Monday, 3 November 2008

I've got an award....

Thank you Mel Mel.

The rules say I have to pass this onto 6 people, here goes.......

I enjoy reading everyone's blogs but these have to be my favorite.


  1. Oh Joe i'm so sorry for awful!

    No worries about not getting back to me, i totally understand,
    such a struggle having to go to work, blimey!

    where do you find your little men...i like them, thin one would look very cute on my shelf!
    Where i go on hols, there is a cottage with loads of them displayed in a window.....we always stop to look at amusing!
    I remeber my granny having one that was a flour shaker, but my mum does not know what happened to it, think my nasty auntie threw it away when my granny died, i managed to save her rocking chair, glass hall shade and her teaset.
    I really love your house so far!
    Look forward to seeing more!xx

  2. Very kind of you Jo,thank you ;-)

  3. good night...sleep well,
    thank you for keeping an eye out for me, thats nice of you, i do like them!

    I'm just done watching autumn watch, i look forward to that and spring watch each year, at the weekend we will go and watch the rut at dunham Massey, we take a packed lunch and watch thru geeks!

    Would be great to be off over Xmas, no silly ppl spoiling cristmas with unecessary shopping trips! Making you be on duty, when you should be having nice time off!
    If only we could be free and not be wage slaves!
    Olly has had this afdternoon off and has tomorrow also, so i have to get up and he gets to stay in bed........ggggrrrrrr!
    I really NEED some time off....oh well soon be the weekend!

    bed for me now, hottie too....keep my toes warm! bbbrrrrr1

  4. I am honoured, thank you very much!

    Hey I know how Jamie Oliver felt about 'Pass it on' people feel very reluctant to give it a go, so either you will be the only entry for my giveaway or I may have to adjust the rules!

    I will do a big catch up tomorrow whilst little dear is at Pre-School.

    Vanessa x

  5. Oh Joe, are you ok?
    Glad they hace signed you off tho, to get a better rest....relax and enjoy CK!!
    Thank you for the lovely comment...really nice of you!xxx

  6. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the award, that's really lovely of you. Hope you're feeling better...
    Hen x