Sunday, 24 May 2009

Busy week & birthday bargains

Hasn't this week gone quickly??? or is it just me?? I can't believe it's a week since I last posted.

So did I go to the gig in Bristol last Sunday???....... you bet!!!

We tried to be good & not go but couldn't stop ourselves. We didn't stay over night so we were in the gig for 45 mins then caught the last train home..... but it was worth it!!

OK so this week has been a bit busy, back to work on Tuesday, Brownies Tuesday night, day off Wednesday..... housework all day!! Then back to work on Thursday for a 6 day week. On Thursday I had a 12 hour shift at work...nice!!! My next day off is Wednesday so that will be another day of housework....... never mind I'll be at the bloggers fair next Saturday to treat myself for working so hard.

Today is my friends little girl's birthday, Olivia.... you remember her don't you??

I try to make her presents but this is her 5th birthday so I was running out of ideas

So I made these.....

A bag to store her toys in & some crocheted slippers.

Sorry the photo is not great, this was taken at 10.30 on Friday after I had finished making it!!!

I went around last night for a fish supper in the garden.

I was pleased with the bag.......

It took me 40 mins to change the bobbin to white & then 20 mins to make the bag!!!

She loved the slippers & I must admit they did look pretty good on so I need to find time to make some for me!!!

I think I did well on the gift front.....all of this for under £10..... bargain!!

The cats whiskers game was a real hit with all the family..... think daddy got carried away!!

Well I'm back from work now so I can finish this post, I must say it's been a fantastic day here...... I've been looking out the window all day wishing I was in the garden. We were very busy at work which I'm grateful for but haven't these people got anything else to do???!!!
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

I'll try to be pop back soon as Floss as asked me to list 7 things about myself..... I'll get my think cap on!!!


  1. Lovely to hear from you - what a great week you've had (maybe excluding the work...) I love those little slippers. I have conceived the desire to make slippers for my boys, who will be 11 and 12 next winter. Cute will clearly not do. I think I can find some fleece, perhaps camoflage patterned, and have a go...

    I'm looking forward to your 7 things, but take your time, don't panic...

  2. Can't wait to meet up with you next Sat...!

  3. Those slippers are adorable!xxx

  4. Glad you made the gig
    As they say, "all work and no play makes......"

    See you at the V&H

  5. Your hand-made gifts are so adorable!
    I wish I had a quarter of your H.U.G.E talent!
    Debbie moss