Monday, 28 May 2012

Things to look forward to....

On Wednesday I'm heading to Sidmouth for the opening night..... my friend is starring so we're going for support.

If you're in the area you can find out more here

On Saturday it's...

Now I'm not sure you could say I'm looking for to it...... once again I'm in a panic but this time I've been making since March so I'm not sure why!!!

Jubilee bags to finish, cherry brooches to knit, Jubilee hair slides to make....... wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

In The Press

How excited was I on Saturday when my copy of Let's Knit arrived...... I quickly turned to the index to find myself & look what I found!

Can you see me???
I never thought I would be on the front page!!

Ok so now on to page 23

Look at me on the same page as Cath Kidston..... well actually I'm above her.... haha!! Thanks to OH for pointing that out :)

My Jubilee goodies are limited so snap 'em up quick!!

On Sunday the Olympic torch came to Exeter..... in fact the end of my road!
I some how thought it would be me & a few others...... how wrong was I!

The atmosphere was amazing & so were the police.

It's a bit dark 'cos I nearly missed it.....a word of warning.... it happens really quickly!!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's post as it travels the country 

Hey ho..... back to my knitting!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Busy Week

Hello...... well that was a busy week!

Job application completed at the beginning of the week which took about 4 hours!!

A trip to Bristol on Thursday for a training course..... isn't it sad that we have to be trained on how to deal with angry customers. We were told about body language so we could work out if we were going to be attacked!!!! What is the world coming too..... *shakes head*

And to top it all off I've been busy making red, white & blue things!!!

I've just popped the bunting & bunting brooches in my shop if you want to take a peep!!

I'm getting ready for Crikey Queenie It's Vintage on Saturday 2nd June

Now back to work, another 6 days until my next day off, not liking that!!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Victory In Europe

Yes it's that day again.

What a wonderful time they must have had

The joy to know the dark days were over

To remember the 70th anniversary of the Exeter Biltz I was invited to a special event at the Cathedral
I was helping out with Make Do and Mending.... of course!

We had a lovely day & I really enjoyed teaching children to knit.

I hope to have more photo's soon 

The fantastic Blitz and Peaces

Part of the bomb that hit the Cathedral

Have a good week

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

April 2012

Well what a lovely month April was..... we even had some sunshine at the beginning of the month!!

A trip to Bridport, lucky finds at the boot sale, The Sound of Music & giveaways!!!

May has started well too...

My fascinator made at Make, Do and Mend last night.

Helen's fascinator!!!

Then today we both headed in to town to see the lady herself!!

She was even on the big screen....

It was worth the 2 hours of standing in the cold to get in the front row..... even though we were pushed about a bit at the end!!!

We even had some German tourist taking photo's of us...... wonder why??

If you're in Exeter this weekend then do come along to this

I'll be there Make, Doing & Mending!!!

Have a good weekend