Sunday, 30 November 2008

Didn't go to plan....

I'm having one of those weeks..... I've had enough of being nice to everyone!!! So I'm going to have a rant to let it all out.... sorry!!!

On Friday I had a really bad day at work with someone moaning at me all day.... everything I did was wrong..... the funny thing was I was in charge that day, that's how soft I'am!!! I had a moment where I thought I'm just going to sit down & cry but I managed to pull myself together.

Yesterday was my friends birthday & as I mentioned we were going to Bristol to TGI's, her favourite restaurant, I booked the tickets for the train last Sunday only to get an email back confirming we would be doing most of the journey by bus!!! I didn't want to travel by bus that why I booked the train. I emailed my friend who was also not happy about this so I tried to get a refund.... something I'm still trying to sort. As it was her birthday I decide to just get on with it & make the most of the day. Her mum agreed to drive, although she really didn't want to. My friend can drive but she wanted to have a drink. Anyway I've spent all week sorting out the tickets, trying to order her birthday presents from amazon.... every year 3 of us buy a present together so I had to send several email to sort this.

I was happy we were going to John Lewis because as you know I was planning on getting the sewing machine.... this will be my Christmas present from my parents.... please note another present I had to sort. Anyway the day came & I was collected, I had my camera with me to share the day with you, I felt like a real blogger!! We set off but they were not happy as they'd had some family problems in the morning. My friend had to drive so this meant she couldn't drink anyway. We arrived at TGI's to discover it was packed, 2nd thing to go wrong. We only had to wait 1/2 hour for a table so not bad. Her mum waited in the car as she had decided she didn't want to eat. I ordered something different off the menu & I didn't like it... it tasted like sick!!! (sorry!!) We stayed for an hour then popped to John Lewis.... please let this day be saved.....but it was so busy & they had moved the wool to the top floor!! I felt a real pain because they were just walking behind me & I could tell they didn't really want to be there. So we left empty handed!!! After just over 1 1/2 hours in Bristol we headed back to Exeter, the journey to Bristol takes 1 hours 10 mins each way!! Have you noticed there are no photo's??? Yes that's right I didn't get the chance!!

Because we got back so early I had a chance to go home for 2 hours to relax then it was back out for round 2..... the evening meal. Some people had pulled out, including her mum, so there was only 5 of us. The food was lovely, which was good, but after the meal they wanted to go for a drink in an area of Exeter I hate on a Saturday night....... I felt like an extra in one of those TV programmes about booze Britain.... it was awful!!! I'm just not that kind of girl, it's not that I'm too old I was never like this in my teens.... don't get me wrong I like a good party but not with these people!!! At 11.30 I decided I had done my duty for this birthday..... roll on next year!!!

So today is a new day & I was hoping to get some crafty things done but after doing the shopping & housework it's already mid day. I didn't think I had that much housework to do but when I looked at the kitchen I realised it needed a really good sort out. Oh well another day off wasted!!!
When will I every get time for me??? I think in the new year I'll have to address this or else I'll go crazy!!
Back to work tomorrow & so it starts again.... working 13 hours on Thursday & I have the Christmas party on Saturday.... god how I hate the party... sitting with people you don't really like trying to have fun. I always end up drinking loads just to block it out.... at least with the smoking ban I can stand out side all night!!! I'm the only one who smokes.... what a bad person I'am!!!
I went for reflexology on Monday & she told me that I was not very good at letting things out... eg I don't show anger.... hope this has helped.
I'm now off to have roast chicken then I'm going to bed to watch a lovely old film.... what a nice Sunday afternoon. I now don't care if I don't finish my Christmas gifts, sod it!!!..... maybe I'll cancel it this year.... I'm not even bothering with a tree.... bah humbug!!!

Rant over!!!!!

Hope you're all having a great Sunday......


