Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Stop press.........

I got some flowers..... after 20 years of being with my boyfriend he finally brought me flowers!!

As some of you know I've been signed off from work for one week with a bad shoulder. At first the doctor thought it was a trapped nerve & gave me some pain killers nearly a week ago. I continued to work but had to go back yesterday as I've had a numb feeling in my right index finger since last Thursday. I've now been given some very strong muscle relaxers as the pain killers weren't working. I have to return to the doctors on Friday to arrange a MRI scan as they think my muscles have displaced. As you can imagine I feeling pretty poo from taking so many tablets so the flowers were to cheer me up.

I've been looking at...

Lucy has posted instructions on how to make a crochet I thought I'd give it ago.....

It doesn't lay that flat...what am I doing wrong Lucy??? Don't think it's bad for a first attempted...I try again tomorrow.....not sure if I'm getting confused between doubles & trebles.

After looking at Lucy's blog I thought I'd show you my crocheting. My gran taught me how to make a granny square when I was really young, she passed away when I was 6 so I was really young. Any how I'd forgotten how to do it until a lovely lady came into the shop & showed me. With her help & the internet I've managed to do this.......

These squares are for my 2nd bedspread that I started in March......

I've made a bedspread before which is one giant square, it took me a year to complete but I still love it now.....every time I put it on the bed I smile 'cos 'I made that'!!

I've also made one for my cats...

I got the lovely basket at the car boot sale for £2...

And no they don't use the basket....sometimes they look at it!!!

I'll get back to my crocheting now & try to keep the cats in away from those noisy fireworks..


  1. Oh Joe...lovely crochet, sweet cat blanket.....
    So sorry that its not easing up....wonder what they will do if the muscles are displaced?
    I'm thinking of you......*smile and hug*

    I think its high time a visit was arranged!!!!!!!
    I'm scooting to Attic 24 now to have a look!xxx

  2. Hi Joe
    The hexagons are fabulous, well done you!!! Not sure why they won't lay flat, because it look like you did all the stitches right >>>did you make chain spaces between the bobbles in round 2 and the dc clusters in round 3? Can't think of anything else....but I am SO chuffed you managed to do it after reading my blog...YAYYYyyyyyyayayayayY!!!!
    ps I really hope your shoulder gets better soon, sending get-well vibes xx

  3. Hope you are better soon,Joe.
    Lovely crochet!
    Take care ;-)

  4. Lovely flowers.Get better soon.
    Love the blanket too.

  5. Your blankets are lovely and you have very lucky cats!

    Hen x

  6. I'm so wanting to get a big crocheted blanket wrapped round me and a mug of hot choc made on the range at the cottage, so yes please lets do that......such a lovely dream...:>)) shame we have to wait for the big win....soon, maybe some day!

    How you doing today?
    I feel awful.....bed in a mo...when i've said hi to everyone!
    Loved Hen's post today, such a lucky bean getting the Stanley, the book and going on the OE.....oh what a wonderful day!
    Hey lovely flowers, so sweet of him, meant to say the other day....fantastic!!!

  7. Cheers hun...take care

  8. Hi Joe, thanks for popping in to my blog .. & thanks for leaving a comment about my cats! Your post is so well timed .. I've been wanting to learn how to crochet for ages, but still find instructions in books a bit confusing. I would love to make a blanket for the bed .. or even one for the cats, while I practise!! I'll go and check out attic24!

    Hope you get your shoulder sorted soon - being in pain is not fun at all.
    Willow xx

  9. Had to get my mum round, feel awful, so having a break!
    Nearly done! only a few more hours, i just can't afford to not work, we don't get paid for sickness!
    Thank sJoe, how are you/xx

  10. Hope i get my new CK booklet soon....i'm so wanting to see the tins you mentioned....we get it much later than the south....also really want one of the 15th birthday celebrations booklets!!:>((( like Hen!xxx

  11. The pictures calls me to start learning crochet. Sometimes, it frightens me, looks darn hard...

  12. It came...yippee! some nice stuff!

    I'm having lazy pizza....been busy gain....but from the sofa....sewing!
    How do you feel?

  13. Joe, thanks for stopping by my blog... I've only just begun my first crocheting project... a baby blanket for my first granddaughter! My daughter is due mid December, and I know I won't have it done in time. I'll post an up to date pic of my progress. I love love love you kitty bed! Just awesome. Feel better! XO~Sue

  14. What fabulous crochet - I can't wait to try the hexagon too. I think your blankets look great.
    Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Pain like that is awful, but the flowers are a help - I love getting flowers!

  15. Thanks for the post. Our winters are still cccold, (zone 6b) but not as cold as in years past, and no, we don't get much snow anymore. The truth in the pudding is when annuals winter over here, when they've died before. Global warming in upon us for sure. The blanket is tweaking along; I'll post a pic soon... How are you feeling? XO~