Friday, 12 December 2008

White Christmas.....

Did you know that White Christmas is coming to the big screen????

It's only being shown in 77 cinemas throughout the country, unfortunately no cinema in Exeter is showing this but hopefully some of you will be able to catch it. It's one of my favourite films, I love the bit on the train when they sing 'Snow, Snow, Snow' I try to watch it every year but to see it on the big screen would be something else.

But we are getting 'It's a wonderful life' at the picture house in Exeter... it's being shown on Sunday 21st at 2pm & Tuesday 23rd at 8.15pm. I'm going to ask around to see if anyone would like to go on the Tuesday evening.... don't like going alone. Can you believe I've never seen this film!!! People keep telling me I would love it & I was given it on DVD about 3 years ago but missed placed it in the move, I found it last week & it's on the side ready to watch but I think I would prefer to see it at the cinema.

Please let me know if you get to see theses film .

Thanks for the award Mel, you're too kind.... I won't pass it on at the moment because I know how busy everyone is..... I'll wait until the new year.

I'm now off to try & make some Stanley's.... I'll let you know how I get on.

Thanks for all your comments about my bank.... I'm checking everyday just in case it goes in early.


  1. fab have fun making stanleys, are they going to be like the ones on the website, or your own version?....i love those films!!!!!!!brill! I'm hoping that they will be on when i'm off, so i can laze about watching them.....not been off since June!!!!

    I have never missed an enders in the whole time its been on!Olly and i are die hard fans!

    Its the only soap i watch!


  2. I've never seen White Christmas but It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favourite films. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without it! I'll have to see if one of the cinemas near me is showing White Christmas :)
    I used to have N70 too and I loved it :) I only changed because I was due an upgrade but I've stuck with the Nokia N series ever since :)

  3. It's a wonderful life is one of my favourite films and i highly reccomend you watch it. Seeing it on the big screen would be fab.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  4. Hi hun, was a fab afternoon!

    Yep will send it to your work, no probs! Good idea, this waiting at the collection office thing is a nightmare!xxx

  5. Hi Josie, glad its arrived safe. If mine gets here on monday, shall we open them together then, or I will control my excitement until friday when your back. :o) xxxx

  6. Hi sweetie, just packed up your goodies, will post to you at work......
    I'm watching funny....festive films are mad!


  7. LOL.....we are both easily amused!

    He has just pulled santas beard off...."he's a fake" *children screaming*...hilarious!


  8. Oh, I wish I could come with you - I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life either. I'd love to have come along.
    Enjoy! x

  9. Hi there, Olly said he got it from amazon....if that helps!
    Sent the parcel to your work today.....look out for it!xxx

  10. I loved your comment about WHY the CK fabric was in the shed! I think that sounds a perfect reason!!! LOL. xx

  11. Hello joe, just to let you know my parcel arrived!
    How exciting!
    I just love the little stocking! wonderful! Did you make it?

    I've put the presents under the tree......

    The card is so cute!
    I've done a post! to show how clever you are!xxxxx

  12. Hi the stocking! love it!!!!!!!

    Were the pogues good?
    My sister love them.....i quite like them too....:>)))

    Did your parcel arrive?
    ~hope you like it!

    I'm suffering with a cold sore....:>(((
    I've run myself into the ground........again!!!
    Got those new compeed patches and altho i feel like can't really see the sore, i just have a fat lip....:>)xxx

  13. Hi Josie, sorry I haven't had a chance to get to the pc, but my parcel arrived monday, thankyou. Let me know when you want to open them. xxx

  14. You havn't been to work today...was today your day off?

    I've given up....told the mum i'm not working tomorrow, i was in such pain and feeling ill, i managed to get to the kids group this morning and then started crying!
    Now i'm not one to cry, I'm tougher than that.....but i felt dreadful.....feel blimming bad now, lay on the sofa, wacthing friends.....
    On wed, it was meant to be my nieces school sis got it wrong......its tonight and i can't go.......i'm very upset!

    Hope your parcel arrives soon....I'm waiting on 3 that were sent last week......anyones guess when they will turn up!xxx

  15. Thanks hun...Watching nigella, she always cheers me up....wonderful food!xxx

  16. Did it get there?

    I'm still ill....just woke up...xx