Sunday, 7 February 2016

January 2016

January has come & gone.
I started the 3rd year of my Q&A book, spent time with the cats, worked really hard to finish my hexagon blanket (the deadline was the end of January - Fail!) remembered Holocaust memorial day, celebrated success in the shop with a night out with the team & shared old photo's for #waybackwhen 

One week into February & what a rubbish start........ on the 1st I struggled through the day feeling pretty rubbish but couldn't say why. When I finally got home I took a turn for the worse & by 9pm I was thinking of calling my sister to take me to hospital. I've never felt so ill..... sickness, shaking, dizzy & sweating...... not nice.
After a trip to the doctors on Tuesday morning it turned out I had a bad case of flu. 
I've never had flu before & I certainly don't want it again!

So a week in bed was on the cards....... I hate calling in sick, I haven't been off for over 2 years, but I didn't have a choice. I was as weak as a kitten & felt sick every time I though about food...... I really was ill!
The good news is I lost 1/2 in a week, perfect timing as I'm having a scan on Wednesday for Gallstones & I was told I should lose weight before.
There's always a positive side!

Back to work tomorrow, hope I have enough energy to make it through the day.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

That was the year 2015

Another year has flown passed, we're already one month down in 2016 & I still haven't done my yearly catch up!

So here it is...

Staring my new job as fundraiser for the RSPCA, finishing my Christmas jumper, lighting a candle for holocaust memorial day & spending time with Bobby.

Under going lots of test at the doctors but they didn't solve the problem! Hugo was born & lots knitting.

New phone, starting my Victory jumper, treating myself to goodies & spending time with my family.

More crafting & meeting Paul Young

Celebrating VE day, voting (& feeling disappointed with the result!), fundraising events, getting my new glasses & another jumper finished.

More fundraising events, the most successful shelter day on record!, day out at Dig for Victory, celebrating OH's birthday & remembering Zoe.

My last month in the fundraising role, my nephew's wedding & starting yet another jumper.

My birthday month, day out with the family to another 1940's event, meeting Jeremy Corbyn & yet more knitting.

Celebrating 7 years in blogland, getting over a nasty chest infection, taking part in the RSPCA Big Walkies & an evening out with friends.

Yet another new cardigan, cocktails with friends, more knitting & spending time with my children!

Christmas started early, my one & only craft fair of the year (not very successful), remembrance day & more cat cuddling.

Finally I could wear my Christmas jumper! Spending more time with my family & partying!

2015 was a good year!

My plans for 2015....

  • Be amazing in my new job! - This didn't work out, unfortunatley they didn't want a fundraiser & it showed! I wasn't allowed to do anything so decided it was time to leave when my 6 month contract was up
  • Sort out my crafting area - Nope, still a mess & getting worse
  • Decorate my living room & bathroom - Nope, the bathroom is worse now thanks to my leaky toilet
  • Read more books - Nope, still haven't found my reading mojo
  • Plan ahead & make stock that will sell - be organised! - A little but I've decided that selling my knitting is going to make my millions so I will be rethinking this in 2016
  • Complete my things to do list - Nearly!
  • Make things for me - Yes indeed..... 4 jumper, landgirl, brooches & more
  • Try to continue Make, Do and Mend on a small scale - Nope, the months just disappeared
  • Spend time with my family - Yep
  • Spend less time on my laptop & more time crafting - This is still a problem, need to try harder in 2016
  • Stay happy! - I think so!

2016 plans include 
  • Sort out my crafting area 
  • Decorate my living room & bathroom 
  • Read more books
  • Plan ahead & make stock that will sell online (no more craft fairs)
  • Complete my things to do list
  • Continue to make things for me
  • Set up a few Make, Do and Mend craft meetings
  • Try to come off my pills that are making me lazy & sleepy 
  • Spend time with my family
  • Spend less time on my laptop & more time crafting 
  • Stay happy!

Come on Josie-Mary...... you can do it this year!!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Please light a candle today & take a moment to remember.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

December 2015

A busy month....... advent candle, visit to Father Christmas, spending time with my children, finding a new way to wear my Miss Marple scarf, enjoying Christmas decorations, finally getting to wear my Christmas jumper. And yes I ate Christmas!!! 

Back soon for a round up of 2015.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

November Book Review

To the student nurses at The Nightingale hospital, the ward sisters are heartless and frightening, with impossibly high standards. But the sisters have troubles of their own... 
The new night sister is not all that she seems. Who is she and what dark secret is she hiding? As the mystery deepens, Sister Wren is determined to find out the truth. 
The student nurse is struggling with her own secret, and with her heartbreak over Nick, the man who got away. A new arrival on the ward brings the chance to put a smile back on her face. But can she really get over Nick so easily?
Dora’s fellow student is also torn between the two men in her life. But then an unexpected friendship with an elderly patient makes her question where her heart – and her future – really lies.
As the nation mourns the death of King George V, it seems as if nothing is ever going to be the same again, especially for the women at the Nightingale.

I finally finished a book!!!

I read the first in this series last year & really enjoyed it. I was so happy when someone donated this one plus the following 4 books to my shop!
Yet another easy read but I really warmed to the characters & couldn't wait to find out what had happened to them since the last book.
If you're looking for a light, easy read set in the 1930's then I would throughly recommend this series.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

This is me right now....... looking forward to 4 days off!

Hope you all have a smashing time...... eat, drink & be merry!