Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Nearly there......

It's nearly time for us to put our feet up & relax until next year.
I had a lovely surprise when I got home today........

My giveaway gift from Vanessa at Just Original .... I won this box of goodies for doing 'Jamie Oliver's pass it on'....... remember???? I made the mackerel pate. Anyway I know that Vanessa's taken a break from blogging until the new year so I had forgotten about the giveaway. Look at all the things in the box......... I'm saving them until 'the big day' as this now doubles my presents!! I also have my swap gift that I haven't opened.... aren't I good!!! I was planning on opening that on Sunday but the day ran away..... I know it was the shortest day but that was just damn silly!!

I had to work early today (up since 5am!) but I did get home just after 5pm which was very nice.For the last few days I've been thinking about my late nan, at Christmas she used to make us all sausage rolls..... we used to laugh about how many she made. The pastry was a little heavy during her last few years but I always loved them. This is the 2nd Christmas without her & I would now give anything for one of Nanny M's sausages rolls........... so today I had a thought....if I can't have a Nanny M's I'll have a Josie-Mary's!!! And here they are.........

They taste damn fine.... hot straight from the oven.....mmmmmmmmm.......

I made some to take to work with me tomorrow along with the mince pies I made on Sunday. The rest I will have at tea time on Christmas day with some homemade pickled onions...... may be I'm turning into my nan!!!!!


  1. Oh i know how you feel.....every yr i miss my granny.....Christmas with her was the best!!!!!!

    I'm so annoyed about your gift...i really hope it turns up!

    Lovely giveaway!xxx

  2. Good on you for keeping a tradition alive. I adore sausage rolls - homemade of course!
    Hen x

  3. Ooh you temptress.. I cannot resist a good sausage roll and with pickles.. even better!
    Wishing you a truly wonderful & relaxing Christmas and a very happy 2009..
    Michele x

  4. Oh fantastic!
    hope you like it!

    Merry Christmas hun!xxx