  1. Oh Joe, I know it wasn't funny for you but this did make me laugh a bit because we've all had times when we've felt this way. Sometimes, the word "friend" can seem so inappropriate! Good on you for enjoying your roast chicken and holing up in bed. Enjoy it! There's still ages before xmas so plenty of time to get things done. I know what you mean about the work party, I often felt that way and I know my other half does. Get a few drinks down you and hopefully it won't seem so bad!

    Hen x

  2. You poor thing, you've really not had a good weekend have you?
    Look at it this way, things can only get better, let's hope so anyway.
    I'm only about 20 minutes from where you were yesterday, should of popped in for a coffee lol.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  3. Crikes..all you need to do is burn the chicken and make the gravy all lumpy and that will finish off your weekend in style!!
    Try to chill..will see you soon ;-)
    Big hugs ;-) xxxx

  4. I'm a new reader of your blog and I'm sorry you've had a bad weekend - it sounds like it was very frustrating! As Bekimarie says, "things can only get better"... Hope you enjoy what's left of the weekend :)

  5. Oh Josie, what a pants weekend. I can sympathise, we've all had weekends like this, and I'm not looking forward to mine or hubbys xmas party. Mines on a Sunday so can't even get really drunk as need to be up for work. There aren't just enough hours in the day at the moment either, I just can't cram a whole week into a weekend, no matter how hard i try.

    To cheer you up I've left an award for you on my blog.

  6. Hi hun.....did you get my email?

    Hope your afternoon was better?xxx

  7. I'm such a fool, i meant comment, did it this morning, its on the post below!
    You have prob seen it!

    Silly Mel!!!


  8. How I sympathised and empathised with you Joe..
    It is a very long time since I have been involved in a night out with the gals.. I was never good at it.. always feeling the odd one out!
    A roast chicken and a good film at home sounds like a much better way to spend a day!
    Hope you week ahead is a happy one for you!
    At least you'll have a little vintage dear to cheer you up!!
    Michele xx

  9. O-er... All sounds like a bit of a mad time. Sorry you had such a crummy few days, I hope the rant helped! Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  10. Oh you poor thing, trying to pull it all together for your friend, some people are just to full of themselves that they dont notice the hurt in others.
    I hope you get your Christmas spirit back. Please enjoy the festive season by making the most of those around you that love you.

  11. I'm so sorry she was so harsh about your kitty passing horrid to say you were putting it on....!!!
    Guess thats because some ppl don't understand how much pets become like friends and closer than family....

    Hug for youxxx

  12. oh dear joe, I am sending you the HUGEST hug I can muster...I really hope this week gets brighter and better for you, if I could send oyu a parcel of happy-dust i truly would.
    Take care

  13. Hope your day was ok, how are you feeling these days? any better?

    I'd love a 30% voucher, what was it for again....?

    My mind has been a wandering lately!

    Blimming OFSTED!!!!!!!!!! gggrrrrrr!!

    Soon be over!xxx

  14. Hi Joe,
    Such exciting news about your sewing machine! Much better to get one that does a few more tricks so you don't outgrow it too soon, who cares what colour it is! Any time you want to talk sewing machines pop up to Somerset!
    Hen x

  15. Hi hun, your day off!

    See you at the cottage later!
    Did you see time warp wives?

    Meeting Thrifty and Lesley today...wish you could make it!xx

  16. I've never seen it b4, was good, how many ep's are there?

    Love their fab!

    No snow yet, but very cold, -2, so very cold, just trying to find something to wear....
    If we get snow tomorrow that would be cool, i'll take the little on to the park to run in it!

    If i ever win the lottery, i've decided that i'm going to bow out of the ratrace and live the time warp life!
    Def the 40's for me!

    Enjoy your day...see you for afternoon tea later....i've baked a Victoria sponge and some scones....they are in the floral tin in the larder!xxx

  17. This souunds like the script for a BBC comedy!!! Life can only get better.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, it would be worth the trip we have some lovely little B&Bs in Ulverston and there is enough entertainment to last a full weekend.

  18. oh mate, sorry to hear you had a bad bad day. Be grateful xmas is only round the