Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wreck This Journal part 2

OK I'm not even going to say how fast January is going!

I've enjoyed being normal this week with having the weekend off :) but the time has slipped by & I haven't done everything I wanted to do however I did spend some time with OH. Sometimes I forget to do that what with work, craft fairs, Folksy, Make, Do and Mend...... it was nice to relax & do very little.

Only 1 more week at work then I have a week off....yippee!!! Really need it before I end up on Mary Portas for bad customer service...... you can only bite your lip for so long. I then have my normal 2 weeks off in March to look forward to....... I just hope the things on my list can wait that long!

On Monday I headed to the post office with this....

It arrived back to me on Wednesday but just look what happened....

After a slight panic attack I remembered what this book was about but it's still troubling me!! OH joked that I may even have to buy another one.
I plan to take it in the shower next & get that over with.

I managed to finish Kelly's blanket this week with the help of Rose & her lovely new flower crochet pattern. I won't share photo's just yet in case Kelly has time to take a peep.
I've also been finishing some knitted bears for my Folksy shop.

Bit of an odd question but does anyone do Burlesque? 
I need to know how to attach Pasties..... I won't use the N word as god knows what kind of people will start following me! 
My friend has been asking me for a year to make her some, I'm also doing a fair in April & I think they could sell. Please let me know your thoughts.

I may go to see The Kings Speech today....... I'm so looking forward to seeing it :)

Have a good week....over & out!


  1. Is it just me...? but intreiged to know what Pasties..with or with out a N are, when refering to Burlesque? I must be unworldly as the only Pastie I know of containd corned beef! lol!

    Perhaps I am better off not you think I'd be too shocked!hehe!

    Vicky x

  2. Did you go and see Kings Speech?

    I saw Black Swan today - not sure what I make of it really!!

    Victoria xx

  3. Hey darling finally got to catch up on my reading! Are you making me a blanket? Love you!!!

  4. what did you think of Kings Speech ? I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema to see a proper film (ie one where there are no fairies/shreks/monsters) - well, actually it was for Avatar, but that hardly counts either!

    Lovely to see you last night - what a busy night, great to see so many people supporting the group on its birthday. Hope you had a good night too, speak to you soon x