Friday, 10 June 2016

May 2016

Another month passed in a blur!

Celebrating VE day, lots of knitting, cuddles with the kids, finding my 'new to me' WI brooch, trip to the bingo, starting walking to help speed up my weight loss & spending time in the garden.

1/2 way through the year...... blimey!!!

Friday, 13 May 2016

April Book Review

As the war takes its toll, the Nightingale nurses must do their bit for king and country…

Dora is the devoted mother of twin babies but, determined to help the war effort, she goes back to work at the Nightingale Hospital.

More used to nights out in the West End, Jennifer and Cissy volunteer in the hope of tending to handsome soldiers. They soon find out that nursing isn’t quite what they were expecting.

For shy and troubled Eve, the hospital provides an escape from the pressures of home, but the life of a nurse is never easy, especially at wartime.

Can the nurses rally together while war rages all around them? And will the Nightingale Hospital survive the Blitz?

Book 6 of 7 & it didn't disappoint! I just love these book & would highly recommend them. I'm going to give myself a break from these before buying the last one but I'm sure I'll come back to the characters very soon.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Victory In Europe

Today I will be remembering VE Day

I haven't finished my puzzle :-(

But I will wear my Victory jumper & brooch

Have my tea in my special mug

But I won't be celebrating with my boys as they're on a road trip

They're in my shop window display!

I've had so many nice comments about the window display & lots of older people have come in to tell me their stories of VE Day.... as you can imagine I loved that!!

Monday, 2 May 2016

April 2016

Yep another month as gone.

Lots of making this month, 2 vintage pot holders, lace socks, Land Girl for my Etsy shop, green bow scarf & started my second Victory jumper in a summer colour way.

I aso brought a new cardigan, celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday, saw Mike Peters & drooled over the knitwear in Home Fires.

I enjoyed a few days at home with the cats & tried very hard to eat healthy, since I was told by the hospital I have to lose over 5 stone before they will operate on my Gallstones :-( 

It's not going to happen so I guess I'll have to live with the pain but I'm very aware I've put on over a stone in a year so it doesn't hurt to try to lose that. I'm 1/2 way through my 'Saints' food box from a local lady, all Slimming World friendly & very tasty.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

March Book Review

As Christmas 1938 approaches, the staff at the Nightingale Hospital have their own wishes for the festive season. 

Ward sister Frannie Wallace is hoping she won’t have to live through another war like the one that claimed her beloved fiance. But with bomb defences going up all around London, it seems as if her hopes are in vain. 

Staff Nurse Helen Dawson wants to find happiness again after the death of her husband Charlie. A handsome stranger seems to offer the chance she wants. But is she looking for love in the wrong place? 

Matron Kathleen Fox struggles to keep up morale amongst her nurses as the hospital faces the threat of evacuation. But while everyone else worries about the future of the Nightingale, it’s for her own future that Kathleen truly fears.

As the country prepares itself for war, one thing is for sure – by the time next Christmas comes, nothing at the Nightingale Hospital will be the same again…

I loved this book even though it's not Christmas!
Yet another great book in the Nightingale series, I've started book 6 which is the last one I have :( I will be sad to leave the characters, I might have to bite the bullet & buy the last book even though it's not cheap.

Monday, 4 April 2016

March 2016

Wow that was a quick month!!!

Looking back I don't think I did very much...... I finished my Birdie cardigan, ate Easter eggs & hot cross buns, started my VE day puzzles, made more bow scarves & spent time with my children.

On Good Friday I took advantage of the sunshine & headed to South Devon Railway with the family for their heritage weekend.

It was a lovely day

Let's see what April brings!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

February's Book Review

1937 sees new challenges for the trainee nurses
Dora and her old enemy Lucy are paired up on the children’s ward for the final three months of their training. The two nurses couldn’t seem more different, but they may have more in common than they think, as each hides a secret heartache. 
… and new faces at the Nightingale
Jess is the feisty eldest daughter of a notorious East End family and determined to prove herself as a ward maid. 
And new trainee nurse Effie can’t wait to escape her small Irish village, and make her way as a nurse in London. But Effie’s sister Katie soon begins to worry that Effie’s behaviour is out of control. 

Book 4 of 7.
Yet another great book, I think I'll be sad when I've finished them all!
If you like Call the Midwife I really recommend you try these. So good I've started book 5, as we get closer to WW2 they just get better!