Thursday, 30 August 2012

Happy birthday to me!!!

I've had a lovely day with lots & lots of gifts, cards & messages..... I feel very loved :)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I was planning on posting much, much sooner then this but the days are just flying by!!!

On Sunday 19th August my mum celebrated her 70th birthday!

It was also my parents 51st wedding anniversary so a family meal was planned..... unfortunately my pop's was taken ill the day before so mum had to come on her own :(

I'm sure my dad wasn't that upset as he's never been one for parties!

It was a long evening with two 3 year old...... I needed to go straight to bed when I got home!

I had also taken a tumble in the garden the evening before whilst getting the washing in, no cider involved! ..... I cut my knee & twisted my ankle so I was in a lot of pain. I hate the fact as you get older these things take more time to heal!!

I'm on holiday this week as it's my birthday too...... just wish I could've had better weather for it!!
The garden is in a real mess while we wait for our neighbour to put the fence back up that fell down in May :(
He's started so my garden is full of rubbish & tools which means I can't get to any of the plants/weeds.... it's looking like a jungle out there!! 
I was hoping this week would be better so he could get on with it & I could tidy up a bit...... I've taken to pulling the curtains now so I can't see it!

I thought I would share this picture with you

As you know I'm not one for children but this is such a lovely photo of Matthew & my mum's kitten.

Back later in the week if I haven't been lost in the jungle!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Still here.....

Lovely Sunflowers from my friend.

I seemed to have lost my mojo..... I'm not blogging, knitting or making.... in fact I'm not doing very much!

I have discovered Puzzles on Facebook which is very good for pasting the time.

I'm not stressing I know this feeling will pass & I'll be back to normal soon...... I just need to take time out.

I will continue to pop by & say hello when I can..... please bear with me :)

Friday, 3 August 2012

July 2012

July started on a high with a week off from work...... getting my makes in a local shop & selling them!!..... & a day at the seaside with Crikey.

But it finished in the worse way possible...... losing Teddy :(

He hadn't been himself for the last week, it was hot so I thought maybe he had just gone off his food & was enjoying laying under the honeysuckle for shade. But when the rain cam & he still wouldn't move I knew something was up.

On Sunday OH called me to say he thought he had broken his leg as he came in dragging it behind him. An appointment was made for later that day & I knew the out come would be bad. However when I got home from work he was walking fine so I cancelled. We spent most of the night in the armchair together & I think I knew it couldn't continue. He was so unhappy & wouldn't eat a thing.

On Monday I was still pretending he would be fine but then it hit me..... I was making him suffer because I wasn't brave enough to do the right thing. The appointment was made & I was still hoping to bring him home...... mum & dad took me again (poor things!!!). The decision was made but they took about 15 mins trying to find a vein :( It was much worse then we thought..... his heart was failing & he was having blood clots...... hence the leg issue. The vet said that if this continued he would be in terrible pain & die a slow painful death if no one was with him. He was also blind & deaf.... not much of a life eh?

So the rest of the week has been a blur...... wake up = cry, make a cup of tea & no one to feed = cry, leave the house & no one to kiss goodbye = cry, come home from work & no one to greet me = cry, go to bed alone = cry...... see there's a pattern forming there!

I've got through this before so I know I can do it again...... in under 4 years I've lost all 3..... Charlie 2008 aged 16..... Zoe 2010 aged 20.... Teddy 2012 aged 17.

Every time has been different, with Charlie I took 5 days off from work & didn't leave the house, I thought my world would end & I ended up with a trapped nerve caused by stress. I went to the pub straight after Zoe & only had 2 days off. But this time I went to work the following day.... I'm finding it difficult to be in the house.

The house feels really empty, me & OH feel like parents who's children have moved out!!! It's the first time it's just been us for 22 years.

I'm sure we'll be fine & although I said never again maybe there's another animal out there with our name on...... a dog this time?

So it's a fresh month...... I have my John Lewis interview next week, fingers crossed it gets sorted soon as there's a job at Laura Ashley that I can have if I want it....... it's a supervisor role for min wage so not great but it's a job & I need one.

It's also my mum's 70th birthday so we'll be having a party & it's my birthday too!