Friday, 26 December 2008

'Cozy night in' swap....

I've finally opened my swap..... I think me & Pixiedust @ Faerie Nuff are the last ones......

As you can see it was beautifully wrapped.....

I love the hot water bottle... just the right size for sitting in front the TV... I always use a hot water bottle as I don't like putting the central heating on unless it's freezing!!

Can you see the little lantern??? .. It looked so cozy on my mantle piece last night... also some soap which smelt good.... and some chocolate....sorry all gone now!!!

And last but not least some lavender cushions..... I've made so many lavender bags for gifts that I ran out of lavender to make one for me so I'm very pleased with this gift.

More gifts coming soon.........

Happy boxing day......


  1. what a lovely swap.....perfect for a cosy night in!xxx

  2. Hiya.....fantastic...glad you got the bag!
    LOL about the great thay sound, must tell my sis, she is going to town tomorrow, she loves russian dolls!

    The shop is def better than the website....I had some capital bonds to use as i got a bit more, cos selfridges take them...
    i was so chuffed with the boxes...they are made of tough board very sturdy....perfect for keeping craft stuff in....should have got more!

    P.S....wore my brooch you made me today....:>)

  3. Hope you had a lovely time...I am missing Exeter...hope to get there very soon;-)

  4. Fantastic swap package you have there.

    Thanks for your comment... I am lucky my family do manage to get on well although there was some raised voices during game time!!!

    Victoria xx

  5. Hi Josie, hope you had a good xmas. I'm so glad you liked your swap parcel. Mine was lovely and I'll put pics on the blog soon. I've been a bad blogger of late, as I've been porrly for nearly a month and had so much to do. I'm on the mend now though and had a great christmas, catch up soon. Pixie xxx

  6. Hi,

    Mary Poppins is great isn't it, i can't wait to sit and watch it! I also would love to see the stage show.

    I am lucky to have another week off work, so looking forward to doing lot's of organising and sorting out that i often don't get done b'cos of work!

    Victoria xx

  7. Cheers hun...we worked real hard on it!

    More gifts to view please!!!!
    I'm loving seeing what ppl have had....tis fun!


    P.S...good day?

  8. Anyone would think there were sales on!LOL!

    Its a nice easy project....i used bondaweb, otherwise the fabric moves about...neater like this...

    feel the urge to go and make something else......hhhhmmmmm!

    Just scoffed a lovely homemade veggie chillie.....was yumtastic....sick of chocolate now....! :>)))


  9. It suddenly got good at 5.30pm, when all the kids went and then i realised i had 5 days of!!!!! yippee!


  10. holy moley! 20 yrs!
    Enjoy your "me" time....:>)))

    2 days ain't bad in retail....

    I'm going to the flicks with Olly and then on to a party....NY day, Ellesmere Port....Ollys parents are over from having a family meet up...eeekkkk noy actually wrapped the gifts! xxx

  11. I've been reading the book myself, great for kids and just as good for adults. She also had the cooking one LOOK AND COOK which is just as good.
    Rich uses a sewing machine at work so he's going to teach both of us. Will let you know how it goes, apparently the best way to learn is by drawing lines on paper and run it through the machine, minus the cotton which is good as I don't have a clue how to thread it up.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  12. I hate going out in my lunchbreak too!!! I tend to sit at my desk and read blogs!!

    Victoria xx

  13. Happy new year hun, hope all you hope for becomes real....xxxx

  14. Happy New Year Josie,hope its a lovely one for you
    GTM x xx