Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A special treat.....for me & you

Thanks to everyone who left a comment about my shoulder, I'm still off from work but plan to go back on Saturday as we're short staffed. I visited the physio yesterday & she did point out that my back & shoulders were very stiff..... why did she think I was there?? for a cup of tea & a chat!! I've got some exercises to do, the neck ones have to be done 10 times an hour!! I'm now waiting for a call to confirm that I can have a MRI scan to find out how much damage there is.

Anyway the special treat...... I have 5 30% off at Gap vouchers that are valid until 16th November. If you would like one leave a comment & I will email you, remember I only have 5 so be quick. I think you do need to sign up to get the voucher but they send out lots of vouchers through out the year. It's for friends & family of the staff.

I went to Tesco's today & this is what I found......

Sorry this picture is a bit blurred the print is very small, not sure if I like it.....but hey I had to have it. There was a big pile when we arrived, we went for coffee & when we returned the pile had gone down so much we couldn't see them, we rushed from till to till trying to find them....

Thought I'd share my lovely new clock with you all, it has a timer on the bottom. I found one years ago in a shop in Totnes for £20..... when we returned to buy it for my birthday they had sold out....... you'll never guess where I got this from....

Lidl...... can you believe it, £4.99!!! They went on sale on Monday so I was there at 8am to get one...not sure if they would've sold out but I couldn't risk it. I'm lucky that I live across the road so I can always get a bargain.

I also got this.....

I've never had a Christmas cacti before so I'm not sure how to care for it & I didn't know they last for ages. It's on the window sill in the living room...... it was really sunny this morning & when I returned from Tesco's it was all across the floor.......naughty Nanny had been laying in the sun & knocked it off....

This is what he does when he has the devil in him...... can you believe he's 14, he acts like a kitten.

Hope some of you got the chance to watch the service this morning on TV. I must admit I did shed a tear. Harry Patch is amazing, has anyone read his book??? I would've love to have gone there to see them, it may never happen again.

I've been so bad this week, I had the prefect chance to make all my gifts & I've done nothing!


  1. Hello Joe,
    Well done on all those finds. I haven't found any Cath K/Tesco bags (ot that I've been to many Tescos) but I do like that xmas one.
    Hee hee, isn't your cat adorable. I'm such a softie for kittys, mine are all so naughty and I tell them off but the next minute I'm stroking them, giving them treats etc! Still, they're much less work than children!
    Hope the exercises do the trick with the shoulder.
    Hen x

  2. oh hope the shoulder improves poor you :-( i wasnt keen on the xmas CK bag so gave it a miss but now i think i have to go back and get one just cos its Cath :-D love the clock though Im hunting down Lidl tomorrow!!
    Lesley x

  3. Well done on finding those bags :)

    I have blogged on getting mine and I am going to glad when there are no more to look out for :)

    Good luck with the exercises and what an adorable cat

    Mary X

  4. I love your kitty!

    Glad you got the bags.....BTW....got something for you....will be posting next week.....its to cheer you up, something you wanted.....:>)))
    A random act of kindness!

  5. Tis ok!.....hey Hens giveaway is fab....!
    Love the bag and the brooch...very lovely...she is so clever!

    I'm watching my family at war...very interesting...

    I really am so chuffed to tick my TR off my list, was getting me down thinking about it...
    Maybe thats why i got a cold...

    Enjoy the rest of your evening!
    When do you got back to work...have they given you a date?

  6. Gosh yes please, was side tracked by the bags!
    Cheers hun!xxx

  7. Oh that red CK bag is fabulous... I'm going to have to send my mum on a hunt round our larger tesco stores!!

    Victoria xx

  8. Tesco in Newton had a few when I dashed there today!!
    Hope you are on the mend. ;-)_

  9. The tescos had none....so will have to look at the weekend....if i don't get one yes please....i'm hoping there will be loads as i'd set my heart on doing my hampers in them....
    If not then i'll need one....your a sweetie!
    I'm all cosy watching goodnight sweetheart!

  10. Oh nooooooo!
    Truthfully its been a drag having a cold....i don't often get them....when i do its always from someone openly sneezing on me! gross!!!!!

    Keep well wrapped up and trymake the most of your time left at home....if i ever win BIG on the lottery, i'm going to help so many ppl to freedom....i have my list!

  11. thanks for stopping by,i really hope your shoulders better,i have a "iffy" left shoulder they can be such a pain (excuse the pun)
    ive made some bath-y stuff and some truffles and im embroidering some hankys just some girly things like that its the first time ive ever done them,i couldnt think of a single thing to do for the boys :S lol. what are you putting in yours?


  12. ooh pickled onions i havent had those in ages,i do love picked onions!thats a really nice idea and its nice to make it into a little tradition.
    i know what you mean,thats why i decided to make hampers,it just gets way to expensive and home made gifts are always so much more thoughtful to know someone took time to make it.
    its neally time to find out who were swapping with in the swap,im too excited hehe


  13. I am sorry this is a late visit Joe...
    I hope by now that you are well on the mend!
    What a wonderful character your cat is.. and very similar in spirit to another cat I know .. Mr Pickles.. my adorable tabby.. He too loves to show off when he is attention seeking!

    Take care of yourself and don't lift too many heavy knitting needles.. though your little fairy doll is adorable.. love her booties!

    Michele xx