Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Gloomy day

Well what a long week????
My last day off was last Wednesday as you all know so this was a very long week for me!!! So yesterday morning I checked my long list of things I needed to do today which included making a vegetable plot for the slowly dying veg plants that are waiting to be planted out.

I decided to walk to work as it was such a beautiful morning but walking home was a different story........ I got half way I started to feel really tried & could barely put one foot in front the other. With 10 mins to go my throat started closing over so by the time I got home I felt terrible.

Does anyone else get colds like this??
Mine always seem to come from no where. I suffer really badly with colds, I started taking vitamin c about 6 months ago as I was told this would cure it but it hasn't. Ok so the colds haven't been so bad but it hasn't stopped them coming. I blame the air conditioning at work..... funny that we've had it on everyday for the last week.

I took some pills as soon as I got in in the hope it would go but no this morning when I work at 5am it was even worse........ and I was so looking forward to a day off!!!

To make matters worse it was raining...... oh yes all the plans of going in the garden had to be scrapped. It was that horrible miserable rain that doesn't let up. The weather forecast said it would clear up this afternoon but it hasn't.

No photo's today either because I couldn't get my stupid camera to work!!!

This is the latest book I've read....

Anyone read it????

I'm not sure about it, I got half way through & couldn't wait for it to be over!!! I should love it because I like any books about the war but I just didn't warm to the characters so really didn't care what happened to them.

Have you seen the film??? Maybe that's better.

Going back to the issue of my stupid camera I'm thinking of getting this......

The Nokia 5800...... anyone got one???

I really need a new phone & camera so I thought this would be a good idea. As some of you know....Sal..... I really want an iphone but I don't get o2 coverage in my area. I only know one person who has this Nokia phone & they say it's good so I may go for it.

The last phone I brought was about 2 years ok, it was the Nokia CK one which broke when I dropped it a year later & I mean really broke!!! Since then I've been using OH's really old one which is now falling apart so I do need a new one.

Hoping I'm feeling better tomorrow as it's back to work again, I went to bed at lunch time today & slept for 4 hours so I guess I needed it.

Looking forward to meeting some of you at the V&H fair on Saturday..... I'll keep my germs to myself!!

Birthday challenge update.... 1st week I lost 2 pounds but when I weighed on Monday I had put it back on again!!!! Must have been the fish supper on Saturday or the apple cake a member of staff made for me on Sunday...LOL!!!


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Sometimes colds at this time of year are worse than the winter ones. No idea about phones or cameras so can't help - sorry!
    See you on Saturday - maybe we need name badges to identify each other!!

  2. Hi,

    I would recommend echinacea if you are feeling a bit low. My brother works in pharmaceuticals and he swears by a decent vit c supplements (daily at least 1mg) plus echinacea (you take it everyday for a fortnight then a gap then a fortnight again - but i'm sure someone in a health food shop would tell you properly!).

    Also, I have that phone and it's FAB! Takes a bit of getting used to - for me anyway, it was wierd going form a "normal" phone to a touchscreen. But now I've gotten used to it I LOVE it!

    hope you feel better soon :-)

    Rose XXX

  3. Hi Joe,
    Hope you're feeling better by now. Looking forward to a natter on Saturday. You must be getting up very early to arrive at 10! I had the CK 'phone too and it was rubbish. The man warned me when I bought it but of course, I could not be dissuaded!
    Hen x

  4. Oh, get well soon, you poor thing! I think all this changeable weather is relly bad for us. Have a wonderful (and hopefully healthy) day at the fair!

  5. I hate to say iphone has broken!
    I am taking it back to the Apple shop next weekend.
    I can text,email,surf the net but can't hear anyone when they ring me!! Grrr

    P.S Hope you are better by Saturday!!;-)

  6. hope you're feeling better in time for saturday x

  7. Sorry to hear you have a cold... I think colds are the worst, they just make me feel so miserable... this week though I'm just suffering with an ear ache!!!

    It wasn't knitting I struggled with this weekend.... I've been really bad at cracking on with that at all!

    Victoria xx

  8. Re veg plot, that happened to us last year - we didn't move in here until April, which is too late really to start digging so everything we grow died. You need to dig the ground winter really so that it freezes and crumbles up. You also need to dig in manure and nutrients. Perhaps you could have a container garden this year and dig over the ground in Jan/Feb?

  9. Hope you're feeling better soon & hope to meet you at the fair!


  10. Hi Joe

    Hope you are on the mend

    Nokia are good makes of phone. I know two people who have this phone and love it. Google for a review for more peace of mind.

    As for Sal's iPhone, I have offered to swap. lol!