Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year.....

Well another year is over.....did you achieve everything you wanted in 2009??

It's hard to believe the Millennium was 10 years ago! I went out for the last time & felt very old, what did you do??

Today I've been thinking about the past year...... I've read my post from last year & my new years job's list (which I haven't competed) ..... Does anyone else feel like a hamster in a wheel? As from tomorrow the new year starts & we do it all again....... I don't do New Years resolutions but I would like to change a few things in my life for 2010. What about you??

Here to the next year..... lets hope it's a good one :)

Monday, 28 December 2009

The Family....

Sorry I didn't come back on Boxing day to show you my gifts but I went to bed for a little nap & woke up over 2 hours later!!!! I think the week just caught up with me, I've been so tried :(
This is just a sneak preview.....fancy Christmas PJ's from my parents.

I went back to work on Sunday which was surprisingly quite but not it was busy, who said there's no money???

I thought I'd share a few photo's of the family over the Christmas period........

First up is Nanny...(of course)......

He hides behind the curtains because it's nice & warm, it was dark in the room & all you could see were his shinny eyes & the tree lights..... I think he was up to no good!

Nanny & the future......

Do you remember my trip to Otto retro just before Christmas???? Well this is what I brought.....a lovely pink shinny Eiderdown! Nanny loves it & has been on my bed everyday. The Future???..... I think the future is the Eiderdown....what fool decided it was better to have a duvet then blankets & one of these...oh I think it may have been the man that started Habitat!!!

It's so warm & toasty...... I don't have the heating on in my room but since I've brought this I keep waking up because I'm too hot! My electric blanket broke just before Christmas so I had to buy a new one, I wish I hadn't bothered now as haven't used it yet.

I've been telling anyone who will listen that the Eiderdown is the if you've been thinking about getting one I say do it!

This one was a very good price....£'s only a single size which fits across the bottom of the bed which means I have very warm toes! Imagine my surprise when I noticed the Witney label....I think I got a bargain!!!

Nanny looking proud as punch with his new bed....

Finally I got around to doing a little bit more of my crochet blanket. I started this 2 years ago in March but since the fairs started I haven't found anytime......

This was all bundled on my lap but Zoe had to lay there too!!! Unfortunately she's been poorly over Christmas, I'm not sure how much longer she will last :( She's 20 so I know she had a long life & a very happy one but if one more person says that I will scream!!!!!!
I promised OH I will know when the time is right & I think it's now but I can't do it. I just thought I'd prewarn you all......I know all my family, friends & work colleagues are not looking forward to the day.

Right off to bed now as I'm on the early shift tomorrow which means getting up at 5.30 am.....rubbish :(

Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone......hope you've all had a good day.
I can't believe how quickly it's gone...... Nearly over for another year....... I've had lots of presents....lots of piggies in blankets.....turkey....pudding....& coca cola....Perfect!!!

Day off again tomorrow, I'll be back to show you my goodies

Monday, 21 December 2009

The final countdown.....

Morning everyone, so this is it....... the final few days...... It'll be a quick post today as it's 6am & I'm having my breakfast before heading off to work. It seems weird that my next day off will be Christmas day but I do feel more Christmassy then normal. OH has escaped to Majorca for the week as I'm working so many hours that we just wouldn't see each other.

On Friday I went to cover the Cheltenham store & it was snowing!!! It was fantastic, although it didn't come to anything.....any guesses where I went on my lunch break???

Yesterday was my last day off so it was busy. I visited my parents & my brother, how cute is Santa's little helper???

I could do with a little helper for wrapping all my gifts....hate that job!!! He's a sweet little boy who has so many facial expressions, he laughs at everything. Now don't worry ladies I don't want one....although his friend is rather cute too.......

I was planning on buying a tree yesterday, the first time in a few years, maybe you've helped me be more cheerful!!! We left my parents to go to the garden centre but the road was so icy dad couldn't get up the hill!! This was at 2.30pm....... with the wheels spinning we thought it was best to leave the tree! Lucky mum had a little one in her garden that they brought but realised how small it was...... Now I like a small little tree so he came home with me...... the photo is later in the post.

First is the fire place......
All my lovely deers together at last.....they lived in different places around the house but have come together for the festive period. It was really dark when I took this photo & the neon tree looked great but the photo doesn't!!

My tree.....
Isn't he tiny??? Some lovely decorations there.... I'd forgotten what lovely decorations I had....some old & some new.....couldn't resit the red glittery Stanley! I love the birds & had collected them over the years....also I found some lovely vintage decorations in CS & Otto retro in Exeter.

And my lovely Nanny....
I brought this from Past Times so many years ago but it still makes me smile because it does look like Nanny.... I've tried to get him to carry Christmas puds but he wasn't keen!!!!

Last picture.....

