Sunday, 2 January 2011


Well another year is over & we're all a little wiser (?!) 

I feel 2010 went very quick..... didn't you?

So today is Show & Tell 

I thought it would be a good idea to re cap 2010 & list my hopes/dreams for 2011

January 2010

It was a snowy start to the year & Make, Do and Mend was born!

February 2010
Our first Make, Do and Mend meeting!

March 2010

April 2010
Starting to feel like spring :)

May 2010

Vintage fair followed by my own Handmade Home Fair - a crafty month!!

June 2010
The worse month of the year... heart broken after Zoe passed away :(

July 2010
My first 1940's event & the birth of Frazer (the only new addition this year)

2nd 1940's event

September 2010
My 2nd anniversary & 200th post.
Innocent Big Knit & Make, Do and Mend takes off!!!!!

October 2010
Starting to get ready for Christmas on Folksy. Meeting Cath Kidston & generally being unwell for the whole month :(

November 2010
My first sale on Folksy & Etsy :) Things start to get busy

December 2010
Ended as it started....snowy!!!

Phew so another year over & thanks to blogging I can see it wasn't wasted!

2010 has been an odd year, in one way I feel I've started to get my life on track......I've been trying to set up a craft group & fair for so long but work always gets in the way....... this year I did it! The group has been very successful which makes me very happy :)

The fair is another story but hey you live & learn..... I'm not sure I'm ready for those sort of people, it's a bit cut throat for me so I'll step back thank you very much!!!

But on a sad note it's the year I lost Zoe...... now I know some people will think it's only a cat but this was the first Christmas in 20 years with out her :( On the day it felt odd as me & OH have only spend 2 Christmases without her. We remembered how she climbed the tree when she was a kitten & was very naughty but she always got away with it because she was my baby :)

So moving on what will 2011 bring......

  • I turn 40 :( How did that happen???? I'm still 16 aren't I??? I would like to do something special but not sure what......I was thinking of a lovely holiday but I'm a rubbish air balloon??? Zoo keeper for the day???? Maybe a weekend in Edinburgh???? Only 8 months to sort it out!!!
  • I must finish my list that I started in 2008!!!! or at least finish my blanket that I started nearly 2 years ago!
  • Re decorate the house..... things have been up in the air as we weren't sure if we were moving but I think we're starting put so I want to sort out all those jobs that need doing & paint the living room to make it more homely.
  • Continue with Make, Do and Mend..... I'm hoping to set up a children's class in the summer holidays but first I need to get everything in order. Now it's getting very popular I need to get the admin side of things in place
  • Attend more craft fairs
  • Continue to sell on Folksy/Etsy
  • Complete my CV...... I'm hoping for changes this year!
  • Sort my back out..... I'd like a full MOT as I've been ill for months now, if it's not my back it's my stomach (pain killers are playing havoc with my tummy) or a cold. I'm going to go to the doctors in the new year & demand more tests
  • To make it through the year with all my love ones..... my dad is going to be 70 in April & I'm starting to panic at the idea my parents will leave me at some point :(
  •  Be a better blogger.... the last few months have been so busy I haven't had time to leave comments or post as much as I would like
  • Visit my friend in Lincoln....... I've been wanting to do this for years!
    You see I'm not asking for much as I know the year will go so fast, if I can achieve this I'll be happy!

    What do you wish for?????

    Hope you're 2011 is one to remember :)

    PS I know I haven't shared my Christmas gifts with you...... last week was so busy, damn work!! I will take photo's asap as I got a lovely new record player :)


    1. Sounds like you will be busy in 2011. Wishing you a happy, healthy and fun filled new year.

      All things nice...

    2. Wow, thanks so much for your recap of 2010, and all the bet for 2011! You have so many good ideas. Wish I still lived in Exeter...

    3. All the bet? I meant all the best... but you knew that...

    4. What a lovely recap. It's great that blogging allows you to do that easily, isn't it. Each year I make a goal/hope chest and fill it with what I want to accomplish the next year. Here it sits in front of me and I can't think of a thing. Thanks to your post, now I have some ideas.

    5. I'm just sitting here with my friend saying I need to work out what I want to achieve in 2011!

      Your goals sound just right!

      Victoria xx

    6. I know how you feel about Zoe itwas our 3rd Christmas without Bob my lovely tabby but naughty Lucy (who is 14) kept us entertained!
      wishiing you a happy 2011

    7. Happy New Year :)

      You had such a busy 2010 and sounds like this years plans will be just as good!

      OOhhh you should do something special for the biggie Birthday!Look forward to what you have planned.

      Love and wishes, Lisa. x

    8. That is a busy and productive year- it is hard with animals- we still miss our cat Daisy terribly much from the year before last- they do break your heart so- they never really go, you always feel they are with you somehow x