Monday, 21 December 2009

The final countdown.....

Morning everyone, so this is it....... the final few days...... It'll be a quick post today as it's 6am & I'm having my breakfast before heading off to work. It seems weird that my next day off will be Christmas day but I do feel more Christmassy then normal. OH has escaped to Majorca for the week as I'm working so many hours that we just wouldn't see each other.

On Friday I went to cover the Cheltenham store & it was snowing!!! It was fantastic, although it didn't come to anything.....any guesses where I went on my lunch break???

Yesterday was my last day off so it was busy. I visited my parents & my brother, how cute is Santa's little helper???

I could do with a little helper for wrapping all my gifts....hate that job!!! He's a sweet little boy who has so many facial expressions, he laughs at everything. Now don't worry ladies I don't want one....although his friend is rather cute too.......

I was planning on buying a tree yesterday, the first time in a few years, maybe you've helped me be more cheerful!!! We left my parents to go to the garden centre but the road was so icy dad couldn't get up the hill!! This was at 2.30pm....... with the wheels spinning we thought it was best to leave the tree! Lucky mum had a little one in her garden that they brought but realised how small it was...... Now I like a small little tree so he came home with me...... the photo is later in the post.

First is the fire place......
All my lovely deers together at last.....they lived in different places around the house but have come together for the festive period. It was really dark when I took this photo & the neon tree looked great but the photo doesn't!!

My tree.....
Isn't he tiny??? Some lovely decorations there.... I'd forgotten what lovely decorations I had....some old & some new.....couldn't resit the red glittery Stanley! I love the birds & had collected them over the years....also I found some lovely vintage decorations in CS & Otto retro in Exeter.

And my lovely Nanny....
I brought this from Past Times so many years ago but it still makes me smile because it does look like Nanny.... I've tried to get him to carry Christmas puds but he wasn't keen!!!!

Last picture.....

I forgot to show you this in my last post..... my lovely new necklace. Do you like??? It's great isn't it???...........I get so many comments when I wear it & at £8 I think it was a bargain!

On Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting Donna while she was Christmas shopping, we both ended up in the same shop....Otto I did treat myself to some thing lovely but I don't have time to show you today. I'll be back soon when I have 5 mins.....have a good week & stay warm


  1. Lovely mantelpiece!
    I think we're putting Ottos on the map!! I love the place!

  2. I love Nanny cats...oohhh lovely Joe, in fact its all so fun and festive....

    Thank you for thinking of me Joe, I have sent an email...xxxx

  3. There's something so Christmassy about decorated mantlepieces.

    I could do with someone to help me wrap presents... I take it so seriously it takes forever to wrap just one thing!!

    Victoria xxx

  4. Now that is little tree!!! Still you have one!!! Yay!!!! Love the Stanley!! I have the green one isn't he lovely?
    ave a lovely Christmas hunni!!!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  5. ah how lovely, it's all feeling very christmassy now. Hope work isn't too mad in the last few days, and hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day, and enjoy the rest. x

  6. Ah! Nice to see all the reindeer making themselves at home!


  7. Hi Joe,

    Such cute pictures :-)

    Hoping you have a great Christmas & New Year!

    Rose XXX

  8. I *love* your little tree, and your Nanny cat garland. I haven't been to Past Times for years, but used to love browsing in their little shop - especially for vintagey Christmas stuff! Hope you have a lovely Christmas & manage to put your feet up!!

    Willow xx

  9. Just popping in to say Merry Christmas. Isn't Santa's little helper a cutie?!

  10. A home isn't a home without a collection of fine vintage reindeer.. Love the Rudolph family.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Josie...

    Michele x