Sunday, 17 May 2009

What day?????

Thanks for all your comments on my last post, you'll be pleased to hear my shins are feeling better now. I've been walking every other day & getting the bus back, think I was a bit keen on Monday.... nice & easy does it.
I've also been looking into new cameras so more on that when I find one I can afford.... money is tight at the moment. We were was supposed to be going to a gig in Bristol tonight but with hotel, ticket & train it's nearly £100 each!!! That's before any food or drink so we're not going.... :(
I booked the time off months ago so I'm a little bit disappointed.
Haven't really done anything this week..... I've made a few things but I can't take any photo's so I'll save them for another day when I can face the camera battle!!!

So today I thought I would ask you a question.
If you could go back in time to one day what would it be????

I would love to have been outside Buckingham Palace the day that WW2 ended.....
The joyous feeling that those horrible days were over & you had been saved........

Bet there was a few sore heads the next day!!!
Then the street parties that followed.....

No one had anything but what they did they shared, what a fantastic time. Now we're so greedy, treading on people to get where & what we want..... just look at the politicians!!!!
The future looked so good after the bleak days.

Now we have everything but are we happy????
I think not because we always want more.

Please tell me what day you would choose........


  1. Hiya,

    Glad your shins are better. I agree with you, I would love to have experienced those times. I have a real love of anything WW! and WW2 related. have you read any Margaret Mayhew books? I really enjoyed Bluebirds.

    Sian x

  2. Oh, yes, I enjoyed Bluebirds too, Sian! Anyway, Joe, that's a good question. I think I'd like to have heard Martin Luther King give his 'I have a dream' speech, but I wonder what I would have thought of it at the time? Our sun has gone in now, and to be honest I'm quite glad - I was getting hot and bothered! How ungrateful that must sound in England! The pool is in place but not yet upright, so, as they say in French, 'on fait des progres...'

  3. Oh what a great question.... that's one to really think about although you picked a great day, you can only imagine what the atmosphere would've been like!

    So appropriate question today as I've spent the afternoon watching Back to the Future II & III!

    Victoria xx

  4. Hi Joe

    Thanks so much for your comment, nope life isn't perfect and certainly not here! I think we all blog for different reasons and one of mine is to let it all out!

    Glad to hear the legs are feeling a bit better. I'm not sure where I'd want to go back to, maybe to see Marilyn Monroe get married just to see her in the flesh... I'm not fussy about which wedding ;)

    Mel xxx

  5. Hullo there :o)
    I think I'd like to be there when whoever it was decided central heating was The Way Forward.. I would bash them on the head & lock them in a trunk until they promsed to rethink their idea mwhwhhahaa

    Has your balm arrived safely? I posted it on Friday x
    GTM x
    hahah am giggling as the word check thing is thicki!lol!

  6. My Mum has had a few sore heads after great days like your images show. I think I may plumb for the same you. You are so right though.
    Greed is a rotton thing. I was just as happy when I first married and had only secondhand everythihng and 3 babies...always dressed them so well though! where as Hub and I had empty wardrobes. We were haopy though.
    Birthdays and Christmases were much better then too as it was the only time we got anything new to wear! no mobiles, no Sky TV, no pooters, no expensive game thingys....nothing in the fridge but the bare essentials. That was why we were all so thin then...

  7. Hi again - there's an award waiting for you at my blog, Joe...

  8. Good question - I like your choice too.

    Am happy to pick you up from town on 30th or from yours - whichever you prefer. What time do you want to set off (I'm not sure what time it starts, but will try to find out, and work out how long the journey should take). Is your friend still wanting a lift too ?

    Not sure if you have my email but it's juliepyne at hotmail dot com, in case not xx

  9. i think i have to agree with you.the worlds in such a sorry state in some places

  10. I had no idea who chickaboo was until I looked him up and the minute I saw him I recognised him!

    Good luck with your bidding

    Victoria xx

  11. What about a little sin and just borrow the Hymn book for a bit?

    I think as tight as things are for most of us at the moment it does seem to be making more of a community, pulling together society. A neighbour gave me some straw for my animals the other day so I paid her in eggs. Hopefully some good will come out of all of this and we will learn to need less and enjoy more what's out there. Lovely post.


  12. Hello!

    I'm with you and fave time to have lived is WW1 and WW2.....have no idea why, as it must have been very hard to have lived back then, I do love a hot shower!
    Oh and my hairdryer!LOL....however the community spirit is the thing that appeals to me.....and the fantastic thrifty ways....

    The day I would pick would be.....the day that Elvis died....I'm a huge fan RIP the "King"!


  13. Hello again! Looks like you're busy, but if you have time I've got a challenge for you on my post today!