Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bad to worst......

Just thought I'd share my bad week with you ... it won't take long!!

Sunday morning very early I received an email from Paypal saying there was a problem with my card & as I'd just done my first transaction I thought I better check it out....... so I clink on the link..... yeah OK I know what you're all thinking..... I've been saying that to myself all week!!! I put in all my personal details & then hit save........ nothing happened.... 'oh poo' I said to myself!!! I sent the email to Paypal & they confirmed my worst fear.... yes I'd been had!! Someone out there has all my details. I've cancelled my account so fingers crossed.

Wednesday morning on my way to work I stopped at the cash point to draw £250 out to pay bills, my card came out & it said the transaction had been cancelled. I tried again at another ATM & it said I had drawn out my full allowance for today....... ooooohhhhhh no!!! I ran to work & called the bank. Yes they confirmed that £250 had come out of my account but should be back in by the end of the day.

Thursday morning I checked my bank & nothing..... I rang & was told that it wouldn't 'just' go back in & I had to complete a dispute form. It will take 10 working days to go back in (if I get it back!!!) so won't be this side of Christmas. I now have to use my going out/food/present money to live on. I don't have a overdraft or any credit cards, so can't fall back on anything.

So the question I have to ask is.....can anything else go wrong???

I'm sooooooo looking forward to Tuesday 16th when I go to Bristol to see the pogues.... sod the money I plan to have a good time (even if I have to eat baked beans for Christmas lunch!!!)

aaaahhhhhh feel better now for getting that off my chest. Loving all your Christmas trees etc, so nice to see your houses.


  1. Oh you poor thing, thats horrible. This has happened to us before. Luckily our bank was brilliant and we got all our money back, so fingers crossed you will too. xxx

  2. Hi Josie,
    I love your blog by the way, I just thought I'd let you know its not just you and its very common at this time of year as my card was cloned this week and money withdrawn abroad. Hope you can enjoy christmas it will all be sorted soon xxx gemma

  3. You poor thing, hopefully you'll get it all back.
    At least you've got the pogues to look forward to, wish i'd known they were in Bristol, i'm on the outskirts and my partner would of loved to go and see them. Hope you have a good time.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  4. blimming heck....what is wrong
    with the world????

    I'm so sorry for you...hope you get your money back hun....

    I'll be sending you a Xmas gift to cheer you up.....

    Big hug!xxxxxx

    P.S...i am giving to not recieve....:>))) a random act of kindness to a friend!Xxxxx

  5. Oh that's awful :( There are some horrible people out there. Hope it all gets sorted out soon, fingers crossed. Have a fab time at the Pogues, I bet that will be a great gig :)

  6. You threw it away!!!!
    You left it in the shed!!!!!!
    Gasp. LOL.
    Oh, I do feel sorry for you reading your post. Banks are so scary sometimes - we thought we'd lost £200 in a scam last xmas, but we did get it back thru the bank eventually. But it was really stressful. I hope it'll get sorted out quickly. x

  7. Oh poor you. Damned banks, they're quick enough taking your money but when it comes to giving it back, it mysteriously takes days...
    Good that you have the gig to look forward to.
    Hen x

  8. I think I might suggest the not buying presents thing next year as this has stressed me out more! My sister just doesn't "get" handmade, she would much rather have a piece of tat as long as it has a "name" on it. I really wonder where she gets it from as my mam and dad aren't like that at all!
    Miss Pettigrew has been mad into a film with Frances McDormand. I think I'm going to have to get a copy of it, I love comparing films to the books they were based on (the book is usually better!)

  9. Sorry to hear about your bad experiences but I made the mistake of clicking on a link during my early days of eBay and someone hacked into all my email accounts and it took forever to sort out, thankfully it didn't involve my bank details so that was something.

    So many people are being affected by card cloning and such like and at this time of year it's so disappointing.

    Victoria xx

    Ps It's funny what you said about the vintage-esq items from Woolies, my last purchase was a set of CK style mugs that I've put away in my bottom draw!

  10. Joe, please can you let me know what CK stationary you already have...i want to pop something in your Xmas gift pack.....x

  11. Phew!
    Thats ok then....will post mine Monday hun!

    The stickers are fab....go a long way too! brill....
    So pleased tis Friday!

    Another hr and i'm child free!
    Then its me, the dressing gown and the stanley socks.....sofa and chippy tea! bliss!
    Eastenders is hotting up...wonder what will happen this xmas?

  12. Hi, I have just caught up with your Bad news, I am so sorry, what animals are there out there? I really hope that it does not spoil your Christmas too much, bloomin banks make you angry don't they? that are sooo quick in taking it from us but when it comes to giving it back they certainly drag their heals! x