Thursday, 3 June 2010

Bargains & fairs.......

Hope you're having a great 1/2 term enjoying the sun. It really feels like summer doesn't it?
I thought I'd share this first photo with you. I brought the candle at the Handmade Home Fair from smells so lovely. The flowers came from the lovely Amanda.

I found a few bargains just before the fair but I haven't had time to share.....

Lovely hand crocheted blanket, it was so cheap it made me feel sad that someone had spent so long making it only to be found on a charity shop floor!
Can you spot something?

Yes another deer!!!!
I found him in Otto Retro......I don't think they wanted to sell him but I told them about all my other deers & they seemed happy he was going to a good home :)

As I said in my last post the fair was fun but I didn't make my millions.....

I forgot to photograph my table & it did look good in the sunshine :(

Don't forget Show & Tell Sunday......your favourite book.