Sunday, 12 October 2008

I'm back........

Not sure for how long!!! We've had problems with our talk-talk connection so now plan to leave them to go back to BT but in the mean time I'm using a 3G's very slow at times but it should see me through.

Didn't realise how much I used the's been a nightmare for the last week. Couldn't even do my knitting because the pattern is American & I have to check the abbreviations on the net!!!!

Look what I got......thank you Mel!!! I do have something for you but need to go to the post office, don't have one near but I promise I will go soon.

I have now ordered the 'Make' book from the book people it was only £4.99!!!! - I've had it on pre order from amazon for weeks at £7.49, my WH smiths don't stock it so I'd nearly given up hope. The internet came back on on Friday for 1/2 hour so I quickly placed the order!! It's £3.50 postage but I also brought another book about WW1 so I got 2 books that I really wanted. Can't wait for the postie now!!!

I'm planning on making a quilt for the new pram my niece is getting for her birthday. I thought the cowboy would be nice as she's a bit of a tom boy!!!

Well that's yet another week over.......


  1. Hi there! glad your back!
    I'm making the tote bag now picture soon! just lining it!
    Did you see the the other book the one with the milly molly mandy pics in it....?
    your welcome....hope you enjoy it...i'll keep looking for another or you could half it and a white one and then have a boat sided pillowcase with plain white on the back!

  2. Ohhhh I like that idea of halfing it..fantastic idea.
    Which book with Milly Molly Mandy???? Ginger beer & cherry cake??? That's in this month at £4.99, Paul paid about £10 for it at the end of Aug - got it for my birthday. xxx

  3. Aha...was trying to recall the name!might try to order that....looks fun....
    Nearly done with my bag now....x

  4. Hiya!
    Day off?
    I'm so pleased with the bag! Looks really sweet!
    Going to make my niece a cushion with the dog on for Christmas..

    Another day in in work....wish i could win the lottery and then please myself!
    That would be fun, i'd spend my days making things and going on interesting courses, like lime plastering stuff like that, oh and cookery courses.....oh well i can dream!

  5. Oh poor you....with your back and the stinky customers...some ppl are so rude!
    I know how you feel!
    So what have you planned for your day off?xxxx

  6. Hello me dear!!
    My weekend.....interview for the National Trust to be voluteers!
    12pm...quarry Bank Mill, very excited!
    Thats Saturday...Sunday is apple day at Tatton Park...also very excited.....cos we get to eat apple pie...yummy!
    I love the NT!!!!
    So a good weekend planned...just think tho...when we are dragging ourselves out of bed on will be at home....having fun....try not to do too much housework....cos its pants!
    Boo suck to the nasty customers....when you win the lottery then you can do all fun stuff!
    I wish you didn't live so far, it would have been cool to meet you also!
    How are them pickled onions looking? tasty i bet!xx