I forgot to show you this in my last post..... my lovely new necklace. Do you like??? It's great isn't it???...........I get so many comments when I wear it & at £8 I think it was a bargain!

On Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting Donna while she was Christmas shopping, we both ended up in the same shop....Otto I did treat myself to some thing lovely but I don't have time to show you today. I'll be back soon when I have 5 mins.....have a good week & stay warm

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I'm back.....

Well it's been a week since my last.....sorry I didn't plan to leave it that long but I was hit by the horrible cold that everyone seems to have. It came on last Friday & by Saturday I was totally wiped out & had to leave work at 11am. Sunday I felt no better but had to head off to here.......

Yes my final craft fair....yippee..... I felt right poorly as I cuddled up to the radiator for the day. I had lots of visitors from good friends who dropped in to say hello & some even brought from me! It made me think what a lucky girl I'm ..... some people had no one turn up to say hello! I have some very kind friends....thank know who you are!!!

It was a good day & well worth going, at the end I was handed a business card by a local shop owner & asked to set up a meeting in the new year as she would love to stock my things...yay...fantastic!!!

I still haven't managed to shake the cold off but it was back to work on Monday...... Tuesday evening I headed off to Totnes Christmas market with my friend Erica & her MIL......
I didn't buy very much because it was just soooooo busy that you couldn't enjoy it......although I did enjoy the lovely (hot!) curry we had!
I'm still kicking myself about the lovely CK eiderdown that I found for £60....nearly 1/2 price! No surprise there eh Erica? But there was a reason that I didn't buy it..... I won't go into details but it's dry clean only & I have 2 cats.....say no more!!

Here are the goodies I brought......

The hat I brought at Topsham....hand knitted & only £5! doesn't fit very well because I've got too much hair. Just look at those tree fab are those??? We were chuckling at the egg stall but then I found these....I love them & at 99p each such a bargain, wish I brought more now.

Ok so you can see my best buy from Totnes just hiding under the hat..... I spotted this within 2 mins of entering the market & thought it would be out of my price range. I kept walking past & looking thinking that I really didn't need it but then I asked how much it was..... oh you don't want that the lady said it's got a really big chip .....where I asked???? Can you not see it.......

Ohhh you mean the tiny chip on the corner that you can hardly see!! So she sold it to me for 50p...what a bargain!!!

Now doesn't it look lovely..... I was only saying to Sal that I wanted to get a piece of Christmas china this year.

In my last post I said I was going to treat myself from Amazon....well here it is....

You can blame Hen for making me buy this book......she forced me ....honest!!!!

So after buying myself a brand new book I headed to the CS to find some gifts for stockings!
The when we were young book is for my mum as we were only saying the other day how good this book was, Thomas for my nephew who's only 8 months old......think he's too young but I know my brother will enjoy it as he used to have it when he was young! The lovely walking holiday is for Liv......

Isn't this book beautiful????

Don't know if it's the right age for her but the pictures are so lovely I just had to get it for her stocking.
I also managed to pick up a fantastic Fisher Price telephone for my nephew at a bargain price so I'm one happy girl. I feel really pleased with the fact I've nearly got all my presents for about £70..... I've even recycled, brought from CS & made lots so I'm also feeling very smug!!!

Thanks for your comments about my new manager, he spoke with my store manager last week & said he would apologize to me....this hasn't happened yet but he's been leaving me alone for the last week so that's a good thing. Although he's sending me to Cheltenham on Friday to manage the store....oh joy that's a 16 hour day for me then!!!

Hope you're all having a good week & not getting to stressed about you know I might even buy a tree this week!!!!!.... as you know I don't do Christmas but I just love those decorations so much I might give in.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Nearly there...........

Hello everyone..... hope you're having a good week, for me it's the end of the weekend after having today & yesterday off...the first 2 days together in over a month!!! I don't want to go back tomorrow :(

Thought I'd show you my roses that I brought last week......

They didn't fit in my normal vase so I thought Santa would be a good choice! Here you can see him next to my lovely deer candle holder my friends brought me 3 years ago.... Yankee Christmas candle ready to burn....... I love Silver bells but I've run out...anyone tried it????

So the Christmas party is over for another year....thank goodness!!.... I must confess that half way through I did ask myself why I was there! Grin & bear it...that's my motto! It's been a very busy week at work & to be honest not my best week..... I'm being questioned about my I good enough??? I always thought I was ok at my job but now I have a new boss who doesn't think so...... had a few tears this week through anger but I won't let him know that!!!

So I'm nearly where???

Here...... Thankfully! This will be my last craft fair then I can think about Christmas....

This week I've been trying to take some photo's for my web site.....

I've had a few orders which is great..... once the fair is over I can focus on it & look for more fairs for the new year....I'm thinking of setting one up in Exeter as so many people I know want to do one but they're few & far between. I'll also be sorting out the monthly craft night....teaching people how to knit & crochet etc....Penny will be doing the sewing.

