Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thank you......

......for all your kind words & hugs on my last post. This is my motto for the week :)

It's not been easy because although it's only a cat to me they're like children, I've given up a lot in the last 3 years caring for them so I'm at a loss.

Well at least I still have Nanny.....although he's never been a loving lap cat, not like Zoe who rarely left my lap. If I needed to get anything I would just tuck her under my arm & go get it.

We loved each other so much but I know the time was right. At least I did stay with her until the end (something everyone said I wouldn't be able to do it) so the last thing she saw was me :(

It's been hard this week at work because to be honest I don't really care if the sale gets set up on time or what colour sofa you're looking for!!! I'm also finding it really hard that no one wants to talk about it.....every one's forgotten about it while I on the other hand think about it 24 - 7.

We have to go back to the vets to collect her by the end of the week......when I say we I'm hoping OH will do it as I'm too embarrassed to show my face!

I've got through this before with Charlie, which is why I started blogging, & I will do it again but in my own time. I just know that after Nanny I never want to go through this again.....far too painful. I've loved all my pets more then any human.....does that sound really bad??

So moving on to nicer things.........

The next Show and Tell Sunday will be 4th July.
I'm taking a break for the next 2 months so it will be hosted by Justine......go on say hello.
The next topic will be your favourite song......mmmmm that's a hard one as I have lots.
Maybe we could have more than one Justine?
I'll have to get my thinking cap on for this one.

I'm really behind this week with making things so I best get on....... I have so many birthdays but what do I make???? I'm really stuck for ideas......Slippers??? Lavender hearts??? Brooches????
Oh decisions, decisions...........


  1. More hugs to you. Having had pets as a child a budgie and three dogs, I found it too much when they went so after I married and had chidren the dicision was made to not have any pets, I personally could not go through all of that again, it really hit me hard, and it was harder as I got older.

  2. If you're like me you'll def. need more than one favourite song! I'm pleased to be taking the gauntlet for you Joe and sending you {{big hugs}}. Your recent trauma has indeed made me face upto the fact that nothing is forever and I pray that the day we lose our beloved pets is a long way away.

  3. Oh my heart does go out to you, I'm still struggling with losing Newton even though we've got an adorable new bundle of trouble. I wish I could have been the last thing Newton saw, I was with my last cat till the end but Newton passed away in the night, I woke in the middle of the night and so nearly crept downstairs to where he slept to see how he was, but didn't in the end, now I wonder if that was the time he went, I wish I had been with him. Anyway, I do so understand the depth of grief you are going through, and you had your beautiful Zoe for so many years. Take one day at a time xxxx

  4. All of my dogs have been like children to me, I understand completely the feeling of great loss. It takes time to get over it, and sometimes I don't think you ever really do. People without pets don't realise the connection that we make with them, and the love that is there. Their personalities grab our hearts and we are smitten. Each time I have lost a dog, I have gone into deep grief. No it doesn't sound bad that you have loved your pets more than any human, because the love we feel for our furry friends is a unique kind of love, it is a special kind, not found elsewhere. I like you stayed with my dogs til the end, I felt it was the right thing for them. It is incredibly painful. What I don't understand is why I keep doing it again! Must be a glutton for punishment. Big hugs. Suzie xxx

  5. Hi Joe,

    I really do feel for you. I have loved all my pets so much, but by the time they have come to go they have all been quite old and ill so it has been more of a relief for me to see them free from pain & illness that meant they weren't having much of a life anymore. I think it must be harder to say goodbye if there is no suffering in their lives.

    I think they must have been very lucky animals to have someone care about them so much. I have recently adopted a kitten from the RSPCA and I was shocked to hear some of the things people to do their animals. I expected the majority of animals to be donated when an old person dies and they had a pet or because someone can't take care of their animals anymore through sickness or poverty for example, but the amount of people that dump tiny kittens, or just leave their dogs to roam the streets becuase they have got bored of them is just insane. I know it wont make your pain go away, but I hope you know that the pain you ahve right now means you are a good person and really cared about your pets rather than being someone cruel. I know which I would rather be.

    Take care, and I hope you have nice weekend, even though you are not having much fun right now X

    Rose XXX

    PS after sorting stuff for my giveaway I am totally out of motivation for what to make next... I keep starting stuff, then undoing it, then starting something else... It's driving me mad! ;-)

  6. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses. I know how hard it can be.

    All my love

    Jayne xx

  7. Awww Joe what a sad time, I'm so sorry. Sending you lots of hugs.

    Mel xxx

  8. I zoomed in on your blog because of the picture, Keep Calm etc. (Can't remember where from!). Oh, what sad news. I have 2 puss cats, and no kids. They aren't a substitute, they are my cats and I love them dearly. They know when I'm down and seem to stick by me more on those days. I dread the day when I will lose them, but oh, the memories will be great, and that is what you must relish now. You can talk to me, us, (bloggers), we are all here as a shoulder to cry on. I am so sorry hun.
    Z xx

  9. Hi Josie,
    Sorry about your dear cat. Pets are very precious arnt they:(

    I live just outside Exeter. I have some dates on my blog for the Markets I will be at this year.

    Would love to meet you if you can make any. Maybe you might want to have a table at one in the future?

    Have just become a follower of yours.

    michelle x