Sunday, 6 June 2010

Show & Tell Sunday

This months Show & Tell is your favourite book.

Everyone will have something different as books are very personal.
If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know my taste in books is not very girly!!! I don't like romantic books....although saying that I have read a few.

For me I only have one favourite book

Have you read it?

It was published in 1994, not very well known it became popular through word of month. I purchased it in had a different cover then which I prefer.

I can't tell you how many time I've read this over the last 15 years.....for several years I read it once a year!!!..... it's such a beautiful book.
I can't remember being taught this at school, I knew a lot about WW2 but nothing about WW1.

The horrors are all in this book......the man who has to go to No Man's Land to collect his brother. When he picks him up his hand goes through the flesh.
Oh yes it's not a pleasant read, I cry every time!

Since reading this I've travelled to WW1 cemeteries & seen the Mien Gate, something that I'm sure I would never have done. As I've said before on my blog it's up to us youngsters.....oh I like that....... to pass this information on.

Next month I would like to pass the baton to someone else......any takers???


  1. Great blog, and very true, I will try to get hold of a copy, I'm a very firm believer in that it is up to us to pass this on to our children to keep it 'alive'.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. OMG! You and I are sooooooo alike! I've just done a post for the same book...luckily I have'nt pressed the publish thinks I will have to choose another lol!

    Karen x x x

  3. WOW that sounds like a hard going book... I'll prob suggest it to my brother. Sadly my tastes in books aren't very high brow... chick lit all the way but I argue that I read them on the train to work and need that hour to escape!

    Victoria xx

  4. I must admit I have read an awful lot about WW2 but know must less about WW1 - I must add this to my list and will read this soon. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Kandi x

  5. Lovely blog, I will add this book to my reading list. I have read Charlotte Grey by the same author, which was really good. I will add a link to my very recent post this week about books, if that's ok.

  6. Please go to:

    to read mine. Thanks

  7. I haven't read this one - I keep wondering if I should, and you've put me a step nearer to risking it! Like you, don't do 'girly' books, but I don't usually don 'harrowing' either... Thanks very much for your review. I'm afraid I couldn't choose just one, so I mentioned several today!

  8. On your recommendation I just ordered this from Paperback Swap. I haven't read much WWI either. I just finished The Pastor's Wife which is about that time period and I found very hard reading but also very enlightening. Thanks for the recommendation. I look forward to reading it. (My grandpa was in WWI.)

  9. Hi there, I've also chosen a few books as I couldn't choose just one!! I think I'll recommend yours to my dad. Oh and what about favourite holiday destination for next month?

  10. We have this book, we have a few of his. George has read it, but I am still to do so. George really enjoyed reading it, so I will be soon! Suzie xx

  11. I'll have to get around to posting my favourite book - It's Tully, by Paullina Simons, and like you I read and re-read it so many times.

    I'll look out for your book too - I did do a lot about WW1 at school, and studied the poets (Owen, Sassoon etc) at English A Level, so am always interested to read more about the period (conversely, we were barely taught anything about WWII). I remember, at the time we were studying about the war in History class and the poets in English, was when Blackadder Goes Forth was first aired - watching that last episode I had tears streaming down my face, in fact, I still do every time I see it...

  12. I've never heard of this book!!

  13. Not read this but i think i will try to get it! I agree we should never forget!

  14. Hi hunny....
    some ideas for next time??
    Favourite holiday destination in UK
    Favourite hobby and why?
    What colour sums you up...
    One happy, one sad memory of Junior school
    Favourite thing about Christmas...
    Most memorable event of your life so far...
    What is your favourite type of music and why?

    Hope that has helped hunny...
    feel free to email me

    Good luck hun!
    Karen x x x