Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween !!!

What do you have planned??? I'm going on a ghost & witches tour of Exeter. Never anything to do here so I'm afraid to say that I do this nearly every year. Think I should take it myself as I now know all the stories!! It's a bit of fun & I always take my pumpkin torch which my friends are never happy about. It getting harder to find people to come with me so I guess one year I will be doing it alone.

Have you seen the news about Ottery St Mary??? How strange, it looks like something from a disaster film. I didn't even hear the thunder, which I'm glad about as I don't like it. My parents live in Ottery but didn't get flooded as they live on a hill....wise move! They were trapped & didn't have any power until 4pm. I feels so sorry for those poor people who have lost everything.

Enjoy your Halloween what ever you're doing.......


  1. Ah Halloween in Exeter...wish I could be there!! ;-)

    Glad your parents are ok.
    Have a good weekend!!

  2. Hello!
    I'm just relaxing today after a busy weekend!
    love the pumpkin!

  3. Hello Josie..
    We sailed past Ottery St Mary on the motorway yesterday on Friday on our journey home from north east Dartmoor. There was still much evidence of the freak storm.. in the way of snow lying on high ground.
    We were blissfully unaware in our little rural retreat.. I am not fond of thunder storms either!
    Hope you enjoyed all Hallows!

    Michele x

  4. have an awardxxx