Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Anyone got snow????

I'm loving the winter weather although not happy about having to put the heating on in October. I did wait until the last minute & the heating did kick in at 5, maybe my house is really cold!!

I've been off today, so enjoying the lovely sunshine this morning. I was in the garden sorting out my lavender for the bags I plan to make for Christmas. Hope I haven't taken on too much. I've just got my Christmas rota, why do I have to work in retail?? It's not good, only 1 more Saturday off before Christmas! Every year I say this will be may last as I would like to have a life & see friends etc over the festive period. This is the first year we are opening boxing day..... hate it, why can't people stay at home! I'm working late on Christmas eve & off boxing day but they're hinting for 1 manager to do both days. Bet it'll have to me because I'm having 2 days off the week before to see the Pogues.

One of the ladies I work with has just opened an Etsy shop selling children's clothes. She also makes Pippa dolls clothes & sells on eBay. Remember Pippa? I'd forgotten how small she was. Check out the shop & see how clever Penny is...

I brought this lovely t-light holder from LA a few weeks ago but keep forgetting to share it with you. It was really cheap so I thought he would be very small but I was wrong! I love getting cozy with the lights off & just candles but I can't see to knit!!

Hope you're all having a good week & not too cold.


  1. Poor you!
    We have the same bird!

    Back later!xxxx

  2. Hello....i had a thrifty mrs here....she made me some cakes...will do a post tomorrow!
    What a lovely lady and her hubs is cool too!
    I'm tired so bed for me....i can hardly keep my eyes open these days...bless me!
    Just watched Heroes.....was fab!

  3. What a pain for you to work so much at Christmas! But I am sure that your smiles and cheerful ways will help to raise their profits!! LOL ;-)