Thursday, 20 November 2014

October Book Review

Finally I'm back to share my October book..... yes that's right it's just one book!

Once again I seem to have lost my reading mojo, not sure where it's hiding but I'm hoping it will come back soon before I drown in all the books I've got from my shop!

Following a disastrous marriage to a miner, Karen has devoted herself to a nursing career. Rising to the challenge of caring for the wounded soldiers returning home from the Great War, she has resigned herself to putting her vocation before any hope of a romantic life.
However, she finds herself drawn to handsome, troubled Patrick Murphy. But Patrick is also a Catholic priest. Dare Karen risk scandal and her position by falling for the one man she cannot have...?

So without further a do....
In this book I travelled back to WW1. It was the first Maggie Hope book I've read & I did really enjoy it. It was quite dark at times which just added to the story, there were also some twist & turns that I didn't see coming. As with most of these books there was a happy ending which is always good.
Another book that won't change the world but a pleasant read all the same.

Life has been a bit hectic over the last few weeks. My boiler broke & I had water pouring through the ceiling due to tiles slipping on my roof :(
It never rains but it pours doesn't it?
I've been spending most of my time up & down from the loft emptying buckets & being messed around by trades man.
I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel...... a roofer came around today with a quote, £2.6k..... crikey!!!! But it needs to be done.
I've also got heat!!! The girls are very happy :)

I just need to find a plumber now!

Talking about Crikey...... it's 8 days away!!
I decided to only do one fair this year in the hope I would then have lots of stock to sell.
Well it didn't go to plan & once again I'm in a panic!!!

Do I never learn???

Back soon

Thursday, 6 November 2014

October 2014

Hello....... I've been away so long!
My poor blog never gets any love these days, Instagram has well & truly taken over.

Just popping in to let you know what I got up to in October

It was a busy month for me...... catching up with friends, seeing The Beat, getting hooked on puzzles, cracking on with my Christmas jumper, making lots & lots of poppies, celebrating Halloween with the family & of course spending time with my girls.

Only 2 months left of 2014...... Crikey!!!!!

November is shaping up to be just as busy. I have 2 craft fairs booked in..... it's the only 2 I planned to do this year & of course I'm not ready! So I'll be busy making over the next few weeks.
I also have lots going on at work, I've been asked to organise a Christmas raffle for all 9 shops, decorate the charity Christmas tree in the city centre & come up with some ideas for fund raising for 2015...... phew!!

So you can see why I don't have much time for blogging!