Monday, 28 June 2010


I'm still here!!!!
Sorry I haven't been around........I haven't felt like doing very much of late what with the Habitat sale starting last week & the heat. I did take these photo's on Monday 21st when I had the day off but never got around to showing you. As you can see I was working very hard!!!!

In my defence I had spent most of the morning weeding....where do they all come from? So in the afternoon I decided to sit & enjoy :) I needed to make some slippers for a friend's birthday but I had to be very careful in the sun as I suffer from sun stroke so I couldn't stay out very was nice while it lasted.

Of course I had my little shadow......

As you can see he doesn't like the sun in his eyes!!

Not sure how to get rid of the black stripe so we'll just pretend it's not there shall we!!!

Don't forget it's Show & Tell on Sunday....this month is being hosted by Justine.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thank you......

......for all your kind words & hugs on my last post. This is my motto for the week :)

It's not been easy because although it's only a cat to me they're like children, I've given up a lot in the last 3 years caring for them so I'm at a loss.

Well at least I still have Nanny.....although he's never been a loving lap cat, not like Zoe who rarely left my lap. If I needed to get anything I would just tuck her under my arm & go get it.

We loved each other so much but I know the time was right. At least I did stay with her until the end (something everyone said I wouldn't be able to do it) so the last thing she saw was me :(

It's been hard this week at work because to be honest I don't really care if the sale gets set up on time or what colour sofa you're looking for!!! I'm also finding it really hard that no one wants to talk about it.....every one's forgotten about it while I on the other hand think about it 24 - 7.

We have to go back to the vets to collect her by the end of the week......when I say we I'm hoping OH will do it as I'm too embarrassed to show my face!

I've got through this before with Charlie, which is why I started blogging, & I will do it again but in my own time. I just know that after Nanny I never want to go through this again.....far too painful. I've loved all my pets more then any human.....does that sound really bad??

So moving on to nicer things.........

The next Show and Tell Sunday will be 4th July.
I'm taking a break for the next 2 months so it will be hosted by Justine......go on say hello.
The next topic will be your favourite song......mmmmm that's a hard one as I have lots.
Maybe we could have more than one Justine?
I'll have to get my thinking cap on for this one.

I'm really behind this week with making things so I best get on....... I have so many birthdays but what do I make???? I'm really stuck for ideas......Slippers??? Lavender hearts??? Brooches????
Oh decisions, decisions...........

Sunday, 13 June 2010


July 1990 - June 2010

It's over..........nothing more to say :(

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Show & Tell Sunday

This months Show & Tell is your favourite book.

Everyone will have something different as books are very personal.
If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know my taste in books is not very girly!!! I don't like romantic books....although saying that I have read a few.

For me I only have one favourite book

Have you read it?

It was published in 1994, not very well known it became popular through word of month. I purchased it in had a different cover then which I prefer.

I can't tell you how many time I've read this over the last 15 years.....for several years I read it once a year!!!..... it's such a beautiful book.
I can't remember being taught this at school, I knew a lot about WW2 but nothing about WW1.

The horrors are all in this book......the man who has to go to No Man's Land to collect his brother. When he picks him up his hand goes through the flesh.
Oh yes it's not a pleasant read, I cry every time!

Since reading this I've travelled to WW1 cemeteries & seen the Mien Gate, something that I'm sure I would never have done. As I've said before on my blog it's up to us youngsters.....oh I like that....... to pass this information on.

Next month I would like to pass the baton to someone else......any takers???

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Bargains & fairs.......

Hope you're having a great 1/2 term enjoying the sun. It really feels like summer doesn't it?
I thought I'd share this first photo with you. I brought the candle at the Handmade Home Fair from smells so lovely. The flowers came from the lovely Amanda.

I found a few bargains just before the fair but I haven't had time to share.....

Lovely hand crocheted blanket, it was so cheap it made me feel sad that someone had spent so long making it only to be found on a charity shop floor!
Can you spot something?

Yes another deer!!!!
I found him in Otto Retro......I don't think they wanted to sell him but I told them about all my other deers & they seemed happy he was going to a good home :)

As I said in my last post the fair was fun but I didn't make my millions.....

I forgot to photograph my table & it did look good in the sunshine :(

Don't forget Show & Tell Sunday......your favourite book.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

May 2010

Another month...... I think May was all about fairs. Vintage & Handmade at the start & Handmade Home fair at the end

I had a lovely time at the show on Sunday, didn't make my millions but good food, good company & sun......what more could you want :)

Make, Do and Mend tonight so best not hang about.... I have to do a 9 hour day at work first!