Thursday, 7 May 2009

Knitted house......

wow how fast has my week gone????

I can't believe it's Thursday already...... only 3 days left, I plan to have a very lazy day tomorrow as I'm going racing at Ascot on Saturday with a friend. The train leaves Exeter at 6am & we return at 9.30pm!!!! Now that's a long day.....her sister made an error with the train booking but hey it's done now. I've also found out I have to dress smart..... I only wear jeans outside of work so I may have to go shopping tomorrow or it'll be my work clothes!!!

I haven't done much this week because I haven't been sleeping well so during the day I've been napping & not doing very much.

I made this on Monday......

I did say how much I liked the house in the Kirstie Allsop show so I had to make myself one.

I've put rice in the base to make it into a door stop but I think it looks cute on my plant stand.

Damn wires...... they keep coming away from the wall!!!!

I saw this on this website you can buy the kit for £15, it's the lady who featured in the show last week but I'm sure this house looks different. What do you think???

I also finished these....

I started them last week but I lost one of the needles so I had to make do..... to be honest I got fed up with making them!!! They are now on the way to their new owner.

I also got around to making my PIF gift & posting it off to Louise....

I'll be back tomorrow with an award from Sarah.

Have a good day.......


  1. Cute house!
    I'm at broken in to this week....a very unhapppy time I'm having....still things have to get better soon....I have hope in my heart!

    Looking forward to seeing what old Kirstie gets up to tonight...
    About to watch the Darling buds of May, while I wait for the alarm man to come and explain why the alarm did not activate!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week....
    If my numbers come up, you will so get your share!
    Then we can buy cosy cottages!xxxxx

  2. Oh no, more Kirstie for me to miss! (No UK TV in our house, even though we could get it on cable if we wanted - we're a) too stingey and b) too purist about the whole French experience.)

    So anyway, that house looks great and I have never seen anything like it before!

  3. Oooh, I love the house, you super mega clever thing you. Just checked out the website, I do like the knitted letters. Am tempted to get a HenHouse one but it would probably bankrupt me!
    Just picked up an American crochet mag in WH Smiths. It is really good. Will try to post about it soon.
    Have fun at the races. My sister and her hubby are bookies, not sure if they'll be there, though they do go to Ascot. Their pitch is "Pinno" just in case.
    Hen x

  4. You clever thing, I absolutely love your house - might have to get one of those kits!
    Have a great time at Ascot.

  5. house is great - you are v talented. Have a lovely time at Ascot - hope you get to doze on the train!

  6. What a gorgeous little house - really cute. Wish I was a faster knitter, but it just goes too slow for me. Maybe I should crochet one. Hope Ascot is great fun. x

  7. Have a great trip tp Ascot! I love your knitted house, so cute! And you made it in a day, wow, I dont think I could make one in a month! xxxxx

  8. Enjoy your trip to Ascot!

    Your knitted house is fabulous. I'm hoping to sit down with my mum this weekend and get some proper lessons in so I can start making something!

    Victoria xx

  9. Josie, I rev=cieved the Brooch yesterday and i will be wearing it with pride on my summer jacket.
    Thankyou so much.
    Louise xx