Friday, 3 October 2008

I got one........

Yippee.... I phoned the shop a few times & spoke to a boy who kept saying he would call back but never did, did he not know how important this is. In the end I spoke to a girl who knew all about it but said they never had the boat one in the Exeter store, I even sent my sister down in between school runs. She said she couldn't find it but not one to give up I asked her to drive me to the store after I finished work. On entering the the bedlinen department I saw it laying on the floor I grabbed it so fast that my sister thought I had fallen over!!!!! It's a super king & I only need a king size but what the heck!!!!!!! The best thing is I still had some birthday money left so it didn't cost me a penny!! Just need to find a sheet & pillowcases to match..... Can't wait until Sunday when I can change my bed, hope the cats don't ruin it!!! I got some other goodies which I'll show you all on Sunday. xxxx


  1. Yippee!!!!
    So pleased for you!
    mine is super king too but my mate is going to trim it down!
    Did you get my msg about the pillowcase?
    I'll try get another for you!xxxxxx

  2. Just seen your message.....yes please. That would be lovely, how do we go about sorting out address & payment. Shall I email you my address & you can send me your bank details so I can tranfser the money in???? xx

  3. Just the address and we can do a swap.....was only £2.99!

  4. Came over from Melmel - how fab you got one. I found one as well, and I was so thrilled - I grabbed it so fast, even though there was no one in sight when I went in. I went into the Covent Garden CK yesterday, and they had them there at full price, so I don't know how TK Maxx had them so cheap. It's really odd.