Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas party

As you know last night was my works Christmas party, it wasn't that bad although it did have it's moments!!! Why do some people get so loud after just 1 glass of wine??? We did get told off for being noisy...... not me I'd like to add as I was outside smoking.

We went to the anchor inn in Cockwood, about 20 mins drive from Exeter. It was lovely, this was my first visit but I'd heard the food was good. There was sooooo much food.... we were all stuffed & I couldn't manage the cheese board which is very unlike me!!

We didn't have the tradition meal, I was a bit disappointed because I love roast turkey, but I changed my mind on the night... it was gorgeous!!!

If you live locally do go.......

I'm planning on going again in the new year & we're arranging a summer work night out as it has a terrace & as you can see a lovely view. I preferred it at this time of year because it had loads of Christmas lights outside with singing snowmen!!!

Hope you're all having a good weekend......


  1. Glad to hear the Christmas party wasn't too bad. I was never very fond of the office parties but you have to show willing!
    Hope you'll be feeling better soon. I know how you feel - I've spent the whole of today doing one job after another and I still haven't done the ironing yet (so shouldn't really be blogging - lol!). Nipper will be going to nursery looking like an urchin.
    PS I also say 'it's like Blackpool illuminations in here'!

  2. Well I'll be jiggered! We just went by The Anchor Inn, twice today, on the train to and from you know where!
    Called in to see you but you were obviously not there!!


  3. Looking night out then!

    Did you have super day off?x

  4. Well i never knew you liked enders......oh my god....about paypal!
    I love victoria fab she is!

  5. Hi Josie, just to let you know that I've put your swap parcel together tonight, and hope to get it to the post office tomorrow. xxx

  6. Its my happy place!
    Yours too i guess!
    I'll have my half day to email, so i will fill you in on some details,
    Thank you,


  7. That sounds fun! Thanks for your lovely comment. Your swap will be hugely appreciated - I think we all love getting surprises!
    If I'm ever staying near that pub, I'll bear it in mind! It sounds lovely. x

  8. I have got to go there...It looks lovely! I am going to look it up on Autoroute now!! I tend to hate those sort of Christmas parties, sometimes they can turn out ok but mostly you just end up spending time with people you work with all day long because you have to not because you want to!!

  9. Such a shame they closed.....bloody gov!

    I'm watching heroes in a min...

    Meant to email today but was lazying about on the sofa watching a Xmas film!