Sunday, 31 May 2009

Lovely weekend...

Hello everyone,

Well what lucky people we are, the weather has been perfect again this weekend & for once I had both days off.

Yesterday started bright & early, a nice sunny walk to meet a fellow blogger..... Julie...... & off we went....where????

Here of course.........

Can you guess yet???

Yes it's the Vintage & handmade fair!!! This is Sal's stall..... I'm afraid I have no other photo's from the fair. The problem being that once I walked into the town hall I went into a daze of loveliness!!! So many things to look at, so many was all just too much!!!

After walking around for the 3rd time I started to buy!!! Just little things you understand.... I had been saving money but didn't have much but boy did I do well!! Little things, mainly under £5... just a treat you understand!!

After about an hour we really needed a sit down but it was so busy we didn't stand a chance at the tea & cakes stall, so off we went to find somewhere outside. After a nice sit down it was back for round 2. Then another sit down with tea & cakes.... who made the Brownies??? Yummy!!

A chat with some bloggers then off for one final whip around & goodbyes.

It was lovely to meet some of you, I hate going up & introducing myself.....don't I Sal??... but I did do it to some of you.

All in all a great day out was had & what a great success.... well done everyone.

So off we set homeward bound, the plan was to be home about 3.30pm.... I think we were all planning on how to spend the rest of the day..... me??? In the garden, maybe on the lounger reading a magazine!!!

But things don't go to plan........ there was a big accident on the M5 which resulted in us being stuck for hours. Because we thought we would be home early we didn't have any lunch or think to buy water for the journey....... but we wished we did!!!

So back in Exeter at 7pm..... not bad I thought.........nearly 5 hours to make an 1hour 40 mins journey!!!

Thanks so much Julie for taking me & Penny & for putting up with us for so long!!!

When I got home I was so worn out that I sat in front the TV for an hour before having a shower & going to bed..... I'm not sure if it was the heat from sitting in the car but I'd had enough.

So up at 3am this morning (!) which was lucky because I received a text from my mum at 5am asking if I fancied the bootie. We arrived at 7am to find a very full car park!!!

We met up with my brother & his little boy Matthew....

He's changed so much since I last saw him..... I think he looks like a pixie!!!

But I do think he's quite cute..... coming from me that's a compliment!!!

Ater walking around in the sun catching up it was home to sort out the garden & take some photo's......... gosh it's a bit warm today, now I don't want to be miserable but don't you think it's too hot???

I've been doing 15 mins in the garden then in for 15 minutes doing this!!!

So do you want to see what I brought this weekend???

My lovely spotty shopping bag but what's inside????

WOW!!!! look at those treats!!!

I won't go into to much details you can just have a you see my hair slides???

Brought from Jayne.... I can't wait to wear then tomorrow to work!!

I must say my favourite thing has to be the red star ring from Acorn and Will & to think I very nearly didn't buy it. I hunted down this stall as soon as I could to purchase my red & white spotty button earring's.... classy!! I never wear rings but I love this one, I'll be showing it off everyday at work.

Do you think it would be a bit OTT if I did the slides, ring & earring's tomorrow???!!

And today....................

My lovely messy garden in the back ground & dirty carpet.... no house work today!!!

Look at my lovely things!!!!!

First up the glasses, I've been looking for some for a while so I was over the moon when she said '£1 for the lot'!!!!

And the Babycham deer was £5, I kept making him offers but he wouldn't move on the price..... you don't see these very often & in good condition so I was happy with £5.

Saving the best bargain til last......

A fantastic sewing box.... how cool is this??? Go on guess how much????

Didn't get it???

It was £1..... yes that's right just £1!!!!

The man said he thought he would never find someone who would like it...... mmmmm was that an insult???

I was nervous taking it home because I have too much junk already but OH said it was ok & he understood why I had to have it because it was very me.

Thought I'd share some photo's of my garden today.....

This is the top corner, just look at that cat mint....... it's done so well this year.

As you can see I have some weeding to do but it's not as bad as my neighbours!!!

Vegetable plants to sort........

Lovely lounger but I never use it.... don't have the time.

We did have a chuckle today because I was moving a really heavy planter in the very hot sun... not looking my best I might add..... when I turned around OH was laying on the lounger watching me!!!! He told me to get on with it .... cheeky git!!!!

