Friday, 27 January 2012


Just in case you didn't know today is Holocaust Memorial Day

This is just something I can't get my head around..... no matter how many books I read or films I watch.

Who would ever think this was a good idea???

You can find some shocking facts here

Light a candle today & spare a thought for those poor families that were torn apart :(

Back soon with a brighter post!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I don't want to sound like an advert for Primark..... not unless they want to send me loads of free stuff!!!.... but when I was purchasing my bedlinen I spotted this jewellery holder

I did buy it for my new crafty area as I don't have that much jewellery but when I got home & started looking I had more then I thought!

I think it looks rather splendid on display & it makes me remember to wear it!

It was only £4 & is double sided so would be great to hang in the wardrobe or on a rail.

I had a lovely surprise yesterday..... I received an email from Sainsbury's saying they had chosen my blog to feature on their website under Beautiful Blogs!!!

I thought it was spam so didn't click on the link..... I checked it out just in case & it's true!!!

It also includes Attic 24...........I'm very chuffed!!!

So what did you think about Birdsong?

I'm not sure..... I think if I hadn't read the book I would've loved it but it lost something coming to screen.
Don't get me wrong I did enjoy it & will be watching again but if you haven't read the book then please do!

Have a good week

Saturday, 21 January 2012

You're a star......

I was delighted when I popped into Primark on Monday to buy some tights & spotted this!

How fantastic...... very CK but much, much cheaper!!! It's poly cotton which does not make me happy but hey it's red & has stars on..... what more do you need! Of course I had to buy the red & white stripy sheet to go with it!

And Teddy loves it too!!!

I even treated myself to a new lamp from Laura Ashley & a new clock

I plan to add some white pom pom trim around the shade.

I love this clock.... I saw it in CK about 6 months ago & fell in love with it. I found it on a website for £8..... I was worried it would tick..... I hate ticking clocks.... but it's silent!! 

Hooray it's nearly Sunday...... which means.....BIRDSONG!!!! 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Great TV

I could hardly believe my luck when I heard one of my favourite books was being made into a BBC drama

It starts tonight for those of you that haven't heard...... I'm really looking forward to it!
Miranda Hart as Chummy should be excellent.

As if that wasn't enough I nearly burst with excitement when I saw the trailer for this last week

It starts next Sunday at 9pm...... it's been a long time coming as they couldn't decide on the script.
I'm excited but a little nervous....... you see I love this book, I've read it so many time over the last 16 years.... in fact more times then I care to mention! 
I know all the little details & I'm worried they will ruin it, for a start I don't think the man playing Stephen even looks like Stephen! I've heard it's going to be quite saucy but then so is the book!

Like the stage play

They have cut the 1978 section.... I think this is a shame, one of the strongest parts of the book is when Elizabeth goes to Theipval I says she didn't know about WW1. 

Neither did I...... I can't remember being taught it at school...... but it made me want to find out more & within 6 months we had visited the Mein Gate & war cemeteries.

I wait with baited breath to see if it's as good as the book....... will you be watching?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Laura Ashley Dresses

You would never have guessed a few years ago I would be doing a fashion post!!

I'm the most unfashionable person I know & just buy what I like even if it's not cool!

But I wanted to share news about a new collection of clothes we have coming in for February..... 
if you love this...

and lets face it who wouldn't.... then wait until you see the new collection.

It has a 1950's seaside theme with dresses..... like this one..... with boats on (very Cath!) & beach huts!!

I'm very lucky as I thought there would be nothing for me but since I've started the collections have been good but for 2012 it looks like they're going to get better!

I plan to try this dress on tomorrow in the hope I look stunning in it so I can get it for my uniform.
I've already tried on the culottes which looked terrible so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

If you haven't looked at LA for clothes lately take a look

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Christmas Gifts

Hello everyone...... I received some lovely gifts this Christmas but haven't got around to photography them all.

I thought I'd start with the lovely blanket my mum made me....

There is a story behind this..... every time one of the family has a baby my mum makes one of these lovely blankets. I've been asking for a while now to have one as there's no way I'll ever have a baby!!!

Little did I know she was busy making me one! It took her hours & she used every last scrap of wool.....  for me this is a perfect present as it was made with love & not just brought.

She had also embroidered on it....

This is my favourite bit & it will last forever!!

This week I've been poorly with a horrible cold...... it seems everyone has had it at work for the last month & the rubbish heating/air con just makes it go around & around!!

I've also been busy playing with my new iPad app.....

It's a fab app & the best 69p I've ever spent!
You'll be seeing a lot more of these!

