Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New year giveaway.....

On Christmas eve I sat down to make myself a pair of crochet slippers. I receive emails from Lion brand yarn & just before Christmas they sent an email through with free patterns for slippers. I was so excited the fact I could be waking up on Christmas day wearing my new granny square slippers..........but......

(Sorry about the rubbish photo's but I've been trying to take a photo for 2 days & couldn't be bothered to move from my armchair!!!!)

As you can see they came out really, really small!!!! The pattern said they're for a adult size 7-9 ... I don't think so.

The sole is 15cm in length.... if any of you have incredibly tiny feet or you have a little girl they may fit... please let me know. They are free to a good home, leave a comment before 7th Jan, I'll do a random number thingy & post them off.

I will try again but next time I'll use a bigger crochet hook.......


  1. im a size 5 so not sure that they will fit....=( very pretty tho
    i get the same email,i havent tried to knit anything that they have sent as yet often tempted.they have some really nice patterns


  2. Hi there, may i have them for my niece?

  3. I'll swap you something.....or is it a giveaway where you pick a name out?
    Got confused and did not read correctly?
    Good day!


  4. They're lovely, Joe, how annoying they didn't fit. I had this problem with sewing slippers, in fact I only ever made one, it was obvious they were tiny!!!
    Happy New Year.
    Hen x

  5. They look like they will fit Jess, so i'm more than willing to give them a home.
    Beki xxx

  6. Very cute :) I get those emails too but haven't had chance to make anything from them yet.

  7. Hi Josie....hows things?

    I'm just off to bed, going to holmfirth tomorrow, I'll think of you while i drink soup in sid's Cafe!LOL!

    Thank you for the offer of making J some slippers if i don't win, your so sweet!
    I'll send you something nice in return, in furture is it best to send parcels to your work?
    So you don't miss them..?

  8. They certainly wouldn't fit me but are so cute!

    Victoria x