He went back inside in the shade & was replaced by the cats......somethings not right here!!!

Don't think I'm going to finish all the jobs in the garden today but hey I've had a lovely weekend.

Lets hope the weather stays this year.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Gloomy day

Well what a long week????
My last day off was last Wednesday as you all know so this was a very long week for me!!! So yesterday morning I checked my long list of things I needed to do today which included making a vegetable plot for the slowly dying veg plants that are waiting to be planted out.

I decided to walk to work as it was such a beautiful morning but walking home was a different story........ I got half way I started to feel really tried & could barely put one foot in front the other. With 10 mins to go my throat started closing over so by the time I got home I felt terrible.

Does anyone else get colds like this??
Mine always seem to come from no where. I suffer really badly with colds, I started taking vitamin c about 6 months ago as I was told this would cure it but it hasn't. Ok so the colds haven't been so bad but it hasn't stopped them coming. I blame the air conditioning at work..... funny that we've had it on everyday for the last week.

I took some pills as soon as I got in in the hope it would go but no this morning when I work at 5am it was even worse........ and I was so looking forward to a day off!!!

To make matters worse it was raining...... oh yes all the plans of going in the garden had to be scrapped. It was that horrible miserable rain that doesn't let up. The weather forecast said it would clear up this afternoon but it hasn't.

No photo's today either because I couldn't get my stupid camera to work!!!

This is the latest book I've read....

Anyone read it????

I'm not sure about it, I got half way through & couldn't wait for it to be over!!! I should love it because I like any books about the war but I just didn't warm to the characters so really didn't care what happened to them.

Have you seen the film??? Maybe that's better.

Going back to the issue of my stupid camera I'm thinking of getting this......

The Nokia 5800...... anyone got one???

I really need a new phone & camera so I thought this would be a good idea. As some of you know....Sal..... I really want an iphone but I don't get o2 coverage in my area. I only know one person who has this Nokia phone & they say it's good so I may go for it.

The last phone I brought was about 2 years ok, it was the Nokia CK one which broke when I dropped it a year later & I mean really broke!!! Since then I've been using OH's really old one which is now falling apart so I do need a new one.

Hoping I'm feeling better tomorrow as it's back to work again, I went to bed at lunch time today & slept for 4 hours so I guess I needed it.

Looking forward to meeting some of you at the V&H fair on Saturday..... I'll keep my germs to myself!!

Birthday challenge update.... 1st week I lost 2 pounds but when I weighed on Monday I had put it back on again!!!! Must have been the fish supper on Saturday or the apple cake a member of staff made for me on Sunday...LOL!!!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Busy week & birthday bargains

Hasn't this week gone quickly??? or is it just me?? I can't believe it's a week since I last posted.

So did I go to the gig in Bristol last Sunday???....... you bet!!!

We tried to be good & not go but couldn't stop ourselves. We didn't stay over night so we were in the gig for 45 mins then caught the last train home..... but it was worth it!!

OK so this week has been a bit busy, back to work on Tuesday, Brownies Tuesday night, day off Wednesday..... housework all day!! Then back to work on Thursday for a 6 day week. On Thursday I had a 12 hour shift at work...nice!!! My next day off is Wednesday so that will be another day of housework....... never mind I'll be at the bloggers fair next Saturday to treat myself for working so hard.

Today is my friends little girl's birthday, Olivia.... you remember her don't you??

I try to make her presents but this is her 5th birthday so I was running out of ideas

So I made these.....

A bag to store her toys in & some crocheted slippers.

Sorry the photo is not great, this was taken at 10.30 on Friday after I had finished making it!!!

I went around last night for a fish supper in the garden.

I was pleased with the bag.......

It took me 40 mins to change the bobbin to white & then 20 mins to make the bag!!!

She loved the slippers & I must admit they did look pretty good on so I need to find time to make some for me!!!

I think I did well on the gift front.....all of this for under £10..... bargain!!

The cats whiskers game was a real hit with all the family..... think daddy got carried away!!

Well I'm back from work now so I can finish this post, I must say it's been a fantastic day here...... I've been looking out the window all day wishing I was in the garden. We were very busy at work which I'm grateful for but haven't these people got anything else to do???!!!
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

I'll try to be pop back soon as Floss as asked me to list 7 things about myself..... I'll get my think cap on!!!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

What day?????

