Sunday, 31 May 2009

Lovely weekend...

Hello everyone,

Well what lucky people we are, the weather has been perfect again this weekend & for once I had both days off.

Yesterday started bright & early, a nice sunny walk to meet a fellow blogger..... Julie...... & off we went....where????

Here of course.........

Can you guess yet???

Yes it's the Vintage & handmade fair!!! This is Sal's stall..... I'm afraid I have no other photo's from the fair. The problem being that once I walked into the town hall I went into a daze of loveliness!!! So many things to look at, so many was all just too much!!!

After walking around for the 3rd time I started to buy!!! Just little things you understand.... I had been saving money but didn't have much but boy did I do well!! Little things, mainly under £5... just a treat you understand!!

After about an hour we really needed a sit down but it was so busy we didn't stand a chance at the tea & cakes stall, so off we went to find somewhere outside. After a nice sit down it was back for round 2. Then another sit down with tea & cakes.... who made the Brownies??? Yummy!!

A chat with some bloggers then off for one final whip around & goodbyes.

It was lovely to meet some of you, I hate going up & introducing myself.....don't I Sal??... but I did do it to some of you.

All in all a great day out was had & what a great success.... well done everyone.

So off we set homeward bound, the plan was to be home about 3.30pm.... I think we were all planning on how to spend the rest of the day..... me??? In the garden, maybe on the lounger reading a magazine!!!

But things don't go to plan........ there was a big accident on the M5 which resulted in us being stuck for hours. Because we thought we would be home early we didn't have any lunch or think to buy water for the journey....... but we wished we did!!!

So back in Exeter at 7pm..... not bad I thought.........nearly 5 hours to make an 1hour 40 mins journey!!!

Thanks so much Julie for taking me & Penny & for putting up with us for so long!!!

When I got home I was so worn out that I sat in front the TV for an hour before having a shower & going to bed..... I'm not sure if it was the heat from sitting in the car but I'd had enough.

So up at 3am this morning (!) which was lucky because I received a text from my mum at 5am asking if I fancied the bootie. We arrived at 7am to find a very full car park!!!

We met up with my brother & his little boy Matthew....

He's changed so much since I last saw him..... I think he looks like a pixie!!!

But I do think he's quite cute..... coming from me that's a compliment!!!

Ater walking around in the sun catching up it was home to sort out the garden & take some photo's......... gosh it's a bit warm today, now I don't want to be miserable but don't you think it's too hot???

I've been doing 15 mins in the garden then in for 15 minutes doing this!!!

So do you want to see what I brought this weekend???

My lovely spotty shopping bag but what's inside????

WOW!!!! look at those treats!!!

I won't go into to much details you can just have a you see my hair slides???

Brought from Jayne.... I can't wait to wear then tomorrow to work!!

I must say my favourite thing has to be the red star ring from Acorn and Will & to think I very nearly didn't buy it. I hunted down this stall as soon as I could to purchase my red & white spotty button earring's.... classy!! I never wear rings but I love this one, I'll be showing it off everyday at work.

Do you think it would be a bit OTT if I did the slides, ring & earring's tomorrow???!!

And today....................

My lovely messy garden in the back ground & dirty carpet.... no house work today!!!

Look at my lovely things!!!!!

First up the glasses, I've been looking for some for a while so I was over the moon when she said '£1 for the lot'!!!!

And the Babycham deer was £5, I kept making him offers but he wouldn't move on the price..... you don't see these very often & in good condition so I was happy with £5.

Saving the best bargain til last......

A fantastic sewing box.... how cool is this??? Go on guess how much????

Didn't get it???

It was £1..... yes that's right just £1!!!!

The man said he thought he would never find someone who would like it...... mmmmm was that an insult???

I was nervous taking it home because I have too much junk already but OH said it was ok & he understood why I had to have it because it was very me.

Thought I'd share some photo's of my garden today.....

This is the top corner, just look at that cat mint....... it's done so well this year.

As you can see I have some weeding to do but it's not as bad as my neighbours!!!

Vegetable plants to sort........

Lovely lounger but I never use it.... don't have the time.

We did have a chuckle today because I was moving a really heavy planter in the very hot sun... not looking my best I might add..... when I turned around OH was laying on the lounger watching me!!!! He told me to get on with it .... cheeky git!!!!

He went back inside in the shade & was replaced by the cats......somethings not right here!!!

Don't think I'm going to finish all the jobs in the garden today but hey I've had a lovely weekend.

Lets hope the weather stays this year.


  1. Oooo i would have loved to have gone to the craft fair - and what lovely goodies too!

    Sam xx

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend, I love you sewing table. And Matthew is adorable!

  3. I'm enjoying reading everyones posts on the vintage and handmade fair if not a little envious I wasn't there!

    I love your sewing table and for £1 - what a bargain!

    I have a set of the Babycham deers, I love all the Babycham bits and pieces you can collect.

    Victoria xx

  4. Oh dear! 5 hours? That was a looooongg day! It was lovely meeting you & glad you had a good day!
    Clips, earrings & ring sound like a winning combo!!


  5. Fantastic! It's so good to hear how the fair went for different people. I wish I'd been there. I described it to Ben and even he sounded more than politely interested!

    Your car boot finds are also great - that sewing box really is special.

    I saw one of those self-same spotty bags and thought of you! I'm glad you found one.

  6. Hi Josie-Mary,
    Thanks for coming to say hello at the fair, glad you did, it was good to meet you. Sorry you had such a horrific journey home. Impressed with your cat mint, how do you manage that when you have cats? Ours destroy ours, they never survive!
    Hen x

    P.S. I made the brownies.

  7. Really glad you enjoyed the fair..sounds like a really awful journey home though. Love the deer..worth every penny!

  8. looks like you had a fabulous weekend!
    (minus the traffic jam!)

    Rose XXX

  9. oh i wish i could have gone, you got some great things x

  10. Glad you had such a good day,apart from the journey back home.There's a great pic of you on my flickr,with a caption ;-)LOL

  11. your garden is lovely! Definitely let me know about the sewing group, sounds like a great idea to me - otherwise I'll pop into see you at work sometime soon x

  12. I just adore that baby. oh you have a money maker there in modeling or something.
    jo at sunnyside