Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I was planning on posting much, much sooner then this but the days are just flying by!!!

On Sunday 19th August my mum celebrated her 70th birthday!

It was also my parents 51st wedding anniversary so a family meal was planned..... unfortunately my pop's was taken ill the day before so mum had to come on her own :(

I'm sure my dad wasn't that upset as he's never been one for parties!

It was a long evening with two 3 year old...... I needed to go straight to bed when I got home!

I had also taken a tumble in the garden the evening before whilst getting the washing in, no cider involved! ..... I cut my knee & twisted my ankle so I was in a lot of pain. I hate the fact as you get older these things take more time to heal!!

I'm on holiday this week as it's my birthday too...... just wish I could've had better weather for it!!
The garden is in a real mess while we wait for our neighbour to put the fence back up that fell down in May :(
He's started so my garden is full of rubbish & tools which means I can't get to any of the plants/weeds.... it's looking like a jungle out there!! 
I was hoping this week would be better so he could get on with it & I could tidy up a bit...... I've taken to pulling the curtains now so I can't see it!

I thought I would share this picture with you

As you know I'm not one for children but this is such a lovely photo of Matthew & my mum's kitten.

Back later in the week if I haven't been lost in the jungle!


  1. Happy, happy Birthday! I hope your ankle and cut knee heal soon x x x x

  2. Isn't it exhausting being around little ones! I saw my niece and nephew on Sunday and came home and spent the evening laying on the sofa watching tv I felt drained! HAHA!

    Congrats to your parents on their wedding anniversary.

    Victoria xx