Friday, 14 November 2008

Last day

Hello again, hope you've all had a good Friday & are looking forward to your weekend off. It's my last day at home today....I'll be returning to work at 8am tomorrow....aahhh, how will I cope???

I went to the physio again today, the exercises seem to be working but I still have the numbness in my right hand.... I'm suppose to have a 20 minute break every hour to complete the exercises, stretch & have a sit down... yeah right!!! I'm sure we're going to be busy tomorrow because there's a 20% off voucher in a magazine hence why they needed me back because there isn't enough staff!!! The physio did have a good poke around my neck & she did say it felt very sore & had to agree as I had tears rolling down my face!! Anyway fingers crossed it will get better soon.

I've managed to finish one of my Christmas gifts...yipeee!! This was always going to be the one that took the most time so I'm hoping I can start ticking more things off now..... Do you remember her????

This is what she looked like the last time you all saw her & I was unsure if she was going to be a cat or a girl. Well I decided on a girl & she's called Amy....this is what she looks like now...

All her clothes are removable & she even has a nappy on. The box will be her bed & I decided to make a blanket the same colours as her clothes. She will be going to my friend's little girl, she called Liv, she's 4 now & every year I make her a toy. Her mum won't let her play with them so the shelf in her bedroom is quite full. She also has a box of all the clothes I've knitted her over the years. I was so pleased to find the fairy wings in a teddy bear shop as I've brought Liv some paper wings herself that she can colour in. These will go in her stocking.

I must admit I do like her, she's taken a while to complete because I wasn't in the mood but I'm pleased with the end result. She looks like something my mum would've made me in the 70's, so much nicer then the Bratz toys!!! And I know her mum will agree.

I thought I would share a picture of my this is an honour for you all as she doesn't get seen very's because she very old, 19 now, & I hate looking at photo's of her because she looks like an old lady. I normally shut her in another room when people come around so no one will say I have to take her to the vets, she walks funny as her back legs are very bad but she's happy & I'll know when the time is right......As you can see she's sporting a lovely crochet flower!!! I was trying to take a picture of the flower but it was too small & my camera is not good with small things....she kept poking her nose in so I thought she could wear it...she's not very happy!!!

I got the pattern from attic24, Lucy's blog is excellent I look forward to her post about crocheting.

Well that's me done for a few days....... how will I cope not reading your blogs all day??!! I'm hoping tomorrow won't be that bad... I did get a text today from one of the other managers saying he couldn't wait to see me tomorrow & he's brought me a better be good!!!


  1. hope its not too much of a shock going back to work :-) love the doll how clever you are ! extremely lovely kitty as well :-)
    Lesley x

  2. The kitty will miss you whaen your not at home all day!
    I'm sad you are having to go back too soon!
    Love the really are very talented!
    Boo sucks to Habitat!!!

    Little gift will be on its way soon..... was dispatched tpoday!


  3. Good luck for your return to work, just keep focussing on putting your feet up when you get home. I love your kitty and am so glad to hear of a kitty aged 19. Ours are 10 and 11 now and I hate the fact that they're getting older as I don't ever want to imagine being without them.
    Cute doll you have made, how lucky your friend's little girl is. I wish I knew people who gave me handmade pressies!
    Hen x

  4. Hello....about to watch it now, Olly watching brainacs...horrid program!
    Still he lives in a rosey home, have to allow him some boy time!LOL!
    Two lovely gifts to look forward to...I've got mine, will be arranging to exchange soon....!

