa wants to go.... better get sweet talking!!

By the way it's at the Comedy Theatre..... why???? Is it funny????

So tomorrow night I'm off to my nieces wedding, it makes me feel really old as she wasn't even 1 when me & OH got together now she's old enough to marry!! 
Of course I've left my outfit until the last minute..... I had it all planned but can't find my boots anywhere.... I'll have to re think.... I was hoping to wear a dress but I wonder if at the last minute I just chuck my jeans on!! 
I'm doing a 10 hour day at work first so I won't even care what I look like, I'm also working the next day :(

Don't forget you've got until Tuesday 28th September to leave a comment on my last post to be entered in the giveaway.

Have a great weekend what ever you're doing

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Happy Birthday ......

Well I made it!!!
2 years in the land of blog :)

My goodness if I was surprised last year it's nothing compare to how I feel today - it was only going to be temporary!!!!

Thank you for keeping me company over the years..... through the good times & the bad..... your comments have made me laugh & cry's good to know you're all out there :)

As a reward I'm going to do another little giveaway :)
All you need to do is follow my blog & leave a comment by Tuesday 28th September..... simple!

Good luck!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Crafty Sunday...... yet again!!!

Hello everyone.... well another week as gone by & all my best intentions of posting mid week went out the window :(

Since returning to work I haven't had 2 days together so my day off on Tuesday was full of cleaning etc. I also had to take Nanny to the vets for a check up..... I had to go back to the same room I visited in June :( I was a good girl & didn't shed a tear.

I'm cheating this week..... I'm going to show you something I made 20 years ago!!! I made this dress for one of my nieces but never gave it..... I'd made her sister a lovely cardigan a few months before & when I gave it to her she threw it on the floor then dragged it around in her bike wheel!!!
I couldn't bring myself to part with this as it took a long time to make..... do you want to see it???

What do you think??? It's fully lined.....

I've had this tucked away in cupboards for the last 20 years...... I've never even seen it on a child!
So on Monday I decided to take it to my friend's so Olivia could try it on.... good job I did as it only just fitted!!

She wouldn't take off her pyjama's bottoms!!

She wasn't happy about being my model......  but after a while she got in the mood & started dancing!

So that's it...... do you like???

I haven't really done that much this week..... we went to a very odd wedding yesterday afternoon.

We're not really into weddings but as we had lived next door to the groom for 12 years & had known him from the local pub for over 20 years so we thought we'd make the effort. We then found out we had to buy a gift.... gift vouchers (so they know how much you spent!!) 
After working in the morning we headed down to the reception..... it was in our local hotel/ was pretty busy & then it dawned on me........ they'd invited everyone in the pub!! 
The restaurant area was packed.... you couldn't even get in the room!!!

So we stood in the bar buying our own drink with not so much as a sausage roll!!!
I was not happy..... I was planning on snatching back my card & voucher!!! After 3 hours we gave up & went home..... well at least we showed our faces.

Next Saturday is my nieces wedding..... blimey how did she get old enough to marry???
I haven't seen them for over 6 years.... gulp!!! So I'm feeling nervous about going...... I'm going alone but although so many people have said don't go I feel I have to..... if she's been kind enough to invite me then I should go.

I hope to be back on Tuesday..... it's a special day :)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Big Knit - Crafty Sunday

Hello everyone..... back to normal this week so very little time for blogging :(

But I did have a crafty week

First up it was my friend Claire's birthday so I thought I'd play around & make her one of these...

She mentioned a few days before that she really wanted one.... I had to chuckle as I knew it was all wrapped up for her!!!

Tuesday night was.....

It was a great night.... the room was packed! We had a little piece in our local paper the day before which made me really happy, it meant we had some new faces :)

We made 42!!!
Check out the photo's on the web site.
We had lots of non knitters who tried really hard..... I'm very proud of my Make, Do and Menders :)

We're still very short of our target....any volunteers???
Thanks Kelly for being the only person to sign up so far..... come on ladies....please help :)

I have loads to show you & tell you but I don't seen to have enough hours in the day.....
Hope to be back soon!

Monday, 6 September 2010

200th Post & Birthday Gifts....

Yes this really is my 200th post....... my I was surprised to make it to 100 yet alone 200!
I was planning on doing a giveaway but I have so many birthday's coming up I need to focus on that (& save money!) so I will be doing a giveaway for my 2nd birthday which is only a few weeks away.