Thanks for all your comments on my last post, you'll be pleased to hear my shins are feeling better now. I've been walking every other day & getting the bus back, think I was a bit keen on Monday.... nice & easy does it.
I've also been looking into new cameras so more on that when I find one I can afford.... money is tight at the moment. We were was supposed to be going to a gig in Bristol tonight but with hotel, ticket & train it's nearly £100 each!!! That's before any food or drink so we're not going.... :(
I booked the time off months ago so I'm a little bit disappointed.
Haven't really done anything this week..... I've made a few things but I can't take any photo's so I'll save them for another day when I can face the camera battle!!!

So today I thought I would ask you a question.
If you could go back in time to one day what would it be????

I would love to have been outside Buckingham Palace the day that WW2 ended.....
The joyous feeling that those horrible days were over & you had been saved........

Bet there was a few sore heads the next day!!!
Then the street parties that followed.....

No one had anything but what they did they shared, what a fantastic time. Now we're so greedy, treading on people to get where & what we want..... just look at the politicians!!!!
The future looked so good after the bleak days.

Now we have everything but are we happy????
I think not because we always want more.

Please tell me what day you would choose........

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Back on the tread mill

Back to work yesterday..... I really don't want to do it anymore but I guess working in retail I shouldn't really say that at the moment. Things are getting tough for everyone & they're really cracking the whip.... lets just say if you're not very good at selling you better learn!!!
The regional manager is currently looking into my performance, I think she may have forgotten that I was the top sales person for 2 months running over Christmas, before they cancelled that little incentive!!.....she's already got 5 people in the region to leave due to bully tactics. Maybe we could fight it out.... I leave with a big pay off so I can stay at home knitting all day....yippee!!!
It was my day off today & I was planning to go to Totnes but I couldn't make it..... more about that later. So I caught the bus to the Tesco superstore, I've never done this before even though it only takes 5 mins. I wandered around & enjoyed the peace & quite but then someone came in with a screaming baby so I decided to leave!!
But not before buying these beauties......

Lovely bright colours, just what I need to cheer me up.
Now yesterday as you know was my first day back & as promised I walked.....

Lovely new boots...... it used to take me 45 mins 2 years ago so I headed off early just in case it took longer but no I was there in 35 mins!!!! It felt good as well..... on my ipod I had ABBA playing..... how cool!!!

I didn't think I would be able to walk back but it was fine...... the only problem is...... I can't walk today...LOL!!! My shins hurt so much....why is this???
I think it may be because I'm not used to the boots as I always wear Ugg boots..... do you think it will get better??? Should I continue or rest a few days????

Still I've had a good day today, enjoying the sunshine & potting around doing house work then having a nice lunch sat in the garden reading my knitting magazine.

I have a few things to show you but I can't get my camera to work. It took 6 batteries just to take these 2 pictures & download them!!! That's crazy...... Can you buy cameras that you can charge???
I hate using batteries..... can anyone recommend a good camera??? It needs to be cheap.

Back soon.......

Sunday, 10 May 2009

A day at the races......

I'm back from my very long day at Ascot. My friend collected me at 6.15 yesterday morning & I remembered to take my camera!!! I'm not very good at taking photo's....some people just love it don't they???

I haven't been to Ascot for years, not since it was re built, I couldn't believe how much it had changed. Everyone was really impressed with the stand but I thought it lacked charm.

It's very big!!!! What do you think???

We were guests of Exeter race course so we were allowed to go to most areas. Everyone was really dressed up..... they looked like they were going to a wedding!!! This wasn't even a big meeting & the racing wasn't that good..... no top jockeys there. I don't really do this kind of meeting even though I've been to some top race meetings in the pass. It's just not me...paying £4 for a pint & £9 for fish & chips.

As we were waiting to go in the course we met up with some of the top bods of Exeter, they had been drinking champagne on the train at 8.30 & were all dressed up to the nines .....more on that latter.....

We were rather sensible & took a picnic lunch & some wine then found a quite corner as we were there 2 hours before the racing started.

These are my friends.... Claire in the sunglasses is my closest friend, we've been friends for about 16 years... I went to Bristol last year for her birthday. Her sister is in the bright dress, she works at Exeter race course so hence the free tickets!! The lady in the middle is the Deputy Editor of Horse & hound...... it was great to have someone to talk to about the racing because the others just choose the nice colours!!!

