Sunday, 26 October 2008

What Josie-Mary did on her holiday....

Well another very quick week's holiday is over and yes I was right last week, I'm not feeling so smug today!

So did I do all my jobs??? Did I heck as like!!! I managed to do some but I also had some lazy days, why do we always feel guilty of that?? Yes I did lay in bed one afternoon & watched a that soooo wrong?? But I do feel bad now because I still have a long list of things that didn't get done and my next holiday won't be until February or March. Can I make it??

So what did I do.....

I put up my Whirligig.

I do love these but they're getting harder to find. I've been looking for a wood chopper for years without any luck. Mum & dad found this on their travels & gave it to me for my birthday at the end of August. Yes it really has taken me that long to put it up!!

I made 10 jars of pickled onions, all for Christmas gifts, now I can focus on making my own. I hate pealing the onions but you can't beat home made so I have to do it.

I made a bag.

I mentioned this a while ago, didn't come out as well as I hoped but hey it cost me under £5 and it's my first attempt. As I was making it I thought how lucky I was to have a mum who showed me how to make things. I've met so many people who wouldn't even know where to start. So even if it's not the best bag in the world at least I made it!!

I made a lovely pie & pasties. Ohh the joy of having the time to do this kind of things. I have some left ready to take to work. I also made the mackerel pate from just original's blog. Very yummy & easy to make.

I've started to make my friends little girl a toy, not sure what it'll be. It was a doll but I'm now thinking I could change it to a cat! What do you think??

The box is going to be the bed & I've made some granny squares to make the blanket.

I've also dusted my kitchen shelves.....

I won't tell you how long ago this was done but as you can see it's a bit of a task!!! My motto is.... the more you have on a shelf the less room there is for dust! You may have noticed that I collect everything... I love Cornish blue, these are just the pieces we don't use. Also I can never resist a Fred at the bootie. And yes of course there's lots of red & white things.

I went to Morrison's shopping & had to buy this lovely shower cap........will I use it??? Not sure but it was a bargain & will look good in the bath room!!

Now I written all this down I feel I've done quite a lot so now I won't feel bad about sitting down all afternoon!! Don't forget I've had to do general house work all week as well.....yeah I feel good now!

I'm going to make a list on my blog of all the things I need to do before Christmas. I always think one more list won't hurt!

Back to work tomorrow, not looking forward to it as I feel really rough with a cold. I've fought it all week with loads of drugs but it's finally come out. This always happens to me at this time of year. Last year I had the same week off & was really ill so had to take the following week off sick. Hope I feel better as I'd hate to have to call in sick again, I think they're just getting over the fact I had to take 5 days of when my cat died in September. Maybe my friend was right, I shouldn't have wasted that time off (yes she did say that!!)

The next thing to look forward to is going to see The Pogues in Bristol on the 16th December. Didn't make it last year but we normally go to London every year to see them, it's our Christmas present to each other. The tickets cost a bomb but it's a fantastic night...I think....can't always remember it!! But it's lovely when they sing fairytale of new york at the end at snow starts falling & the very drunk fans sing along!

Hope everyone plans to watch 'Little Dorrit', I'm hoping it will be as good as 'Bleak house'. Have a good week.


  1. Loving the shelves full of wonderful items.....lovely!
    We share so many ideas....we both love red n white and Cornish ware....making stuff and the list goes on....think we were seperated at birth!
    If i came to your house, i'd feel right at home!
    Shame we can't play every day!

  2. Hi Joe,

    Well, I think you've achieved a lot, it's meant to be a week OFF after all! We never get half the things done we intend to. Love your shelves. A cornishware jug is on my list of wants, I think they look really pretty with flowers in and I also would like a Fred. saw one at the car boot a few weeks ago but he was a bit dirty. Regret not buying it now, he might have cleaned up.
    Re your message about the sewing book as a pressie. I haven't looked at it much yet as it was left at the cottage after Harry's birthday so we'll have a look this week as we're goign down for half term. I expect there would be some things in it she could do and if not, she'll be able to keep it for a year or so...
    Hen x

  3. Hello!
    Oh how dare they have done that!!!!!!!!! ggggggggrrrrr!
    Makes me so cross!
    Can you imagine living there and sewing in the evening all cosy, rug on your knee, drinking coco in front of the range.....i would love it, i would not change a thing....except the lav!LOL!
    Your fine collection would look fab in there....and mine.....we could buy it and just play there, like a real life doll house! yippee!
    I'm going to bake tomorrow, with the kids, we will use the new it weird to be excited?
    :>))))xxx tomorrow!
    I was just enjoying myself too!xxx

  4. I want a kitty on my knee!
    Just noticed your ironing board cover...i have apinny n a bag in that colour way of cowboys....i love it!
    Love CK!!!
    I'm eating popcorn and pulling my face cos i don't want to put my childminding room out!
    I'm watching Little Dorrit tonight. its all i have to look forward to!
    Meet you at the cottage tomorrow and we can bake....on that lovely range...key is under the flower pot!:>))xxx

  5. Cripes! I thoiught holidays were for relaxing? I love all your red bit's...very nice, and your whirligig; I have one too!
    Deb x

  6. You'll go back to work, worn out!
    I love the Cornish ware (I have one jug and one pudding basin) and adore your red bits and pieces too.
    Hope your week is a good one..please say 'hello' to Exeter for me as I didn't go up yesterday and am now suffering TERRIBLE withdrawal symptoms!! LOL ;-)

  7. Glad you used the Mackeral Pate recipe and you enjoyed it, I am doing the meatball recipe this week so I will tell you how that has gone.

    Loving all your Cornish wear!

    Vanessa x

  8. Wow!
    You sure have been very busy... making wonderful new Treasures!
    I love the edible ones too!
    Debbie Moss