Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Nearly there...........

Hello everyone..... hope you're having a good week, for me it's the end of the weekend after having today & yesterday off...the first 2 days together in over a month!!! I don't want to go back tomorrow :(

Thought I'd show you my roses that I brought last week......

They didn't fit in my normal vase so I thought Santa would be a good choice! Here you can see him next to my lovely deer candle holder my friends brought me 3 years ago.... Yankee Christmas candle ready to burn....... I love Silver bells but I've run out...anyone tried it????

So the Christmas party is over for another year....thank goodness!!.... I must confess that half way through I did ask myself why I was there! Grin & bear it...that's my motto! It's been a very busy week at work & to be honest not my best week..... I'm being questioned about my I good enough??? I always thought I was ok at my job but now I have a new boss who doesn't think so...... had a few tears this week through anger but I won't let him know that!!!

So I'm nearly where???

Here...... Thankfully! This will be my last craft fair then I can think about Christmas....

This week I've been trying to take some photo's for my web site.....

I've had a few orders which is great..... once the fair is over I can focus on it & look for more fairs for the new year....I'm thinking of setting one up in Exeter as so many people I know want to do one but they're few & far between. I'll also be sorting out the monthly craft night....teaching people how to knit & crochet etc....Penny will be doing the sewing.

So that's the new year sorted...... just need to get through the next few weeks..... with only 3 days off between now & the big day (one being the fair!) my works cut out. I've just found out that I'll be working more hours each day too..... I guess you've all seen the reports in the papers about us???? I think this will be the final push!

I'm off to Amazon now to order OH's gift.... think I may slip a crochet book in the basket :)

Back soon


  1. Oh Josie, you work so hard, bloody ungrateful git that your boss is......:>((

    Good luck with the fair...

    Thank you for your postive thoughts, you're a good

  2. Sounds like you deserve a little treat! Hold on in there with the new boss - I am sure you are doing your job well, especially as no one has been unhappy with you before. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon, and in the meantime enjoy the fair!

  3. Don't let it get you down Josie!! You must have been doing something right at work or you would have been told about it already!!! You have your blog friends behind you!!! Always remember that!! We love you!
    I am loving those little crochet hearts you have made too!!


  4. How sickening!
    Want me to come in and give your boss one lash of my!
    I think you are very good at your job!
    Keep smiling!

  5. Now don't those roses look festive!

    I have our Christmas party next week... thankfully as organiser I get to sit back and just watch everyone else participating

    Victoria x

  6. Glad you survived the Christmas party ... and, as for your new boss, well, it sounds like it's him that has the problem, not you! Just grit your teeth and keep smiling.

    Good luck with the fair!

    Willow xx

  7. i love your mosaic, really gorgeous! suzie. xxx

  8. Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment on my Blog! Re the Christmas cactus ... I find the flowers drop off if I over-water it ... seems to do best with what I call "healthy neglect" !!

    Willow x

  9. You totally deserve some time of hunny!!!
    Tell your boss that you might be 'better' at your job if they were better at theirs!!! My boss is one of those too! Fab hindsight manager!!!
    Still you were there first!!!
    Loving all your crafty bits I saw a few things iI would like to have :)

  10. Not sure how I've missed this post. Your new boss sounds horrible - perhaps he's one of those that comes in and gives everyone a hard time to 'make his mark' - bit like the nasty teacher at school at the start of the year (or was that just my school??!) hopefully, once he's settled in a bit, he'll come round and realise what a great job you do.