Sunday, 5 October 2008

Another week over

Hello everyone....yet another week is over & at least I'm not having to work today. I've had a busy day, house work all morning & making a lovely apple cake, the apples came from a friends allotment. I now plan to settle down for a lazy afternoon watching TV, so glad I don't have kids!!!

My friend has lent me a DVD.... 'armchair thriller'.....does anyone remember this from the 70's??? The opening credits use to really scare me as a child so I'm going to watch that this afternoon to see just how bad it is....don't want to watch it before bedtime just in case!!!!

I changed my bed today to my lovely Cath boat duvet cover, I covered it up with a bedspread so the cats couldn't sleep on it. My cats are very lazy & sleep on the bed all day. I went to take a photo to show you all how good it looked & look what I found when I pulled back the bedspread....

Naughty Nanny, at least he has good taste!!!

I'm really looking forward to going to bed tonight but I know that means my day off will be over & I have another 5 days to go before my next.

I have decided I don't want to work anymore as it really interferes with my life.......I told my manager yesterday that I couldn't work anymore because I had too many onions to pickle & too much knitting to do & what did he say....'saddo'!!!

I've taken some photo's of the other bargains I brought at TK Maxx.... I never go there but they do have some really nice things if you can be bothered to look.

I brought this wax & shine box for all my shoe cleaning things...well it is red!! It was only £5.99. At the moment I'm using it to store my pickled onions & chutneys as they always take up so much space in the cupboards. Still need to make loads more if I'm going to make my hampers again for Christmas.

Also brought this nice napkin holder for the kitchen table, shame it's not red but it was only £2.99.......anyone for hot dogs???


  1. Are you really giving up work?
    I think everyone would agree that work really gets in the way of having a life!
    I'm watching Chitty chitty bag bag....again!
    Just given the garden a good weeding!
    Very sunny day here today!
    I love the quilt cover.....will do my best to post the pillowcase tomorrow!
    I'm making apple crumble today!
    Also made a little cupboard, see blog!
    Thanks for the email....shame we have to live where we do.....dreadful what happened! awful!
    Enjoy your film!xxxx

  2. Your kitty looks so cute on the bed!!!!!
    I'll send it tomorrow....Olly has the email pooter at the mo, this one is not set up to send or recieve!
    I love surprises!
    Wonderfully sunny but very cold!
    I'm eating a bakewell tart and afig roll! yum!xxx

  3. Hello
    I'm going to try and get it in the post tomorrow.....rushed off my feet today...gggrrrbwork!

  4. your bedding looks lovely hope you have very sweet dreams in it :-)
    love the red wax and shine box !
    Lesley x

  5. A woman after my own heart! I make lots of preserves and make hampers up at xmas. Scary to think it's not far off, though! Love your duvet, the boat pattern is so nice. I made a blind and some bunting in it for my bathroom.

  6. Hello!
    How has your week been@
    I sent the should be with you today or tomorrow!
    Just scoffing a gingerbread man and drinking tea oh and blogging while my little charge is napping!
    Been out to Disbury today....bracing but sunny!xxx