Just before the first race I spotted this.........

Can you see Willy Carson??? He's the little fella!!!! Sorry not very clear as they were a long way away.

This is the winners enclosure......

Sorry to say none of my horses came in :(

We didn't have any winners between us...... lucky I was only betting £1 to win!!!

At the end of the day we needed to clear up our picnic area.......


So we headed to the nearest pub....... big mistake..... we couldn't get in the door but thankfully found the toilet!!!

Lots of people had been drinking all day & it was starting to turn in to a nightmare. After a terrible journey back to Reading we then had to wait for nearly an hour for our train home. The station was full of police, football & rugby fans & race goers..... it was not nice.

The train was very busy but we had booked seats so thankfully got to sit down. I at this point had really had enough....... I'm a bit of an odd ball & don't really fit in with these people. The top bods from Exeter got on...... how funny was this...... one of the Ladies came over to sit with us... remember she was drinking champagne at 8.30???? She had lost her shoes & her stockings were around her ankles.......her hair was a mess & she had been crying so her make up had run....LOL!!!! I had to chuckle!!!

Anyway I switched off by listening to my music & drinking my cider....... then everything turned nasty.... the socking lady had a go at me for being rude & not speaking to her..... the lady in the photo with the bottles turned on me saying I lived in a really common area etc etc......

I gave up & left them to it, I stood up at the door praying I would be home soon.

Then we had tears & shouting & hugging.... OMG!!!

Why do people drink if they can't handle it??? I was so embarrassed!!!

Finally got into Exeter at 9.30 & after trying to get them in the car I arrived home...thankfully!

So the morale of the story is....... don't mix with ladies & wine!!!!

Hope you've all had a great weekend. Back to work tomorrow for me :(

Friday, 8 May 2009

Award & birthday challenge....

Thank you Sarah for this award..... it's nice to know that people want to read about what I've been up to. I've been blogging now for about 7 months & at the time I felt that no one would want to know about my boring life..... but no....... someone is interested in me!!!

In that 7 months I've also become more the past I've had ideas but didn't always follow them through. But not now oh no...... I'm making stuff all the time, crocheting in bed, knitting in front the telly...... the only thing I need to work harder on is my sewing. If you remember my parents gave me a lovely sewing machine for Christmas but so far I've only used it once so must try harder...LOL!!!

Anyway I digress....... what I wanted to say was thank you everyone!!!

I have to give this award to 10 of my favourite blogger's..... but that's so hard..... as I was a bit slow off the mark I've noticed that most of my favourite people already have it so I'm going to be naughty & not pass it on. However if any of my regular reading would like it please feel free!

Now for the birthday target........ some of you may have seen comments that I've left re the old weight issues..... yes I'm sure everyone has them, even skinny Minnie's!!!

Well I've battled with my weight for years....... not exercising enough & eating too much fatty foods.... see not rocket science. When I met my OH, over 20 years ago I was quite slim but in 6 months I put on about 2 stones...... how????? Well I know now..... drinking to much, rushing from his to to home to his.... you now the story..... grabbing food here & there, all of it bad.

I hit my heaviest in 2000, I saw a photo of me & my dad from Christmas that year & he looked tiny & my head was like a little pea compared to my body!!!

Well that was it I joined weight watchers online in Jan 2001 & by August that year, my 30th, I had lost 2 1/2 stone. I was so happy...ok so I still had to loose another 2 stone to hit the 'prefect' weight..... the one I haven't been since I was about 6 years old!!! I look back at the photo's & I like what I see... well apart from the pint of cider in my hand!!!

So over the years I continued with WW but it just didn't work anymore, I was going back up.

In the summer of 2006 I was living on my own while OH moved to the new house to continue the work...... this was not a good year for me, I was very unhappy & when I finally moved in the October I weighed myself...... arrgh I was 4 stone heavier then my 30th.... so that's 4 stone in 5 years...!!!!!

So I gave up weight watchers & went back to eating butter, having sugar in my tea & eating proper meals..... not WW ready meals. I also walked to work during the summer months & did gardening.... & guess what????? In just 14 months I lost 1 stone.

I continued to eat this way through out 2008 & lost another 2 stone...... ok so adding that up I've lost just over 3 stone in 2 1/2 years...... not bad for someone who's not trying!!!

