Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Back on the tread mill

Back to work yesterday..... I really don't want to do it anymore but I guess working in retail I shouldn't really say that at the moment. Things are getting tough for everyone & they're really cracking the whip.... lets just say if you're not very good at selling you better learn!!!
The regional manager is currently looking into my performance, I think she may have forgotten that I was the top sales person for 2 months running over Christmas, before they cancelled that little incentive!!.....she's already got 5 people in the region to leave due to bully tactics. Maybe we could fight it out.... I leave with a big pay off so I can stay at home knitting all day....yippee!!!
It was my day off today & I was planning to go to Totnes but I couldn't make it..... more about that later. So I caught the bus to the Tesco superstore, I've never done this before even though it only takes 5 mins. I wandered around & enjoyed the peace & quite but then someone came in with a screaming baby so I decided to leave!!
But not before buying these beauties......

Lovely bright colours, just what I need to cheer me up.
Now yesterday as you know was my first day back & as promised I walked.....

Lovely new boots...... it used to take me 45 mins 2 years ago so I headed off early just in case it took longer but no I was there in 35 mins!!!! It felt good as well..... on my ipod I had ABBA playing..... how cool!!!

I didn't think I would be able to walk back but it was fine...... the only problem is...... I can't walk today...LOL!!! My shins hurt so much....why is this???
I think it may be because I'm not used to the boots as I always wear Ugg boots..... do you think it will get better??? Should I continue or rest a few days????

Still I've had a good day today, enjoying the sunshine & potting around doing house work then having a nice lunch sat in the garden reading my knitting magazine.

I have a few things to show you but I can't get my camera to work. It took 6 batteries just to take these 2 pictures & download them!!! That's crazy...... Can you buy cameras that you can charge???
I hate using batteries..... can anyone recommend a good camera??? It needs to be cheap.

Back soon.......


  1. Hi Joe
    I would walk every other day until you get accustomed to it and your shins stop complaining
    As to the camera question the answer is yes
    most modern cameras come with a rechargeable battery and charger
    If yours uses ordinary batteries then get top quality ones such as Duracell as they will last longer
    You can also buy similar but rechargeable ones and a charger to help with the costs

  2. Hi, Joe - my fairly cheapy Fujifilm FinepixZ5 just has a plug in to the mains charger - it's wonderful! (Until you go camping with no electricity, anyway!) We also use rechargable batteries and a plug-in recharger for nearly everything else - they are expensive to buy but save loads of money in the long run.

    I think our dear friend the old wooden bookend has the right idea - every other day until you and your boots really get accustomed to each other. Well done for the first day, anyway!

  3. Hi Joe,
    Our camera has its own battery and charger so that works out to be very economical. It's a Nikon Coolpix 5200. We've had it a good 4 years but perhaps they do a newer model also with a rechargeable battery?
    Pretty flowers you have there. We've woken up to miserable rain today so I think I will follow your lead and try to surround myself with pretty and colourful things.
    Hen x

  4. Lovely flowers. xxx

  5. Mine's a Nikon Coolpix too..8700.
    And I am very happy with it.
    Hope your day at work was not too bad...remember,you do have 'Patch' to cheer you up!!
    We'll hopefully sort something out soon re Totnes..maybe Ashburton too? ;-)

  6. So sorry about your job. A miserable workplace is so stressful, isn't it? I quit teaching last year -- so much stress that I got sick (literally), so take of yourself!

  7. Sounds like really hard work with your job. I am lucky in that I only work very part time but this last few months all our clients seem to be ultra demanding and downright rude a lot of the time. I used to enjoy going and having a chat but now I dread it! We desperately need the money though and weekend jobs are few and far between so I'm stuck with it.

    Good luck with the legs, a hot bath might help!

    Mel xxx

  8. Hi,

    Know how you feel about work, I'm going back on monday after being off unwell for quite a while. Am facing redundancy which is not fun, but half hoping they'l "pick me" lol

    Rose XXX

  9. I don't know how you work in retail dealing with arsey customers all the time and jumped up big bosses (did it for years and hated it myself). I think you deserve a medal and a pay rise! :-)

    Sounds like you have shin splints, which can be really painfull if you don't rest up for a week or so. You may need to get yourself some decent walking shoes or trainers. I get terrible shin splints and have those Nike Shocks, they've been a revelation. If you tend to stomp when you walk that may also cause shin splints.

  10. There was me worried aboutwork and yours sounds far more stressful. It's horrible if you work for a bully and let's hope she hets what she deserves. If you were one of the top sales people it's in her interest to be nice and keep you anyway.
    I go out walking with Abba on my ipod. They are good for keeping up the momentum. I can be seen singing 'Dancing Queen' and 'Take a chance on Me' to myself frequently. I don't care if I look silly if I am enjoying the walk. Not sure the boots will get any better though. I once had some similar and felt the same wear trainers.I now wear trainers when I go out walking. Good luckx

  11. Thankyou so much for stopping by and leaving a message about Silkie xx

    I will def ask the vet bout Res Rem

    xxx Sam xxx

  12. Hi Joe

    Of course you can ask my advice re camera

  13. Hi - I would rest for a day or so, til the shins feel better, otherwise you'll end up in agony - especially as you'll be on your feet all day with work. Walking boots/trainers should help, but aren't a cheap option.

    Why didn't you get to Totnes ? I've only ever been through the town, but never actually stopped - would love to go there and look around properly one day - perhaps we could arrange a lift share at some point after the VH Fair ?

  14. Hellllooo!

    Thats so funny about the wee in your OH's shoes!!!
    Silkie hasn't done that , but she did flick a poop up the wall once!

    Sam xxx

  15. Hi,

    I've got a Kodak camera that was about £80 and that has a plug in charger.

    Hope you're having a good weekend,

    Victoria xx