Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bah Humbugs!!!!!

No not Christmas......I'm talking about a fantastic on line sweet shop I've found.
Does the picture above bring back any memories???
aahhh happy days when a Curly Wurly made you happy :)

And remember this???
We used to call it Space Dust......I'm not sure if that's a Southern name. Hours of fun was had with this.

And my favourite.....

Sweet Peanuts....... I can remember going to the sweet shop on a Sunday lunch time (it only used to open for about an hour) & getting a 1/4 of these. So sticky they would clump together.....don't leave them too long or you'll never get them out of the bag!!!! Not a problem I had :)

Check out the web site here.....

Bah Humbugs

and take a walk down memory I just have to decide which ones to buy!!!

For all you Northern ladies they are based in Ripon so you might fancy a visit. I visited Ripson in was lovely.....I always thought I'd go back so this could be the reason!

It made me chuckle when I saw they had also been featured at the start of Emmerdale.....see how nice the shop looks.

mmmm enough about sweets for one night....don't forget you still have time to enter my giveaway.....

Back on Sunday with Show and Tell & to draw the winner.

(all imagines from Bah Humbugs web site)

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Yay I've finally made it to 100 followers.....& about bloomin' time too!!!
Now you just watch someone leave....hahaha!
Thanks to Claire for coming out of the wood work & Lou for being the 100th :)

So it's time for the giveaway......

All you have do to is leave a comment on this post before Sunday 1st August & of course you need to be a follower.
I'll announce the winner using the generic number thingy on Sunday in my Show & Tell post.

So Crafty Sunday......well this week I have been crafty but I have nothing to show you just yet.
As I said last week I started a new gift for my friends baby (still not here yet) but it's not finished. I also went to The Craft Hub's 1st craft night on Wednesday & nearly finished a bear...popular those little bears :)

I've also been busy this week with Make, Do and Mend.
After leaving the Handmade Home Fair (more about that another day) I can now focus all my attention on this. I've learnt you can do too many things at once! During the summer evening classes/groups are always very quite but I need to get sorted for the Autumn term.

We have a summer outing booked & some great ideas for Christmas.
If you live in the Exeter area check us out .....


Good luck with the giveaway :)

Friday, 23 July 2010

Change of plan....

Hello everyone, hope you're all having a good week. For most of you today means the start of the summer holiday...... :) for me it just means the buses will be empty in the morning & should hopefully run on time!!

Now I had to have a very quick change of plan today. Last night was spent making a 100 follower picture to launch my giveaway as yes I had finally made it to 100! Just a 100 I hear you say?...... Well it's been very slow & as soon as I get close someone's like being the popular girl at school isn't it?

So this morning I was all ready to do the post when I noticed I had 99 followers!!!

So sorry everyone the giveaway will have to wait!

I thought I'd show you this picture of my kitties in the basket which I hope to use on my web site.

It's been my day off today & what a lovely day I've had......after a mad rush to get booking forms & art work off to Exeter Phoenix for something exciting involving Make, Do and Mend.
I picked & sorted my dried lavender then watched The Damned United this afternoon.
Have you seen it? I really enjoyed it :)

Hope you all have a great weekend....back soon

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Crafty Sunday

Hello...... How's your week been?
I can report mine did get better, thankfully!

I thought this week I would do a post purely for Crafty Sunday.

I starting the week doing something just for me.....

It's coming on nicely but I promised myself I would make 2 hexagons a week but it hasn't worked out that way. I will finish it one day

I finally finished my granny square blanket....

This is a gift for my friend's new baby, she loves these blankets & I've offered to teach her but she won't have it. She did plan to come to Make, Do and Mend to make one before the baby came but it's 2 weeks to go & she never made it!

I made this before I found out she was having a boy so it's unisex!

I have a stash of wool.....

and this week I'm about to start another gift for him, I hope to show you soon but maybe not next week!
He has no name as yet, we were thinking of names last week....blimey it's hard!

I'm excited this week as I've had a brilliant idea for Make, Do and Mend, we're also going to be part of a 1940's event & we've been nominated for an award!

I'll be back with more news :)

BTW I'm up to 97's a slow process as 1 person joins another leaves - not sure what I'm doing wrong!.....but anyway when I finally get to 100 followers I will be doing a if you read my blog but don't follow please do.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Hello everyone, having a good week so far?