So that's the new year sorted...... just need to get through the next few weeks..... with only 3 days off between now & the big day (one being the fair!) my works cut out. I've just found out that I'll be working more hours each day too..... I guess you've all seen the reports in the papers about us???? I think this will be the final push!

I'm off to Amazon now to order OH's gift.... think I may slip a crochet book in the basket :)

Back soon

Friday, 4 December 2009

Rainy Friday

Good's your day been????

I haven't got any new photo's to show you today as I'm too lazy to take some tonight. So I thought I'd copy other people & do a mosaic of November photo's. I really enjoyed doing this....looking back over the month, thinking how fast time goes that apple crumble still looks tasty!!

Today has been my day off & as you know I did a craft fair, no photo's of that I'm afraid although I was very happy with my table display . So after my 10 hour day at work yesterday I rushed home to finish some more decorations & finally went to bed at 11pm only to wake again at 4.15 am :( now I know I'm an early bird but that's just silly!
I tried to go back to sleep but my mind was racing so I thought I'd just get on with it. The fair started at 2pm but I had to be there for 12.30............after setting up in record time I had time to have a cup of tea with follow stall holders.
2pm came & the doors opened to loads of children......I wasn't told about that!!...........It's was their fair to buy Christmas presents :( some parents came but not many. I did well though so I'm happy...........3 down .......1 to go then I can relax! The good news is I've been asked back for the summer one , it's all about getting your foot through the door............. I handed out lots of cards so I best change some things on my web site.

The worse bit??................... I couldn't get a taxi home as they were all busy so I walked......yes walked!!! It took 45 mins (normally about 20 mins) because I had 4 heavy bags & it was raining....oh poo I must learn to drive. I'm knackered now & seriously thinking of going to bed!

Back to work tomorrow for the whole weekend but hey it's the Christmas party tomorrow.......yippee!!! Now you all know how much I love the works Christmas party............I was thinking of not going but couldn't find a good excuse. I don't enjoy loud drunk women........they have 1 glasses of wine & the volume goes up! It's only once a year & as a manager I have to go .........wish me luck.

Did you watch Newsnight ??? I recorded it so hoping to find time tonight.

Hope you all have a great weekend........

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Have you heard about Newsnight tonight???

Check it out......make do & mend!!

Is it a fashion or a way of life????

I have to agree that it is a fashion but hey I don't mind because for once I may be fashionable!!!
I've been knitting & making things since I was about 4 years old so it's not new to me.

I've collected 1940's household things for about 20 years even when people laughed at some of the things I brought....... who's laughing now because they all want them!

Off to work now for a 10 hour day................... 20% off in Habitat today...........if you're in Exeter you can see me in a fetching red t-shirt that is slightly too small!!!!

Christmas craft fair tomorrow on my day off.............I'll let you know how I get on.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Busy weekend

Hello, Hope you're all had a lovely weekend & have eased yourself gently back into yet another week. Just a short post today as it seems very quite in blogland & hey I don't want to be talking to myself!!
I had a great weekend even though I had to work yesterday. I went out for my friends birthday last night, a very small group of her family went to a local pub for a trust me we're not the brightest group but there was 8 of us, ........ imagine our surprise when we WON!!!! It was £1 each to enter & we won £25!!! So Claire kept the money to treat herself to yet another present.

Above you can see my crocheted granny square lavender bags. I've just received a large order for these so I'm working flat out to complete it before the fair on the 4th & the 13th....... I've just updated my web site.

I've also been selling these crocheted lavender hearts........... they can be used as tree decorations, on your coat hangers or even on your bed frame as I have done to help me sleep. I've not been sleeping well for the last few mind is flat out at the moment so I've been going to bed about 11ish then up again by 5 to do somethings before work. Please remind me to be better organised next Christmas!!

At last but not least............. Russian doll felt brooches......

A close up.............
You can find out more here.

Have a good week.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Crafty day ....Part 3..

Hope you're having a relaxing Saturday. I've been off today....thankfully.... it was much needed as I've worked 10 out of the last 11 days! I was up nice an early...5am!!!....... & started the housework so I could spend yet another day off being crafty.

First I thought I'd share my living room with you........... while it's tidy!!!

I love the slides!!!.....OH & his friend tried to break it when they were doing up the house because they hated it but I think it's great. It's kind of orangey yellow coloured glass which I'm told is very unusual.
The storage cubes are a new buy, they used to live in Habitat with all my paperwork in so when I heard they were being skipped I had to give them a home. I plan to store all my fabric in here when I can find the time to sort it all out. The tiger on the sofa was a Christmas present from OH, I have more things like this that I'll save for another post.