So as promised here are my gifts....

Yes we all know that I like books but I better get my reading head on to get through all of these!!
I haven't been reading much since I've had my phone...... too busy playing games, I must stop that & get reading but the last few books haven't gripped me. I hate not finishing books so I solider on taking far to long..... I'm thinking I might start The Notebook as it's not very big & has very large writing!!

Lovely PJ's from my friend Helen. Spot the Cath Kids tin......

I love this print even through its for children..... I'm thinking of using the tin for taking my crochet to Make, Do and Mend. I love the little breakfast set inside.... this was from my parents.

Hand made lavender jelly from Kim - she also gave me handmade white chocolate rocky road but that didn't hang around long!!!

Hot water bottle from my brother..... he thought it was very Cath.

Kim also gave me the Keep Calm tin calender which is lovely. The deer head is from Helen again...... lovely retro scales from 2 of my oldest friends, they also paid for me to have the tarot card reading which I must say was very interesting. I really do believe but I still found it a surprise when she told me things about myself..... how did she know!!!!

The good news is I'll come into lots of money in the next year...... after tough times she told me I'll deserve this. Also a fantastic job will come my way...... a wedding next March..... and a surprise baby for a loved one that has been trying for ages.....phew not me then, boy that would be a surprise!!!

So all in all a good birthday was had & it's been great to be off work for 9 days. 
All things come to an end & I've spent all morning cleaning the house from top to bottom ready to return to work tomorrow.
It'll be hard work as I'm starting at 8am so I can go straight to Make, Do and Mend...... we're finishing at 10pm tomorrow night (a trial run to see if more people come) ..... that's a long day!!!

It made my day :)

That's it for another year!
Have a good week

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Show and Tell Sunday

Morning all........ today is yet another Show and Tell Sunday.... they come around fast don't they?

September's Show and Tell is hosted by the lovely Kelly - please stop by & see her selection.

Today we're showing our favourite films............

Now I struggled with this as I'm not really a film person...... odd isn't it? I've only been to the cinema a few times & unlike some people never watch films over & brother has about 200 DVD that he keeps watching. I do have some favourites....some I've watched more then once so here they are.....

I'll start with the one everyone will know..... who doesn't love Grease? 
I remember queuing to see this back in 1978...... I also went to see a double bill with Grease 2 & again with Saturday Night Fever..... I must have been about 8 or 9!!!

Love this..... the music, clothes, Vegas as I would like to see it..... ok so it's a bit violent but hey it's a great film.

 A lovely Sunday afternoon film..... I had the pleasure of meeting one of the original Dam Busters...... read all about here.

Another great wet Sunday afternoon film

I saw this film when I was about 12, you remember when BBC2 showed old films on a Saturday afternoon? 
Well that would be the highlight of my week.... I saw some real classics. However I can't remember most of their names :(
Years later I saw this again on TV & finally brought it on DVD. I think it's a real feel good film :) 
I might even watch it this afternoon.

If you want a good cry then this is the one for you!!!

I watched it for the first time with subtitles....... I was crying so much OH could hear me from upstairs!! I watched it again in English but something was lost.

It's an amazing film & makes you realise things could be so much worse....... that reminds me I had a tarot reading last week & I was told I must not be grateful for what I had ..... I'm too humble.... I should always want more then the crumbs on the table.....Now watch this film & tell me you're not grateful for what you have!!!

That's it..... I didn't do too bad for someone who doesn't like films!! 
I didn't even mention the Glenn Miller story, White Christmas...... I could go on!!!
And like my music there is nothing modern!!! Boy I'm definitely born in the wrong era!!!

The next Show and Tell will be Sunday 3rd October..... 

Topic = One thing you would like to do before you die

(ooohh that sounds really miserable doesn't it..... it's not meant that way!)
We were talking about this at work & came up with loads of different things.

I will show you my birthday presents soon as I was a really lucky girl...... back to work on Tuesday :( so I better make the most of my last 2 days!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I won't even mention how fast August has gone....
I've had a very crafty month as you can see from the pictures :)

Don't forget Show and Tell this month....
Sunday 5th September

Hosted by the lovely Kelly
This month is your favourite film..... I've been thinking about this & got it down to 5!!

Hope you're all enjoying the sun :) How lucky it's my week off?