Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Dear little deer....

Look what I got today.......

It's Santa's little helper... I purchased this from Michele at COWBOYS & CUSTARD on Sunday to make me feel better & it arrived today.... excellent service!! She also included a card which I really liked on her blog but couldn't afford it so thanks again Michele.

See how lovely he looks on my mantlepiece.........

You can just see my other deer which is made from pink flock..... there's a red one the other side of the candle holder. They're supposed to be for Christmas but I think if you like something you should be able to look at it all year round.

I would love to say that this made me feel brighter but it didn't.... I just can't seem to shake this off. Normally when I feel down it only last a few days but I just feel grumpy all the time!!! Another day off doing housework today but I did manage to get the sewing machine out for an hour.

Not sure why I feel like this.........could it be Christmas??? Work??? Lots of changes going on at home so maybe it's all too much. I feel so put on at the moment & totally taken for granted, someone left me a comment saying I should spend more time with the people who truly love me but do know what..... the way I'm feeling at the moment I'm not sure who that is.

Sorry to end on a downer..... 13 hour shift tomorrow.... yippee!!!!


  1. hey hunny,
    i love the deer,i have a thing for deers,squirrels..owls lol the list goes on!i really wanted that pink flock one last year when i saw it but i didnt get it...have regreted it ever since...
    i hope things look brighter for you soon,i often feel the people around me just take me for granted =( its the perils of being a nice person i guess...

  2. hiya......i did tell them about our cottage, to explaing that it a cosy place to retreat to! then thought.....hhhhmmmm george Micheal.....when i said this they fell about laughing! norty! rude pair...LOL!!!
    Then we kept finding cottages and it kept making us laugh.....
    I'm not letting them share*GRIN* if they can't be good girls*SMILE*
    I'll move the case they sneak in n pinch the cakes!LOL!!!!!

    Love the ok...seem a bit down?
    Is it horrid work?xxxxxxxxx

  3. If you want to email me and chat privately, i'll be about tomorrow....:>))
    hope your ok......its awful when your trying hard to snap out of feeling like this......i felt like i've been sinking the last few weeks, its only you and others on here and Olly who have helped me back up....i'm grateful....
    If i can help by just listening i will.....xxxxx

  4. Hi Joe
    SO pleased that Santa's Little Helper arrived safely..
    I don't think you are alone feeling bluesy at this time of year.. It can make people very single minded and stressed which doesn't bring out the best in everyone..
    Hope the clouds lift for you soon..and you start to feel a bit of the festive spirit !
    Michele x

  5. Joe...I demand that you come to Totnes with me...on my blog right now!
    Hope that cheers you up a little.

  6. Oh Honey, poor you. I shall pop in and see you tomorrow and give you a hug.
    Donna x

  7. Oh Josie, I hope you feel brighter soon, have a virtual (((((hug))))). xxx Pixie xxx

  8. Sorry to hear you're not feeling your best at the moment but that reindeer is certainly a cutie

    Hope things pick up soon,

    Victoria xx

  9. Blimming work....i'm so annoyed for you having to work over the festive season....!

    Yay a party at the cottage would be fun!

    Chat to you sunday.....don't let them grind you down.....hugs

  10. Hello again,

    Glad the discounts might prove useful for any shopping trips.

    I know what you mean about ever growing Amazon wishlists. I seem to get mine down and suddenly I'm adding another list of titles to it!

    Victoria xx

  11. It was so lovely to meet you yesterday Joe. My arms were aching at 5.30 when we finally finished shopping but I am so glad to have broken the back of it and started Christmas shoppin at last.
    Donna x