It's been a funny one for me.......back to work which I was not looking forward too.
But Monday morning brought it's own challenges.....
1st - I was trying to do something on my blog at about 6am & noticed the 'New' template tabs....oooh I'll have a look I thought & as you can see I'm all changed!! Yes I clicked apply to blog instead of the return to blogger button! I think it looks ok but I miss my spots :(

2nd - when I charged my IPhone it asked if I wanted to download the latest software, well of course. Well you can guess what happened can't you?....yep the whole thing crashed & I had to spend an hour wiping the phone then re installing. I was in a right panic! I think it has updated the new software because it's a bit different.

3rd - the bus was 15 mins late then hit a bus stop & mounted the pavement! We all fell about & I hit my head & arm badly.

I hope you're all having a chuckle at my bad luck but really Monday was rubbish!!!!!

Just to add to my troubles I've been off today & hoped to get in the garden but rained all day, we even had thunder :(
At 10am this morning a man arrived to tell us there was problem with power in our area & the power was to be switched off from 10.30 - 2pm! It didn't come back until 3.30pm!!
Blimey it's been a long hard TV, no Internet...oh my goodness!
I couldn't even hoover....ok so it did have it's plus side!

Luckily it came back in time for my roast beef tonight :)

So back to the point...... ah yes Lavender.

As you know I make lavender bags & have always loved the smell & try to have it growing in the garden. Well I can say it loves my new house! I planted it 2 years ago & I'm still using dried lavender from last year.

This is what it looked like in June

And 3 days ago

And today

This is just one bush...I still have another 3 to go :)

Dashing in & out of the rain I managed to clear the nearest to the door that was a bit worse for wear. The house now smells very lovely, I'd normally dry it in the out house but because it's so wet it'll go mouldy which means it's the doesn't help OH's asthma....whoops!

I found out on Friday my lovely friend Charlie is having a little boy in 2 weeks.....what can I make? I'm stuck...... I've made gifts for little girls for too long.
Fair isle tank top? Plan v neck cardigan with a motif on a pocket?
Any idea's welcomed.

Click the link for my Folksy shop to see my latest necklace :)

Hope my week gets better....working late tomorrow for this.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Welcome to the 1940's

As some of you know I've always wanted to attend a 1940's event but we don't have many in my area..... I regularly check out this web site but never find anything.

Last year Hen did a post about Severn Valley Railway I was so jealous but then she told me about the South Devon Railway event. So we waited & waited & yesterday we went!!!

We set off early, me in my 1940's get up completed with a gas mask box!

It was very quiet when we arrived & no one else was dressed up! I'd spent hours getting the victory roll hair style...not easy when your hair is waist length!! Oh well at least I was getting in to the spirit of things!

My first stop was the dig for victory garden.....

Shame about the modern campers

Then we spotted the first train......

Bring the passengers back from Totnes

We decided to have an early lunch before the rush ..... mum had packed a lovely picnic in this fantastic picnic basket...


So refueled we headed back to find a few more people dressed up & a lady singing outside the station. We couldn't get too close as it was being filmed by the local news.

A tour around the camp out for the guns!!!

Now shall we take the bus or the train???

Train I think.....

1st class???

No we went to the back as there was a fight for 1st class & as there were 5 of us we wanted a whole carriage to ourselves. My dad was telling us how people would sleep in these carriages & the children would be put in the luggage rack.......well we had to try it!!

How cute is that??? But the best place for children!

Matthew was very good as we were on the train for nearly 2 hours.
Having a quiet moment with Grandma

We arrived at Totnes station but decided not to take the 1/2 walk in to town, it was very hot..... I guess air conditioning wasn't part of the 1940's!

When we got back to the Buckfastleigh I went on the bridge to see if I could get a sooty face......

We were really lucky to see this used to take supplies to the troops in WW1 & was one of the first steam trains not to go to the scrap yard

It's been restored in the original livery.

Of course I treated myself to a few things from the shop which I'll share with you another day. It wasn't as big as the Severn Valley event & didn't have much to buy but we had a lovely day out.

Looking forward to next year :)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Happy Holidays

Yes it's that time of year again......I've got a week off!!!!

