Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Jamie's pass it on

Hello everyone,

I've just seen this & had to act straight away!!!


So here it is...... I'm passing it on!!

Smoked Mackerel Pate

4 Smoked Mackerel Fillets taken off the skin and mashed
4 Finely chopped Spring Onions
1/2 the rind of a Lemon
1/2 the juice of a Lemon
1 small container of Philidelphia
2 tablespoons of Horseradish
Black Pepper

Basically just mush it all up together and serve on warm ciabatta or crusty bread.

As you all know I made this last week (see last blog for photo) & it was lovely, so I had it again on Sunday, and I've already passed it on to 2 people at work. Aren't I a good girl????


  1. Blimey that sounds wonderful, are you having that right now?

    I truthfully could just scoff that!

    Good day?x

  2. Cool!
    Hope you win......I'll not enter give you the chance!

    I'm going to try it tho...i love smoke mack!


  3. Oh you swot!

    Glad that you like it & passed it on, your job is done!

    Vanessa x

  4. I'm a bit disppointed with the bags, apart from the blue spot and the ottoman rose one.....i'd like to have seen a retro print...like cowboys or something....boats maybe...that would have been fab!

    I'm going to the concession on thurs night with Jenny, i have saved enough for something special!


  5. I'm thinking they may travel well......yum!
    The Stanlys are a fab idea.....easy to make using the pattern...i was thinking of doing it, but not making them 3d...just two sides.....i was going to attach them to the CK Xmas bags, with a few goodies in each.....so trying to cut back on the expense, quite unnecessary.......i just want a nice homely Christmas...

    Which badges...the ones with Stanly?

    I've been saving so hard....because it is a real treat to buy something big full price...well not big but more than normal......going to bed now, i'm tired and have overdone it today....i'm baking tomorrow with the bun cases, used the last of my paper ones now....so i can get stuck in with my new ones! Woohoo!


  6. Is it work getting you down?

  7. Thanks for the message Jo.
    The paint..yes I would love to see what you have.Next time I am up I will call in.Hope your week is good!! ;-)