Wednesday, 15 October 2008

It's arrived

I got home tonight to find a very large box waiting for me, it was my books from the book people. I waited until everything was sorted before opening it.

Of course you always save the best til last so imagine how disappointed I was to discover that my book did not come with the craft kit...yes that's right NO bag!!!!

I could have cried & I've sulked for the last hour!!! I sent an email to the book people to complain but I wanted to warn everything not to buy this. I was thinking I was getting a bargain but it's wasn't the case.

Oh well life goes on & I really didn't need yet another bag!!!

With all this talk of CK I thought I would share my claim to fame .......I've met Stanley!!! I went to the head office for an interview a few years ago & met the head of HR & the buyers. It was really hard to create a good impression as I was too busy talking to Stanley. Anyway I didn't get the job as someone already had it!!! All a bit odd & the pay was shocking......£16k for the store manager of the Covent garden store.....50% discount which was great but doesn't pay the bills!!!


  1. My friend Jenny got one without the bag from the same company!
    How very annoying!
    Even if you didn't want another bag it would have been nice to have done a project with it!
    I love that you met Stanley.....maybe he was the one doing the interviewing!
    Bet he would have picked you any day!
    Hope work was ok...?
    I've not had a bad day.......:>))))

  2. How will you spend your time off?
    If i met CK i'd be shocked into silence!
    One day i may sneak to yours and play house! That would be fun we could scoff pickled onions!
    I'm watching thr good life again...i never get fed up of watching it over......i'm so strange!

  3. That's really annoying.I hope you get the bag. Maybe that's the reason they are cheaper than Amazon.
    Lovely blog,by the way..nice to meet you!! ;-)

  4. Thankyou for your comment, likewise - nice blog!
    You met Stanley, THE staney, I reckon thats a big fame to claim!
    As for Carol Kleins book, yes the dishes are very simple and look very yummy, go on treat yourself! Tee Hee hee (as Carol would have giggled!)

  5. EXETER!!!!AGGHHHHHH! I am drooling now.
    My favourite place ever. I spend all my time there. I adore the city.
    We must have coffee one day!
    I posted about the Quay recently.My son has just finished Uni at Exeter. (I need to calm down now)
    Sal ;-)

  6. Sorry about your dissapointment with your books!

    Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment. With regard to the lavender when it is ready it should just shake off the stem. You can refresh the lavender with oil, but remember it will make your lavender greasy and in turn any material that you use along side it! I always find as long as you keep shaking up the lavender hearts on a regular basis the smell will keep for a while (my sample hearts I use at shows have lasted 2 years).

    Hope this is of use

    Vanessa x

    Please keep popping by, I love Exeter I used to have a branch there before little dear was born.

  7. I think the book's a bit of a let down and the bag is rubbish anyway! LOL 16k a year is rubbish especially for London! Oh well, you did meet the famous stanley! :-)