So if you're still with me....... my challenge & target is to loose the remaining 13 pounds before my birthday in August so I can be the same weight as my 30th..... can I do it????

I wouldn't normally tell anyone but I feel if I tell all my blogging friends I will have to do it!!!

So how will I do it???.... Well today I brought a pair of walking shoes so I can walk to work again, it's a 6 mile round trip & don't forget I'm on my feet all day. When I did it before I was walking around 10 miles a day!!!! I didn't walk last year because it was wet & I needed a new pair of shoes..... good excuse eh??? I have a dancing DVD which I'll start doing again.... I do enjoy it once I've done it.... it's just getting off your bottom to do it.

Also does anyone have a wii??? I would really like one with a fit board but I not sure if it's worth the money.

I'm going to be careful with what I eat but not silly.... may be not so many takeaways & lots of salad from my garden. I may even cut down on the cider but hey one thing at a time!!!!

I don't want to make myself miserable by not going out with friends etc but it would be great to do it. I may even put a picture up if I do...LOL!!!

One more blow out tomorrow at the races then I start on Monday......wish me luck!!!!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Knitted house......

wow how fast has my week gone????

I can't believe it's Thursday already...... only 3 days left, I plan to have a very lazy day tomorrow as I'm going racing at Ascot on Saturday with a friend. The train leaves Exeter at 6am & we return at 9.30pm!!!! Now that's a long day.....her sister made an error with the train booking but hey it's done now. I've also found out I have to dress smart..... I only wear jeans outside of work so I may have to go shopping tomorrow or it'll be my work clothes!!!

I haven't done much this week because I haven't been sleeping well so during the day I've been napping & not doing very much.

I made this on Monday......

I did say how much I liked the house in the Kirstie Allsop show so I had to make myself one.

I've put rice in the base to make it into a door stop but I think it looks cute on my plant stand.

Damn wires...... they keep coming away from the wall!!!!

I saw this on this website you can buy the kit for £15, it's the lady who featured in the show last week but I'm sure this house looks different. What do you think???

I also finished these....

I started them last week but I lost one of the needles so I had to make do..... to be honest I got fed up with making them!!! They are now on the way to their new owner.

I also got around to making my PIF gift & posting it off to Louise....

I'll be back tomorrow with an award from Sarah.

Have a good day.......

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Horray for hoildays!!!!!

Hope you're all having a great bank holiday weekend.... this was me at the end of work today!!!
Now I know what you're thinking..... blimey is she on holiday again??? & the answer would be yes!!! I plan my holidays 6-7 weeks apart & normally take 1 week at a time. Don't forget I do have to work from November til end of Jan with no holiday.

I thought I'd share my treats from London with you. First up Cath Kidston.......

I've been trying to get theses hankies for sometime but they're always out of stock...... but Tuesday was my lucky day. I loved them so much I had to buy all 3!!!
Now I think they're very large for hankies..... just how big does Cath think our noses are??!!!
I'm trying different things at the moment...... head scarf, neck scarf or possibly a cushion cover, although the boat one is very thin...... any ideas???

I also treated myself to these gloves.......

I spotted them.... get it!!!!...... when I went a few weeks ago but thought £6 was a lot for gloves that will get covered in mud within minutes but I couldn't stop thinking about them so when I saw them again I went for it. It did help that last Sunday I cut the top off of one of the thumbs on my old gloves so of course I need more!!

Emma Bridgewater next.......

Now this really was my lucky day as I've been trying to find one for ages, I know I could buy on Ebay but I hate using PayPal. It was the last one in the window so I was chuffed to bits!!!
Don't all my goodies look lovely together???

I wonder how many more treats I can buy for going to the horrible health & safety training!!!

We have a mid season sale on in habitat at the moment...... we have some good bargains & I couldn't resist this.........

A box of 16 scented candles. At Christmas these were £35!!! wow that's a lot for something you burn, they did go in the sale but at £25 I still wasn't going to buy them...... yesterday I noticed they are now £12.50...... £10 with my discount.... bargain!!! There's so many different, lavender, fig, fresh air (!)... I'm burning mowed grass now but I can't really smell it ....maybe not such a great bargain!!

I was sent this so I thought I'd share it with you.....enjoy.....

My dream cat.