    Have fun watching CIN....always a good evening!
    Make the most of your evening!xxx

  5. Glad the excersises are working!
    Cute doll.

  6. Hey you! Thanks for taking a look at my blog and cards. Didn't realise you had a blog, i'll become a follower too. How did you hurt your shoulder (not from all that knitting i hope?!!) I love that little knitted flower on your cat's head. Looks so cute. Maybe my flatmate would like one for her cat, i'll have to ask. Well you take it easy and keep warm ... loo x

  7. I hope your day at work went okay, and you've not been in too much pain.
    Amy is absolutely fabulous, you deserve to be very proud of yourself. And I love your cat. x

  8. Hi there :-) thanks for your comment and glad your on board for the idea of the CL fair meet up :-)
    The cupboard is called "rubie" - I was in one of the bigger LA's so maybe if you have one near you then you can call and check? It was reduced from £450 to £130 but there is a slight mark on the top but not enough to bother me ! oooo would you really email the voucher for me i would love that and put you straight to the top of my xmas card list LOL
    its lesley dot shone at btinternet dot com (replace dot with . and at with @ obviously!) thanks x

  9. hehe ill have to remember that should i go to exeter :)
    i love those kind of knitted dolls,i have a few still that were knitted for me,i cant wait to get my needles out again,havent knitted anything in ages..
    your puss cat is so pretty,especially with her sweet accessory

  10. I've asked Mel if she can hire Olly out for 'romance' lessons - lol!

    What a lovely dolly. I would have loved someone making me such things when I was a nipper.

    You are right about your cat. You will know when the time is right so to speak. It was the same with my cat William. He was doddery but happy and I knew 'when'.
    She looks lovely with your crocheted flower. I have tried to make the flower but I just can't follow a crochet pattern. This drives me nuts as I can knit with no problem!

  11. Hey!! Hope that your first day back to work went ok? What a shame that you and your hubby do not get to eat together! I hope that you enjoy your Roast Beef this evening though! I love your doll, blanket and her bed and I am sure that she will be really loved!! x

  12. I did thank you, i'm going to get fbric with it, on my afternoon off, ifi get out of my interview in good time.....
    I really want it, but quite honestly, i'm not able to £££££ < find some of these!hahahhaha!

    I will try to find a little cupboard to make over and line with some pretty paper!
    have a good week!
    Hope you get one!

  13. Your cat is just lovely! And she looks so pretty with the flower. I hope going back to work wasn't too much of a shock.
    14 Sets of bedlinen is very impressive! Wow, ha ha. We have 2 beds and only four sets :( But the guest room only needs changing when we have visitors, ours gets washed frequently. Clean sheets are a pure joy!

  14. that is the most bizarre thing. I started this job i'm in now 5 months ago, about a month in my left arm started to go numb and I got pins and needles. All because I was looking down towards my monitor and straining my neck. The pain wasn't in my neck but in my shoulder and all down my arm. I now have physio every week and I've had my work station sorted out and it's gradually getting better. I think you must be the 5th person in the last 6 months that I've heard have this. It must be so common!

  15. Physio defo works, when I was in agony I found standing up straight helped more than lying down. If you think about it your poor neck has to support the entire weight of your head so if you're leaning forward all day that puts one hell of a strain on it. I reckon I'll need weekly physio for about 6 months to be completely treated.

  16. Thank joe....i didn't get any....none around here at the mo....strange!

    I've not slept well last night feel awful....hacking dry cough...poor me!

    I have the day off tomorrow, interview at 1.30, so at least i get a rest!

  17. Hi Joe,

    Really sorry you didn't win your first giveaway. It's nice you remembered and rushed home to check, I'm touched. Maybe next time... Hope you're feeling better and work is not too troublesome.

    Hen x

  18. Evening.....i may need tea n cakes after next our little cottage....i feel like i'm being put thru my paces at the mo...i'm tired out....looking forward to some time off....
    xxxx have you been managing in work with your troubles?

  19. Enjoy your day off....have a good rest!

  20. award and tag on my blog for you when you have time!
    lesley x

  21. Tom is so yummy!
    Disco inferno.....for real!
    I love J.Travolta in that film....hell yes!

  22. The santa parade was great. I am so surprised on how many blogs that I watch and the people live locally. We should have a meet ? There's me, you, The Vintage Magpie and Sal @ Sal's Snippets and i'm sure theres plenty more?
    Must be a horid time of yeah in retail, so so busy, oh well at least you can unwind and read other peoples blogs.