The lighting in my kitchen is so bad & I hate sitting out there so I brought the table in to the living room......

It takes up quite a lot of space...........something I don't have............ but I'm going to go with it until the fairs are over. At least it's more cosy in here & I can still watch TV!!! Today I've been making card holders, Christmas cards, wheat packs & more brooches.......... I hope to take photo's for my web site on Monday so I'll try & show you.
It was hard work with the machine again.............. I sorted the cotton snapping problem & was going great guns until............ my cotton ran out, then the bobbin went & I had problems yet again with putting in the new one..............then the bulb went!!!!
I think it's trying to tell me something but I'm a stubborn old girl & I'll keep going :)

I've saved this terrible photo until last........

I washed my hall & stair carpet today................... I don't have very much carpet in the house, OH is allergic to cats & wooden floor don't get so furry! I choose a light colour carpet as there's not much natural light & for the last 3 years I've cleaned it nearly every month.............Yes that's right this filth is only one months worth!!! Every time I do it it shocks me so I just had to share.
Remember it's just me & OH here, he's away lots & I'm working all the time so how can my carpet get this dirty???? We don't have a visitors so I can only guess it must be those damn pussy cats not wiping their feet!
My last house was rented & I never washed the carpets goodness how bad must they have been? So how often do you wash yours???

Back to work tomorrow & out in the evening for my friends birthday....... we had a terrible time last year.....remember??...........I'm hoping this year will be better.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Just a quick post today as I should be making things for the fair but I just had to show you my new goodies! Look at my lovely post card..... think that will be going on my notice board & also a pen...... how did you know I have a pen thing?? This may become may diary pen..... do you have one of those??? I get really funny about things like that...... I will always write in my work diary in the same pen & hate it when it runs out half way through the year. Did you guess I'm a Virgo?!
So here are my goodies.................
What do you think????? Ohhhhh how I love little deers........ Thank you Jayne...... just the ones I wanted. Look they're on the post card! Now I have to find a home for all my goodies before OH works out just how much I've spent on plastic deers.....hehehehe!! I will take another photo when they're all together in their new home.

And now yet another photo.......

Bet you're all loving my new camera??? My lovely white cat who's nearly 20. I don't show her off that often as she looks so old in photo's it makes me sad :( think this one is a good one. ooohhh can you see my spotty nightie???

I have an email invite for 20% off at Habitat next week, want one??? I've sent it to a few people already but if you want me please let me know, you can use it in any habitat.

Back soon................

Sunday, 22 November 2009

New toys & kind friends...........

Hello everyone, I'm tempting you with this yummy apple crumble..... I made this a few days ago & wanted to share it because it's the first time I used my spotty dish. I wish I had another one today............ I could just eat that now.

In my last post I told you all about a bargain I had found...........
Well to be honest I didn't hang about to read many of your comments because I had to work & just before I left I decided I wanted I got it!!!
It was only £69.99 reduced from £199 so it was a real bargain! Regular readers will know I don't do technology........OH took his old camera back & took the lovely picture of Nanny in my new header picture. I think he wanted to prove that you could take close ups with it if you knew how to use it! Today has been the first time I've had chance to play & it's great!! I like the fact it tells you what to do on the screen...... an idiot could use it so there's hope for me!!

Here's Nanny yet again...........

I seen black & white photo's on other blogs & been very impressed.............hey now I can do it & it's so easy!!! I'm chuffed to bits :)

Now onto some serious stuff.............last year I brought this little fella from Michelle........

I fell in love with him & just like all my deers he stays out all year. I've been telling you all week about my goodies that I order this year so here they are...............

Fantastic!!!!....... I was so happy when I opened the box........... We used to have a Santa just like this & every year it was my job to find him in the box of decorations. I could never understand why he had to go away in January. I asked my mum only a few weeks ago where ours went & then I spotted this on Michele's blog............ but will he go away in January???
My deer collection is growing quickly & I've just placed an order with Jayne :)

Couldn't resist these cards, so much better then the tacky ones in the shops.

Yesterday I had a visit from Sal, I'm sure you'll remember how fed up I was about working on the day of the Vintage & Handmade fair............ I did moan just a little bit!!!
Sal had a lovely gift for me to make up for not going.........

Thank you so much Sal, you said it wasn't much!............I couldn't believe how much you gave me. It's all great....fabric, lavender bag, heart, cards & more!
Now I feel like I went to the fair :)

The last few photo's have been taken with the new camera........... if you can see a difference please let me know............ if you can't see a difference please keep quiet!!!!!

I'll be back with more deers soon. In the meantime if you would like to donate money to the poor people who have lost everything in floods you can do it here...... I worked out if I didn't treat myself to coffee & the odd cake this week I could give. My heart goes out to them, I only wish I could do more.

Have a good week :)