Sunday, 2 November 2008

Show & tell Sunday

How exciting, I've been chosen for show & tell this week! It's the first time my name has appeared on the list, I'm a little unprepared as I didn't think I would have to do it.

The topic this week is favorite collections and I've chosen to show you all my Home pride Fred's...

Sorry the pictures aren't was a bit of a rush.

I love Fred because he will always remind me of my Auntie Lucy. We used to visit her house on a Saturday tea time & have sausage one can make a sausage sandwich like Auntie Lucy. She had some Fred's on the window sill in the kitchen & I was allowed to look at them, she was quite stern so you wouldn't really play with them!! That was in the 70's & I've loved them ever since. They remind me of a happier, simple time with no worries, why do we have to grow up?

I was likely to find this little one.....

He's only 1 1/2 inches tall & is used for sweetex. I've never seen another one & I was told he's quite rare.

I have a number of old & new which I think sit nicely together, some of the new pieces are limited editions so at some point they will be collectable.

This one has to be my favorite. I brought it from a lady at a boot sale, she told me she was given him in 1971 as a wedding present but she felt it was time he left. This is the year I was born so I just had to have him, I promised I would give him a good home! He has a chip on his foot but I think he's looking good for his age....better then me!!

As you can see they only take up a small space in my kitchen & sit along side all my other favorite things......Cornish blue, red & cream tins etc.

My love of Cornish blue also came from Auntie Lucy, boy does she have a lot to answer for!!! When my sister came to my new house she did point out that it looked like Auntie Lucy's.....what a complement!! And yes I still love sausage sandwiches!!!!!


  1. What cute little guys they are. I'm sure that your Aunt Lucy would be pleased to know what an impact she has had on you, and I enjoy the snap of your kitchen, too.

  2. This is great! I don't have a single Fred yet but I am looking and you have inspired me to get on with it! Your other collections are lovely too. Funny how things we like now are often rooted in our childhood. I vividly remember my auntie's kitchen which was vintage (original) '50's with a big collection of Midwinter Red Domino china.
    Hen x

  3. Superb!
    We came in to say hello, earlier today... but we were told you weren't working! Hope you had a good day

  4. Hello your collections.....very sweet...

    I've never been picked for show and tell and don't know anything about it?


  5. These are so cute. I never seen them before. Thanks for sharing them. What's their origin?

  6. What a cute little collection!

  7. How was work?
    Love the gifts to make list....fab!

    I'm hoping to get tpo J.Lewis to buy felt this weekend, to make some Stanleys.....for the new babies on Ollys side of the family...
    are you making the ones like the ones in the Christmas shop/
    Have you seen her new website?
    What do you think?
    I love it!

  8. What a great collection. I have never seen those before. And how great they remind you of your aunt! Thanks so much for playing along in Show & Tell Sunday. You can play anytime you just have to sign up.

  9. Love your cabinet. I see we have a shared love of red and white polka dots and Freds!
    Donna x