But I'm home alone :( I thought I would be bored but my days are filling up....good thing??
I'm not sure!!

Today I treated myself to Dance on Broadway
Thankfully I'm on my own!!! It's fun but I'm not very good!

On Sunday I brought myself the Hipstamatic app for the IPhone.....I love it!!!

You'll be seeing a lot more of this!

My roses

My first cucumber!!!

Last night was the 6th meeting of Make, Do and Mend......I can't believe we've been meeting for 6 months! Lots of new faces despite other knitting groups being set up in Exeter!

You can see more pictures here

School fair on Friday then my special day out on Saturday. I'm off to my lovely friends house tomorrow to find an outfit. I'm also going to visit a venue for the next Handmade Home Fair, hopefully it will work & we can book it for November......busy, busy, busy!!!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Show and Tell & Crafty Sunday

It's the 1st Sunday of the month so it's Show and Tell time!!

This month is hosted by Justine & she has chosen your favourite CD/Song......this was going to be hard!!!!

First favourite CD.....

On the 2nd July 1985 I brought this LP for my sister's birthday.....not sure she wanted it but I sure did!!! 25 years later & I still have it & in lots of different formats......record, mini disk, tape....(remember that??!!!) CD, IPod & IPhone.

In 1985 I had tickets to see them play in Exeter, I was hoping to sneak in & stay at a friends house so my parents wouldn't find out......they did & at 14 they wouldn't let me go :(

In 1988 when I met OH I found out his band had supported them at the very odd is that???!! I did finally get to see them in '89 & they were great! I tried to break into Beautiful Days festival about 6 years ago to see them but could only make it to the sister at that time was heavily pregnant but she came with me & it poured with rain!
They did play Exeter Art's centre a few years ago but they mainly play in America now or festivals.

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - The Night

Always reminds me of a happy time in my life...... I was young, footloose & fancy free, just enjoying life :)

But no you can't choose just is the sound track of your life so of course you have more then one favourite song. Others include......

The Men They Couldn't Hang - Parted From You

The Men They Couldn't Hang - Iron Masters
Always fantastic live & a bit wild!!!

Dexy's Midnight Runners - Geno
One of the first singles I brought age 9....I was always ahead of my time with music!

Fun Boy 3 - Tunnel of Love
Cynical love song.......fantastic!

Billy Ocean - Red Light Spells Danger
Sister Sledge - Love Don't You Go Through No Changes On Me
Scooter rally days :)

ooohhhh I don't want to stop! This has been such fun & I have so many more but I think I'm being greedy. Have you noticed that I've chosen nothing after 1985???
mmmm I don't do modern music.......and see no Pogues!!!

It's also Crafty Sunday so here's a few things I've made over the week.....

Not the cardi!!!! This is my friends birthday gift, I love the cardi but I thought it would look really nice on a crocheted hanger with a lavender heart. She wanted a ribbon corsage to go with her new coat .......this one is very patriotic!

Yet another lavender heart.....

This is for my other friend, I also made her some Granny square slippers but I forgot to take a photo before wrapping! I'm always rushing at the last minute!!!
You can see what I made them both last year here & here......thank goodness for I can remember what I gave last year!!!!
I've also been working on a gift for my friends baby due on the 24th but I'll save that for the next Crafty Sunday.

Today is my last day at work for 1 week..... I can't wait!!!! It will be my first holiday without Zoe which does mean I could go away but I've no money :( I'd love to go to London just for one night but it's cheaper to fly to Spain!!!! Why do we charge so much for trains & hotels in this country???? It's so silly :(

Tuesday is Make, Do and Mend & on Saturday I'm hoping to do something very special, something I've wanted to do for years.....I'm very excited but I won't say just yet in case it falls through.

Back soon

Thursday, 1 July 2010

June 2010

Not many pretty pictures for June, it was a sad month for me :(
I did make some things but I didn't take any photo's......I feel all out of sorts at the moment & very forgetful, is it the heat?

So today is the 1st July..........Please spare a thought for those people who lost their lives at the battle of the Somme. I did a post about it last year that you can read here.

Onwards & upwards......a new month as started & I'm not working next week, lets hope the weather is good as I planned to do nothing but sit in the garden!!!!