Monday, 28 December 2009

The Family....

Sorry I didn't come back on Boxing day to show you my gifts but I went to bed for a little nap & woke up over 2 hours later!!!! I think the week just caught up with me, I've been so tried :(
This is just a sneak preview.....fancy Christmas PJ's from my parents.

I went back to work on Sunday which was surprisingly quite but not it was busy, who said there's no money???

I thought I'd share a few photo's of the family over the Christmas period........

First up is Nanny...(of course)......

He hides behind the curtains because it's nice & warm, it was dark in the room & all you could see were his shinny eyes & the tree lights..... I think he was up to no good!

Nanny & the future......

Do you remember my trip to Otto retro just before Christmas???? Well this is what I brought.....a lovely pink shinny Eiderdown! Nanny loves it & has been on my bed everyday. The Future???..... I think the future is the Eiderdown....what fool decided it was better to have a duvet then blankets & one of these...oh I think it may have been the man that started Habitat!!!

It's so warm & toasty...... I don't have the heating on in my room but since I've brought this I keep waking up because I'm too hot! My electric blanket broke just before Christmas so I had to buy a new one, I wish I hadn't bothered now as haven't used it yet.

I've been telling anyone who will listen that the Eiderdown is the if you've been thinking about getting one I say do it!

This one was a very good price....£'s only a single size which fits across the bottom of the bed which means I have very warm toes! Imagine my surprise when I noticed the Witney label....I think I got a bargain!!!

Nanny looking proud as punch with his new bed....

Finally I got around to doing a little bit more of my crochet blanket. I started this 2 years ago in March but since the fairs started I haven't found anytime......

This was all bundled on my lap but Zoe had to lay there too!!! Unfortunately she's been poorly over Christmas, I'm not sure how much longer she will last :( She's 20 so I know she had a long life & a very happy one but if one more person says that I will scream!!!!!!
I promised OH I will know when the time is right & I think it's now but I can't do it. I just thought I'd prewarn you all......I know all my family, friends & work colleagues are not looking forward to the day.

Right off to bed now as I'm on the early shift tomorrow which means getting up at 5.30 am.....rubbish :(


  1. Good news and bad there, Joe. I love your eiderdown, and noticed a similar but more worn one coming out of retirement at my PILs' to cover up the grandchildren! I'll be thinking of you as you have to make your dffcult decision.

  2. What a lovely eiderdown.... I have a vintage french one and it's not as thick as yours but sometimes I wake up in the night as I'm too hot!

    Victoria xx

  3. Love the eiderdown and there's something great about having new nightwear along with slippers at Christmas!

  4. Hello!

    I love the eiderdown!
    The kittys look so cute!xxx

  5. Lovely eiderdown, you must be really pleased with it!
    Nanny looks so cute!