Friday, 8 May 2009

Award & birthday challenge....

Thank you Sarah for this award..... it's nice to know that people want to read about what I've been up to. I've been blogging now for about 7 months & at the time I felt that no one would want to know about my boring life..... but no....... someone is interested in me!!!

In that 7 months I've also become more the past I've had ideas but didn't always follow them through. But not now oh no...... I'm making stuff all the time, crocheting in bed, knitting in front the telly...... the only thing I need to work harder on is my sewing. If you remember my parents gave me a lovely sewing machine for Christmas but so far I've only used it once so must try harder...LOL!!!

Anyway I digress....... what I wanted to say was thank you everyone!!!

I have to give this award to 10 of my favourite blogger's..... but that's so hard..... as I was a bit slow off the mark I've noticed that most of my favourite people already have it so I'm going to be naughty & not pass it on. However if any of my regular reading would like it please feel free!

Now for the birthday target........ some of you may have seen comments that I've left re the old weight issues..... yes I'm sure everyone has them, even skinny Minnie's!!!

Well I've battled with my weight for years....... not exercising enough & eating too much fatty foods.... see not rocket science. When I met my OH, over 20 years ago I was quite slim but in 6 months I put on about 2 stones...... how????? Well I know now..... drinking to much, rushing from his to to home to his.... you now the story..... grabbing food here & there, all of it bad.

I hit my heaviest in 2000, I saw a photo of me & my dad from Christmas that year & he looked tiny & my head was like a little pea compared to my body!!!

Well that was it I joined weight watchers online in Jan 2001 & by August that year, my 30th, I had lost 2 1/2 stone. I was so happy...ok so I still had to loose another 2 stone to hit the 'prefect' weight..... the one I haven't been since I was about 6 years old!!! I look back at the photo's & I like what I see... well apart from the pint of cider in my hand!!!

So over the years I continued with WW but it just didn't work anymore, I was going back up.

In the summer of 2006 I was living on my own while OH moved to the new house to continue the work...... this was not a good year for me, I was very unhappy & when I finally moved in the October I weighed myself...... arrgh I was 4 stone heavier then my 30th.... so that's 4 stone in 5 years...!!!!!

So I gave up weight watchers & went back to eating butter, having sugar in my tea & eating proper meals..... not WW ready meals. I also walked to work during the summer months & did gardening.... & guess what????? In just 14 months I lost 1 stone.

I continued to eat this way through out 2008 & lost another 2 stone...... ok so adding that up I've lost just over 3 stone in 2 1/2 years...... not bad for someone who's not trying!!!

So if you're still with me....... my challenge & target is to loose the remaining 13 pounds before my birthday in August so I can be the same weight as my 30th..... can I do it????

I wouldn't normally tell anyone but I feel if I tell all my blogging friends I will have to do it!!!

So how will I do it???.... Well today I brought a pair of walking shoes so I can walk to work again, it's a 6 mile round trip & don't forget I'm on my feet all day. When I did it before I was walking around 10 miles a day!!!! I didn't walk last year because it was wet & I needed a new pair of shoes..... good excuse eh??? I have a dancing DVD which I'll start doing again.... I do enjoy it once I've done it.... it's just getting off your bottom to do it.

Also does anyone have a wii??? I would really like one with a fit board but I not sure if it's worth the money.

I'm going to be careful with what I eat but not silly.... may be not so many takeaways & lots of salad from my garden. I may even cut down on the cider but hey one thing at a time!!!!

I don't want to make myself miserable by not going out with friends etc but it would be great to do it. I may even put a picture up if I do...LOL!!!

One more blow out tomorrow at the races then I start on Monday......wish me luck!!!!!


  1. Well, best of luck with the continuation of your good efforts! I really think you have the right idea - an active life and sensible eating without making yourself suffer has got to be the way to stay trim! I am a bit squishier than I was, because I DO love food, but I cycle and try to eat loads of salad and fruit, like you say, and that's got to be so much better than false situatuations like dieting. It's something you can keep up for the rest of your life, instead of having only temporary success. So, well done, let us know how it's going, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. oops - HAPPY BIRTHDAY is a bit in advance - you are setting yourself the target, yes, I get it! (Sigh)

  3. You can do it!
    We have a Wii but not the fit board although I hear it's very good.
    I reccomend the wii anyway, most of the games are quite active and it's great fun.
    Good luck!
    Beki xxx

    p.s before I had J I used to eat a lot of WW meals, at first it was to lose weight then it was to keep the weight oiff and they used to make me have funny turns...strange!

    my views on the dieting industry are nearly as bad as those on the general food industry lol so I wont rant too much! for anyone thinking of eating a packaged WW *meal* just read the ingredients,if its say a pasta dish it should have tomatos,garlic,herbs,pasta,seasoning.end of....the other 37 ingredients are man made chemical nasties that our bodies DO NOT need,nor want :o(
    they are used to bulk up & flavour cheap cuts & cheap ingredients.
    They come heavily packaged to end up n landfill,cost a forutune no matter how the 2 for 3 offers try to kid you,erm I am ranting arent i lol sorry :o)
    Cook your own food,walk more & the odd treat,you will lose it I promise.Smaller portions as well,I know I was loading my plate waaaay too much.

    Can I rant about Wi now?can I can I lol ok no i will save that for a blog post lol!!! I dont want to get sat on the Norty Step for leaving ranty comments
    giggle x
    you can do it,YOU CAN DO IT.
    have faith x x x x
    GTM x x x x

  5. good luck!im sure you will do really well,i said i was going to start a diet the beginning of the year and i progressively got my fiance just got in with a bag of chips for me!naughty fiance..he doesnt help me at all...and he knows i have no will power or self control..

    your doing it the right way though,theres no point in denying yourself everything