Monday, 24 November 2008

Thank you Lesley for this award & the 7 tags....

I found this really hard to do...... not the 7 favourite food bit!! - hope it doesn't make me sound too sad!!!

7 Things to do before I die

See the Northern light

Visit Lapland

Visit Las Vegas

Be less stressed

Own a Bernese mountain dog

Start my own knitting business

Buy a house

7 things I do now

Spend to much time on the computer

Live my life by lists!!

Try & make everyone happy

Battle with my weight!!!

Buy things I don't always need

Drink to much

Put thing off

7 things I can't do



Ride a bike


Stand up for myself


Do anything sporty

7 things that I find attractive in the opposite sex

Make me laugh

Looking after me

Putting up with my love of cats

*After being with my boyfriend for 20 years I've forgotten what I look for in the opposite sex!!! I've tried to think of my boyfriends good points......I leave it at that!!!

7 things I say most often

I'm sorry

Can I help you??? (yes I do work in retail so I have to say this all the time!!)

I'm such a goon!!

I'll do that

It's not bad weather just inappropriate clothing

It's like Blackpool illuminations in here

I need to go to the wee.......!!!!!!!!!!

7 celebrities that I admire
I don't really admire any celebrities, I don't do that celeb culture so I've put some real people.....

Harry Patch - or is he a celebrity??

My late grandmother

Anita Roddick

Anyone who stood up & fought to make the world a better place

uummmmm this is a hard one....think I may have to leave it at that

7 favourite foods

Fish & chips


Anything with sausages!!


Roast Dinner

Bacon Sandwich

Pie & mash

(can you see why I battle with my weight!!!)

7 people to join in the fun..



Faerie Nuff


The Vintage Magpie

At home with MelMel

Vintage Tea

Think I should add 'can't blog' to the list... it's taken me 2 hours to do this post!! Everytime I save the changes to the post it comes up with big spaces .... does anyone else have this problem??? It drives me mad!!!

Sorry I haven't been about so much, now I'm back to work I find it really hard to post anything. I'm looking forward to the weekend because I'm off, I'm going to TGI Fridays in Bristol for a friends birthday..... I'm hoping to pop to John Lewis.

Have a good week.....


  1. Hi sweetie...thnks for the tag...will do tomorrow!
    Have fun. btw!xxx

  2. Thank you..hope to see you soon..I will be in Exeter Thursday,from 4ish.. late night shopping,are you around to say hello to? ;-)

  3. Hello, my this is a hard one.. I'm thinking..i'm thinking.. thanks for the tag.

  4. Yeah that would be great. Well as to driving, I love Exeter as I grew up there, Sal loves Exeter and so maybe that would be a good meeting place. So many nice shops and cafes there now too.


  5. Hi Josie, Thanks for the tag, will try and do it tonight. I still have one from jellybelly I've still to do, I've been slacking. Hope your OK. Pixie xxx

  6. Hi, the spaces are a pain, you have to go into Edit HTML and take it all back a few paragraphs! Pain I know!! Its a pain isn't it having to so gets in the way of blogging!! x

  7. I've tagged you.....but its not long winded promise!!!xxx

  8. Sorry i've been so slow in getting round to thank you for my award and tag... I'll be posting tomorrow!

    Thank you also for the congrats on my new nephew, i know what you mean about it being expensive at Christmas... my friends and i have all had to say that's about the kids this year and not buy for each other as it's getting so ££££

    Victoria xx

  9. Hi hun, thank you, have a wonderful