Friday, 17 October 2008

Yet another day off

Hello everyone, yet another busy day off ...... I went to my local fabric shop this morning to buy everything to make my Christmas presents etc. What a lovely shop, filled to the brim of fabrics & bits & bobs. You could spend hours in there, it's very small but they have loads & loads of kind of shop!!!

This is what I brought.........The black fabric, buttons & edging are for a bag I'm going to try & make myself. I saw a lovely bag in monsoon yesterday at a mere £25!! I thought I would give it ago to make my own....I'll show you the results if it works. The edging is called 60's edging, isn't it lovely??? It comes in lots of colours but of course I choose red.

The red strip is for the backing of my nieces quilt that I'm making for her birthday......decided against a pattern from the 'Make' book...not bitter, I've got over that now!! The front of the quilt will be the red retro print......

How sweet is this??? I'm sure she'd rather have Brats or something equally awful!!

Now all I need to do is get my sewing box out & get working....

Do you think I have a problem with all my red spotty things??? Yes I do like the red spot Beret in the 'Make' book...I do have a red Beret but I don't want to ruin it!!

By the time I'd finished shopping the day had nearly gone, just enough time to clean the oven....why oh why do I always leave it so long...... I've been meaning to do it for days but I always find something else to do...

After all that hard work I thought I deserved a break so I settled down to look at my book & had a pot of tea....... you may notice the cream naughty??? I haven't had one of these in years, my mum treated me when we were shopping.
Time to get on with my knitting, I'm making myself a cardigan, I'm having real problems with it at the moment....... 392 stitches!!! I keep having to rip it back because I can't get the lace pattern won't beat me!!! My only worry is I'll have to stop soon to make gifts then it won't be ready until the summer.... oh well there's always next winter!!!

Hope you all have a good weekend... I'm working all weekend so if you're in Exeter shopping pop into Habitat to say 'hello' ..brighten up my day.


  1. Hello!
    I love your selection of fabrics!
    When i come to play house we can go there!:>))
    What a good idea to make your own version of the monsoon bag!
    I'm really enjoying your blog!
    Hope the weekend goes quickly...enjoy your week off!xxx

  2. Just showed Olly your post and made sure he paid attention to the fact that you have a CK sewing don't :>(((
    I do need on to put my tins in and display like yours:>)))))LOL!

    I've made a nice warming casserole for dinner.....with crusty bread....your cake looked yummy, love the cornish ware plate...i have avery small collection of bits, mainly charity shop finds.x

  3. I may have a CK sewing box but you have a lovely husband...does he have a brother??? I keep telling Paul about all the nice things he does for you in the hope he'll feel bad!! You really are a very lucky lady xx

  4. Aaaww thank you....i'm thinking of cloning him and flogging him on!
    Have you started your bag?x

  5. No I haven't started the bag yet..I'm not you, you would've finished it by now!!! Plan to do it next week - fingers crossed I can do it, mum's just mended my sewing machine as I always break them!! Didn't get back from town until mid day so had the house work to do. Still fighting with the knitting at the mo.
    I like the idea of putting Olly on e-bay, judging from your comments from other people you'll get lots of offers!!! xx

  6. LOL....he is a sweetie...just made me a cup of tea, i had a temp before of 39!!!!
    Don't know where that came from...still i'm not going to let that stop me...its NT interview and apple day....even if both my legs were broke i'd still be going!
    hahahahahhaha....i've been looking forward to the apple pie all week! with thick custard......oh yes!!!

  7. Nice to meet you, Jo!!
    I have added you to my fave links.
    Keep up the wonderful blog!

  8. Nice selection of fabrics, your going to be very busy I think!

    What is the Cath Kidston 'Make' book like, I am thinking of putting it on my Christmas List?

    I forgot to say I used to work in 'Let's Go Travel' in there bureau!

    Vanessa x

    PS Forgot to mention I think you do have a problem with Red Spots

  9. I bet I know exactly which shop you are talking about when you say it is small but full to the brim!!! Cant wait to see the bag....come on!!! x P.S is the book good?!

  10. Ohhh, no, thats not where I was thinking of, I go to Exeter Fabric Centre on Pinhoe Road, just under Polsloe Bridge! I know what you mean about working and wanting to stay at home though, work gets in the way of everything doesn't it! Are you full time? x