Sunday, 21 December 2008

Busy week.....

I guess like most people I've been very busy this week. It must be getting nearer as it's gone very quiet in 'blogland'!!! What with all the Christmas preparations & the terrible bugs that are going around no one has time to blog. I hope all you poorly people out there get better soon. As yet I've managed to escape it but we're dropping like flies at work so I hope it's not a matter of time.... after the year I've had I bet I get it for Christmas!!!

As you all know I went to see the pogues on's was very good but packed to the rafters... very dangerous at a pogues gig!!! You couldn't move...the stairs going up & down were all full... I think the health & safety men would've had a field day. I was stood on tip top through out just to see the tops of their heads!!! They did all the old favourites including some very old ones that I haven't heard live before. They finished with 'Fairytale of NY' as always.... everyone is very drunk by this point so you just have to sing along & give a very big cheer when the snow comes down & Shane does his dance. Love it!! I didn't have that much to drink as you couldn't get to the bar & I hadn't had that much before we went in (I've done that before!!) However I did make up for it on the way home the next day!

So the rest of the week went by so fast.... the normal thing... work/bed/work/bed!!

It's now my last day off before Christmas & I'm trying really hard to get things done..... I've had to finish last minute presents & do loads of housework as I haven't been here all week. See what happens when you go out & enjoy yourself!!

I've made 30 mince pies.... don't look as well as I thought but they taste good.... well I had to try some!!!

Still need to wrap my gifts.... I hate that job!!!

I've decided not to decorate the house this year, it'll be the first time I've not done it. I always think it's a bit of a waste of time as we don't have visitors over so it's just us that sees it. It puts a lot of pressure on you to get the right tree, make sure it's up in time, make sure it's down in time etc. I'm not missing it until I see all your loving decorations.

Back to work tomorrow...... late nights this week to set the shop up for sale.... it starts on Boxing day this year so on Christmas eve we can't leave the store until it's all ready.... we close at 4pm & then rush like hell to get it done. Every year I say this will be my last in retail but I can't really do anything else so I guess I'll be saying the same thing next year. I have 2 days off for Christmas, going back on the Saturday then working until new year.... it's really sad that we have to do housework over Christmas but to me it's a normal day off......... Oh but I forgot you do get yummy turkey with pigs in blankets & bread sauce...... my favourite!!

I'm looking forward to starting work on things for myself now all the gifts have been done.... I've starting thinking of all the things I can make.... I'm getting a sewing machine from mum & dad & the crochet flower book from a friend....... I need to finish my granny square blanket that I started in March..... aahhhhhh so many things to do! I'm also thinking of selling somethings as I keep being asked, maybe this will be my ticket out of retail........ sitting at home knitting with my cats .... bliss!!!

I plan to be back before Christmas....... hope you're nearly done with the shopping etc & you can all put your feet up & relax... yeah right!!!


  1. Hello joe, hope your parcel gets there soon.....Mary poppins sent mine on the 9th of Dec and it only came last wed!!!!!!!!!!!
    No idea what is going on!

    Thank you for wishing me

    P.S...feel 60% better.....ish!

  2. Still ill..bed now, just got the energy up to post!xx

  3. Has it arrived yet????

    I'm so cheesed off!! hope it has not got lost!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!

    I sent it good n early too.....blimming postal service!

    Fingers crossed it turns up