Teddy update:
After a stressful visit to the vets on Wednesday...... he was there for 4 hours & wouldn't calm down so they could take his blood pressure :( I had to go in & help!..... his blood pressure is 170 & a normal cat should be 120! At least we might have found the problem for his eye sight...... he's now on 2 tablets a day & we need to go back in 4 weeks. He's been told to watch his salt in take so I'm now reading the back of cat food to double check!

I also went to the RSPCA to look at another cat on Wednesday... lucky it was close because I've fallen in love!
The vet then told me that Teddy would be very unhappy if I got another cat as he loves me too much & is too old to fight for my attention.

Oh well no more cats for me at the moment..... I hope John finds a nice new home..... yes I had already named him!!!

Have a good week

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Yes I know we're 5 days in to 2012, I've been trying to do this post for the last few days but work/life got in the way!!!

One of things I love most about blogging is looking back on past post...... it's like an online diary isn't it?
I kept a diary through out my teenage years but just suddenly stopped..... when I find them I always stop to read through.

So I'm going to do a quick round up of 2011 just to remind myself what I did (it went so quick!!!)

ah yes I remember Wreck this Journal...... now where is it!!!

Our trip to France

One of my favourite months of the year..... 2 weeks holiday, Cheltenham races & the sun starts to say hello!

The start of the Make, Do and Mend poppy appeal, the Royal wedding & the month I was told to re apply for my job!

VE day & spring is in the air

Lots of knitting & the month I was told Habitat was closing :(

The first vintage fair in Exeter & a 1940's event

My 40th birthday, my parents 50th anniversary

Unemployed!!! My 3rd blogging anniversary. 3 weeks off..... bliss!!!

Starting my new job & no time for blogging :(

2nd vintage fair, busy month for Josie-Mary!

Another Christmas......

These are my 2011 hopes & dreams that I posted on my 2010 round up..... have I done them all???

  • I turn 40 :( How did that happen???? I'm still 16 aren't I??? I would like to do something special but not sure what......I was thinking of a lovely holiday but I'm a rubbish air balloon??? Zoo keeper for the day???? Maybe a weekend in Edinburgh???? Only 8 months to sort it out!!! Nothing special done as it happened when I was losing my job...... I might regret that!
  • I must finish my list that I started in 2008!!!! or at least finish my blanket that I started nearly 2 years ago! NOPE!!!!
  • Re decorate the house..... things have been up in the air as we weren't sure if we were moving but I think we're starting put so I want to sort out all those jobs that need doing & paint the living room to make it more homely. NOPE!!!
  • Continue with Make, Do and Mend..... I'm hoping to set up a children's class in the summer holidays but first I need to get everything in order. Now it's getting very popular I need to get the admin side of things in place Yep! No children's class as the other group has done that but I have other things planned for this year.
  • Attend more craft fairs I only did 3 last year.... the vintage fairs are so good for me I don't see the point in wasting time with run of the mill craft fairs
  • Continue to sell on Folksy/Etsy Yep! Both stores are doing ok but an extra push wouldn't hurt.  I know the road I want to go down now so it should be clearer
  • Complete my CV...... I'm hoping for changes this year! This made me chuckle!!!! I was talking about John Lewis but little did I know I would lose my job!! My CV is completed & I will be updating it every few months as I be looking for another job in October...... fingers crossed for JL
  • Sort my back out..... I'd like a full MOT as I've been ill for months now, if it's not my back it's my stomach (pain killers are playing havoc with my tummy) or a cold. I'm going to go to the doctors in the new year & demand more tests NOPE! I never did go back to the doctors, last summer I was so ill with stress that I wasn't even worried about my back...... maybe this year :)
  • To make it through the year with all my love ones..... my dad is going to be 70 in April & I'm starting to panic at the idea my parents will leave me at some point :( Yep we all made it! I hope the same for this year.... including Teddy
  •  Be a better blogger.... the last few months have been so busy I haven't had time to leave comments or post as much as I would like Nope..... in fact I've been worse in 2011!!!
  • Visit my friend in Lincoln....... I've been wanting to do this for years! Nope..... & with the train fares going up I can't see this happening :(

In 2012 I would like to....
  •  Update my website for Josie-Mary & Make, Do and Mend
  •  I'm booked in to 2 vintage fairs this year & need to pull my finger out so I have a decent amount of stock
  • Re design posters & newsletters for Make, Do and Mend
  • Learn how to use my Mac laptop!!

I must stop doing this in 2012!!!!

Thanks for sharing my 2011 with me